What's In A Bad Boy?

Why do girls and women around the globe swoon at the sight of a bad boy?
From fiction to real life this is my attempt at explaining the reason the female gender cannot help themselves.


1. Bad Boy Genes



My friends the answer to the question: Why do so many girls and women fall in love with bad boys?

Can be a very simple and yet complicated one. It is temptation. And while this might sound very simple

and ordinary, it’s a much larger and complex maze then we’d like it to be.      

Women, they’re...tough to figure out; I’d know, I am one!


The thrill of a bad boy touching your cheek, and the butterflies in your stomach when he smirks your

way will forever be a tempting scent. You’re drawn to his cockiness and his scruffy hair or his leather

jacket or simply the shine of mischief in his eyes. Like a moth to light. You might just get burnt,

but baby this honey tastes too sweet to resist. 


It takes a stimuli to get a women going, and let me tell you while we don't appreciate violence

and aggression a bad boys actions and aggressive behaviour are separated by a very fine line i like

to call rough and ready. The way their muscle tense and the testosterone flows through their bodies

while unseen physically, can be detected mentally by a women who is all but ready to swoon

at his feet. 


Lets recall some bad boys in the history; we have famous figures such as James Dean and Robin Hood, 

moving onto more modernised bad boys such as Justin Bieber or the One Direction boys. Even fictional

characters such as Sinbad from the legend of the seven seas and my personal favourite Kylo Ren from

the new star wars film the force awakens.


They all have a spark to them that turn a girl on, and not all will have the same effect on every female

but i can bet my pinky if we were presented with each of these beauts shirtless and in the ''rough

and ready'' stance - I'd say at least 90% of women would feel a slight leap in their chest.


Going back to my answer: temptation. Knowing that there's something we may not be able to have

makes us want it that much more. We're tempted by the mystery that bad boys always seem to

produce and we can't help being drawn to it. It is in our nature to be curious and, again, want

something we might not be able to have. 


To conclude: charm, temptation and curiosity are the key to that oh so fine lock we call a bad

boy, and let me tell you I am oh so ready to swoon at one or two of them if I capture their gaze.



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