Makena just moved to Australia from California and meets Calum, Luke, Michael, Ashton and gets reminded of her past and there might be some chemistry between Makena and Calum


17. Omg

Makena's POV

I was tried after my date with Calum I looked on the kitchen table an I saw a note on the table from Mom and Jacob it said

Mom: Makena hope you had a fun time on your date, Jacob and I are going to the store for a little bit. Love you

After reading the note I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it I saw Luke standing outside when I opened the door he asked me how was the date. I told him it was great and thanks for the phone call during the date he told me he was just checking up on us. Then I got a call from Brantt.

Lukes's POV

As Makena was talking on the phone I went to the bath room but when I passed Makena's room I saw a necklace with a card on it. It said to Makena from Brantt I hope u like this gift for our 2 year anniversary I love u. then I look at the necklace it had a locket It had a picture of Makena and some guy and on the back it said I love u.

After looking at the locket I headed back to the living room Makena was done with her phone call I asked her who was on the phone she said her old friend Brantt. I asked Makena I she ever dated Brantt she said yes for two years I asked her what happened to u two.

She said well when She found out that she was moving to Australia she told Brantt he asked her if they could have a long distance relationship but Makena could handle a long distance relationship.

After Makena told me her story I asked her if she till liked Brantt she told me yes because even before I dated him we were like brother and sister so I love him like a brother.

All the sudden I got a call from Michael when I answered the phone he asked me where I was I told him I was at Makena's house. He asked me to invite Makena to another party I told Michael why don't you ask Makena Michael told me because your closer to her.

I hanged up the phone I asked Makena if she wanted to go to another party Makena said that sounds like fun Makena asked me when is the party I told her tomorrow. Then I asked Makena are you going to to tell Calum about Brantt, Makena said I will. I told Makena I had to go Makena gave me a hug and said bye.

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