Makena just moved to Australia from California and meets Calum, Luke, Michael, Ashton and gets reminded of her past and there might be some chemistry between Makena and Calum


12. Shopping with Zoey

Makena's POV

When I woke up I checked the time it was 8:56 then I grabbed my phone and texted Zoey.

Me: are u up

Zoey: yep

Me: when do you want to go to the mall

Zoey: I think about 10:15

Me: ok see you there

After talking to Zoey I checked the time it was 8:48 then I went into the bathroom and splash some water in my face to wake me up. Then I walked down stairs and I saw my mom was making pancakes then Jacob walked into the kitchen. Then I told them that I was going to the mall with Zoey then Jacob asked me what was Luke doing here.

I told him that we were watching Mean Girls Jacob said isn't that's Luke's favorite movie I told him that it was. Finally my mom was finished making pancakes and as we were my mom told me that me and Jacob are going out for the night so you will be home alone tonight.

Then I told my mom that is ok when I was finished eating I looked at the time and it was 9:12 and I went into my room first I toke a shower and then I put so lite clothes so when I'm changing it will be easy taking then off.

Then I dried my hair when I was done with my hair I checked the time it was 9:57 so I had time to call Diana then she answered I told her I was going to the mall then she asked me if Zoey was my best friend.

I told Diana that she will always be my best friend then Diana then we both started laughing then I told Diana that I had to go then I checked the time. It was 10:10 then I walked down stairs then I heard a knock on the door I opened the door and Zoey was here then I got my purse and I walked out of the house and I locked the door.

Then as we were walking Zoey asked me where were my parents I told her that they went out and won't be back till later then when we finally reached the mall there was a lot of people there.

Then we went into a store their was a lot of dresses so Zoey and I got the ones we liked and went into the fitting room and I found the perfect dress to wear for my date with Calum. Then Zoey asked me where were Calum and I going for our date I told her that I didn't know then all the sudden I got a text from Calum.

Calum: hey can't wait for our date and by the way bring a bathing suit

Me: where are we going

Calum: it's a surprise

Me: ok see you the tomorrow

Calum: ok bye

Then I told Zoey that Calum wanted me to bring a bathing suit Zoey told me he must be taking you to a pool I told her that maybe it. Then we went back to shopping then after 3 hours of shopping each of us had 3 shirts 2 dresses and 2 bikinis but I did buy any bikinis.

Then we headed for the food court I got a burger and some fries with a soft drink and Zoey got a slice of pizza. After eating we started walking around the mall then we went into a make-up store Zoey got a lot of stuff but I just got mascara, eye shadow and some light lipstick.

Then after shopping we walked home then Zoey said that we should go to her house and have a little fashion show so we can see what you look like in our dresses. I told her that sound great.

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