Makena just moved to Australia from California and meets Calum, Luke, Michael, Ashton and gets reminded of her past and there might be some chemistry between Makena and Calum


7. The Crazy Party

Calum's POV

When I turn around I saw Makena in a hot short dress but you could see sides and when she reached us she asked us if the looked good.

I told her that see looked amazing and then Michael told her that she looked sexy and that a lot of guys are going to be hitting on you.

Then we started walking to the party Ashton asked where was this party at and Michael said the party is at Tyler's house. Michael told Makena that Tyler throws the best parties ever and asked if she drinks and she said yes.

Then when we finally reached the party and the party was a big house then Makena told us that this was a cool party. Then some guy asked Makena if she wanted to dance and she said maybe later and then Michael said I told you guys were going to be hitting on you.

Then we go our drinks and we sat at a table and then Ashton told us that we should make a bet and the bet was to have crazy time at this party and the loser have to put ice in their underwear.

We all accepted the bet and then Makena said I'm going to win and then Michael said no I will then Ashton said we will see then the guys who asked Makena to dance came back and asked if she wanted to dance and she said yes.

Before she left she said you better get the ready for some ice in your underwear guys and then the guys and I asked some girls to dance. Then after dance with some strangers we sat at a table Makena got us so drinks then started taking pictures.

After having a couple of drinks we started getting drunk then I finally asked Makena if she wanted to dance she said yes. So we headed for dance floor but they were playing a slow song then Makena and I started getting closer together.

Then she put her head on my chest and we started to dance and then someone tapped her shoulder it was a girl and she asked Makena if she can stop dancing with her man.

Then Makena turn around in told her that I wasn't her man and to back off and then then the girl tackled Makena. Then Michael, Luke and Ashton ran towards me and asked what happened then Makena started to punch the girl.

Then the girl kneed Makena in the stomach and then Makena grabbed her arm and flipped her and then she walked over to us. She said thanks for your help and we told her we were going to then you flipped her.

Then she told me sorry that happened and I told her that at least your OK and then we walked off the dance floor and headed back to the table.

Then I got a couple more drinks and then we got so drunk then Michael challenged Makena to a drink off then they headed towards the bar and started to drink Michael won.

Then Michael and Makena threw up in a bush, then Luke and Ashton jumped off the roof and into the pool.

All of the sudden We were all on the roof and about to jump into the pool and when we reached the surface Makena got out of the pool and go on stage and started singing Break Free.

After singing we decided to start walking home. As we were walking Aston keep seeing a unicorn dancing and Luke kept seeing a mermaid trying to walking but kept falling.

As we were walking Makena and I were holding hands and when we reached our houses we got into a group hug and went our separate ways. When I got home I walked up the stairs and fell on my bed and start to sleep.

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