Makena just moved to Australia from California and meets Calum, Luke, Michael, Ashton and gets reminded of her past and there might be some chemistry between Makena and Calum


11. Mean Girls

Luke's POV

After talking with Calum, Makena came with a bowl of popcorn then she asked me if I was ready.

I told her I was always ready for Mean Girls then Makena jumped on her bed and then I asked her if it was ok to sit next to her on the bed.

She told me that it was ok so I jumped on the bed and I landed on Makena's back then we fell off the bed. She asked me if I was even aiming at the bed and then we bursts do out laughing.

Then we got off floor and laid on the bed then Makena started the movie then I asked Makena how did your parents meet because you guys lived in California and Jacob lived here.

Then Makena said well Jacob has a house in California so while he was staying in the house and he went to the mall for some reason and that day my mom and I were at the mall buying some new clothes. Then my mom and I stopped at the food court and my mom got spaghetti and while we were walking.

My mom accidentally spilled the spaghetti all over Jacob then while my was washing his shirt with a wet napkin they fell in love. Then I told her that sounds like a movie she started to laugh then I asked her if she liked Jacob she said that he makes her mom happy and that is what matters.

Then I asked what happened to your real dad then Makena's smile went away then she said well before I tell you, you can't judge I told her I would never then she paused the movie.

Makena's POV

My dad left my mom and I when I was five because he was not ready for a family. For a five year year old kid that affects you a lot like how you never got the really feeling of having a father.

Luke's POV

As Makena told her story I felt sad for her because she went through a lot then when Makena finished the story she started to cry then I hugged her and said Makena I'm sorry that happened to you. Then she said that she is glad that happened because if it didn't I wouldn't have meet you guys then Makena wiped the tears away and said lets finish the movie.

As we were watching the movie I threw some popcorn on her hair then Makena grabbed some popcorn and threw it at me all the sudden we had a popcorn war. Then the movie finally ended and when we finally out of popcorn we got up and looked at the mirror and there was popcorn on the floor and in our hair then I got a piece of popcorn out of her hair and and threw it at her.

Then Makena started picking up popcorn off the floor then I helped her and when we were finished Makena and I laid on the bed. Then I asked Makena what she was gonna do tomorrow she told me that she was going to the mall with Zoey then Makena said that I could join them in picking dresses.

Then I told her no thanks I'm not into shopping for dresses then we started to laugh, then I checked the time it was 9:12 I told Makena I should be heading home. Then I headed down stairs and then Makena hugged me and said thanks for being there for me then I told her I will always be there for me.

Then I walked out as I was walking home I was thinking about Makena's story and I felt so bad for her when I reached my house. My mom asked me what I was doing with Makena and I told her that we watched Mean Girls and that is it. Then I walked up to my room and as soon as I reached my bed I fell on the bed and went to sleep.

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