My best spring break

Julia meet harry at spring break and when spring break ends he is suppose to leave

Will they stay in touch ?
Will they forgot each other?


5. naughty joe

I went downstairs saw grandma with little joe

Eating breakfast I said,"where is joe" " he have work for the rest of the spring break" I nodded then ate with them the pancake then harry came wearing blue shirt with black shorts and he look hot to be honest he sat next to me his perfume smells so good he then while he ate I watched the tv with joe then suddenly a condom commercial on the tv harry said," I need to get one of those" I felt extremely Jelouse cause maybe he have a girlfriend like why would he need one now grandma is washing the dishes while he sat in the couch joe said,"I want to play in the park" I got dressed harry two then we drove to the park when joe saw the park he was happy we came inside he Fast ran to play me and harry sat in the bench then a man sat next to us and saw us looking at joe he said,"you look teenagers and your having a baby too young" I was shocked like he though joe is our son harry said," he's not he's my brother" " your good at lying" and he left I looked at harry and laughed then joe came running screaming ,"I want ice cream please" harry nodded and we walked to the near by ice cream shop and me and joe got con ice cream while harry got a chocolate the in in like a plastic bowl while I was walking to the car with them and trying to eat the I ice cream fell on my breasts I was wearing a v shirt harry got a napkin and try to clean it then joe laughed and said ," you must be thankful he didn't lick it" "I would not touch them until you know we have sex" I was shocked about the two dirty minds in front of me I rolled my eyes and cleaned it it was so delicious we drove back home still shocked at what harry said

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