Makena just moved to Australia from California and meets Calum, Luke, Michael, Ashton and gets reminded of her past and there might be some chemistry between Makena and Calum


3. At the Beach

Ashton's POV

As we were walking to the beach I asked Makena if she had any hobbies she said swimming, singing, dancing, skateboarding, surfing, and acting. I told that is a lot of hobbies then she asked us if we played any instruments Luke and Michael said guitar and I said the drums and Calum said bass and Zoey said nothing.

Makena ask if any of us could sing and all of us said yes. She told us the we could make a band and all of us started to laugh. Finally we arrived at the beach. Makena was looking around then she said this place is amazing there are people playing guitar and their is a food truck.

Calum said you might not want to get food from that food truck and then a person came from behind the food truck throwing up. We started to laugh and then Calum said there is your proof.

Makena's POV

This beach was beautiful it reminded me of Huntington Beach in California. We were still laughing about the person throwing up behind the food truck. Then Michael said hey lets go find a good spot on the beach we headed for the sand in it was hot maybe because it was like 100 degrees out.

So we started to run to get out of the hot sand when we finally found a spot we set a tower down so we could sit on it. We started getting settled then we started getting into our bikinis and the guys got into their swim shorts. The guys were looking at me and then I started laugh then Michael said are we ready to go in the water we said yes.

Then we started walking in the water then I stopped and toke a deep breath Calum ask me what was wrong. I told him that the beach reminded me of Huntington Beach and that I miss home then Calum told me this is your home know.

I smiled at him and we walked into the water and started splashing each other. Then when I looked ocean i said this is so beautiful and then look at sand so I dived in to see what it was.

Michael's POV

As we were splashing each other I got and idea that I was go to pick Makena up and throw her up in the air and scare her. I looked around I could not find her so I ask Ashton if he knew where Makena was and then we looked around.

Then after a couple of seconds Makena came out of the water with sand dollars in her hand. We asked her how long were you under water she told us that she was under water like for 2 minutes.

I asked her how can you breathe under water she said she has been training for a year to see how long she can hold her breath. Makena told us that she found some sand dollars I told her I never seen a sand dollar and then she handed us the sand dollars and said now u have a sand dollar.

After spending 1 hour in the water playing around we headed for your towels and got dried off. Then we sat on our towels then Makena said hey let's play truth or dare we all agree.

Luke's POV

I started I asked Makena truth or dare she picked truth I asked her how many boyfriends she had, she said she has had 6. I told her that was a lot. Then Ashton asked Zoey truth or dare she picked true how many boyfriends she had she said 4.

Then Makena asked Calum truth or dare he picked dare she said I dare you to make the weirdest face he could me. When Calum made that face we started to laugh and then Calum asked Makena true or dare and she picked dare.

Calum told her to up to a stranger and flirt Makena got up and went up to some guy and started to flirt I can tell because she started to swirl her hair. Then the guy gave her a piece of paper she came back with his phone number.

Then Zoey asked Makena truth or dare she picked truth and then Zoey asked what was her first kiss like and Makena said well my first kiss was with an old friend Kyle .

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