Makena just moved to Australia from California and meets Calum, Luke, Michael, Ashton and gets reminded of her past and there might be some chemistry between Makena and Calum


6. Pool party

Calum's POV

I woke up with the sound of my tv on I was watching movies all night. Then my phone went off it was Luke when I answered it Luke told me that we were going bowling and to ask Makena if she wants to go. Then I hanged up the phone and texted Makena.

Me: Are you up

Makena: yes

Me: So the guys and I are going to hangout today and we were wondering if you would like to join us.

Makena: That sounds like fun but is Zoey coming

Calum: No she spending the day with her mom

Makena: oh ok what time are we going

Calum: At 11:30

Makena: ok see you there.

After texting Makena I headed downstairs my mom was making pancakes, then I locked at the clock it was 10:13.

I told my mom that I was going bowling with the guys and Makena, she asked me if I liked her I told her that I don't. After I was done eating breakfast I checked the time it was 10:30 I went upstairs to my room and I got dressed then I looked out the window and I saw Makena on a skateboard.

Trying to do some tricks on the first try she fell but she got up and did tried it again then she fell again. After a couple time she started to get the hang of it and then Michael came out and started talking to her and they both started laughing.

Then I headed outside and I started walking towards them and then Michael told Makena that she was bleeding on her arm. Then Makena handed Michael her skateboard and started walking inside to get a bandage.

Then I walked up to Michael I asked him what were you guys talking about he told me that when he came outside he told when she fell oh that has to hurt and helped her up. Then Makena said no you kinda get used to it and we both started laughing.

Michael asked me if I liked Makena I told him I don't know Michael told me that we were gonna have to tell Makena that we are in a band before we go on tour in 4 months.

Then I told him that I will tell Makena before we go on tour then Makena came back with a bandage on her elbow and then Makena asked us if we can ride a skateboard we told her that we could.

Then Makena handed me the skateboard and I got on it and toke off then Makena and Michael ran towards his house and came back with water balloons and started throwing them at me.

I fell off the skateboard and we started a water balloon fight and then Luke and Ashton came out with a bucket filled with water and dumped it on Makena's head. She was soaked wet then Michael, Luke and Ashton went back into Michael's house and got more water balloons.

Makena came up to me and said surprise then when the guys came back with water balloons i told Makena to get to hose and then Makena and I got the hose I ran with the hose while Makena turned to hose on the. I started spraying the guys with the hose and Makena came behind me and throw a balloon at my back then I started spraying Makena .

We all started laughing then Luke paused the game and told us that we should go in his pool to finish the fight then we started running towards Luke's house but we had to get the water balloons from Michael's house.

Then so as we go into Luke's backyard we started jumping into the pool and then Michael canon balled into the pool we started laughing. Then Luke and Makena went in the house and came back with water gun when Ashton picked Makena up and throw her into the pool.

Then I came to Makena and asked her if she was having fun she told me no and then splashed water in my face and Sao now i'm having fun. Then Ashton got a water gun and started spraying us in the face and then Makena and I dived under water and then Makena gave me a water balloon.

So soon as we reached the surface I threw my water balloon at Luke. After the water fight everyone was in the pool laughing and relax but Makena was sitting on the edge with her feet in the water.

Ashton asked Makena when was your first kiss and she told us that she had never had her first kiss and then Michael said your 17 years old and you never had your first kiss. I told Makena that she will find the perfect guy for you first kiss and then she said maybe I already found that perfect guy.

I started to blush and then Luke asked Makena why did she go out with Gabe she told us that her mom was friends with Gabe's mom and they liked to spend time together and so that meant that me and Gabe and I had to spend a lot of time together.

Then one day our moms were going to a party and so I had to stay at Gabe's house for 4 hours and then he asked me out but when I first met him he was nice and kind. Then when I broke up with him my friends told me that he changed and then he moved away.

Then we checked the time it was 3:47 so the guys got out of the pool and we got dried off and then Makena's phone went off but Makena was in the bathroom and looked at the caller ID it was a guy named Jacob. Then Makena came out of the bathroom I told her that someone was calling you and I handed her the phone then she answered it.

Makena's POV

When I answer it was my friend Jacob he told me that he missed me and so did Baby. Baby was his puppy and Jacob told me that Baby was on the phone an I said hi baby I miss you so much and I love you and then Jacob was back on the phone and said what about me.

I told him that I missed you too and I will never forget about you and then Jacob said I'm just calling to see how you are doing and I told him that I made new friends and that Gabe was here.

Jacob didn't like Gabe at all and asked me what did he do and I told him that he tried to make me kiss him and then the guys saved me and then I kicked him between the legs.

Jacob told me that was the right thing to do and then I told Jacob I had to go and then he told me I love you and I told him I love you too because we were like family. Then I hanged up the phone and started walking to the guys.

Calum's POV

I was very surprised when I heard Makena say hi baby and I love you but I was mostly hurt because I kinda like Makena and when she was done she walked towards us. Ashton asked Makena how that you were talking to she said that was my old friend Jacob he is like a brother to me.

When I heard the Jacob was just a friend I was relieved because I still had a chance then Michael told us that there is a party and we are all going to it.

Then Ashton told Makena that if you ever need to know if there is a party go to Michael he is like a party expert and then Michael told us that we had to dress nice and that the party starts at 5 so we are going to meet in front of my house.

Then we headed home and some as I got to my house I told my mom that I was going to a party with the guys and Makena at 5 she said ok and be safe.

Then I toke a shower and I got dressed and I checked the time it was 4:48 so I walked downstairs and told my mom that I was leaving and probably will be back later tonight. Then I started walking towards Michael's house and I saw Luke, Michael and Ashton talking and then when I reached then Ashton told me to turn around.

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