hi everybody this is my first book I will publish one chapter at a time so if you want to you can keep the book because I will write a lot of chapters so hope you will enjoy it


2. found

Peyton POV


I pounded on my alarm clock to make it shut up. I got up went into my closet and decided to wear a neon pink crop top that says no boyfriend no problem with skinny jeans and wedges. I put earings on and rings I grabbed my bag and walked out of my apartment and to school or should I say

when I got in the building I had to go to the office because there were new kids at our school and I had to show them around school. I went to the office and saw that there were more than I expected there were 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 kids um okay. "oh peyton meet Louis, Harry, Liam, Jake, Luke, Michael, Ashton , Calum, and Niall" mrs white said "um hii" I said quiet "hi" they all said at once ''okay Peyton you can show them around k" I didn't answer I was looking at Louis could it be my brother "PEYTON" They all yelled. I came back to reality "sorry what you say" I asked feeling my teeth come out from the yelling (shes a wear wolf) "i said you can show them around now" mrs white said a little annoyed "sorry" I said feeling my eye color change from icy blue to bright purple "umm Peyton you eyes are changing" Niall said walking closer to me but I backed up "Peyton calm down your okay don't wolf up okay" Louis said to me also walking closer "you remember?'' I asked Louis who was still walking closer same with Niall "of corce your my little sister why woulnt I remember you bring a wolf" Louis said a little sad "sorry to make you sad" I said looking down then I just turned into a wolf walked past them and in the corner of the room. oh I have white and bright purple. Louis and niall both have black fur and bright blue eyes.they both changed into wolfs and came over to me ''sis please calm down were sorry we yelled" said well in my mind and that when I changed back "sorry well I guess I should show you around huh "yeah lets go" they all said and then we left the office and I started showing them around 


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