Makena just moved to Australia from California and meets Calum, Luke, Michael, Ashton and gets reminded of her past and there might be some chemistry between Makena and Calum


18. 3 more Months

Makena's POV

As I was taking to Luke someone called me it was Brantt he have me info on what is happening back at home like Diana and Scott are really hinting it off.

Then Brantt asked me a question which I was very shocked he asked me if I would like to come back to California for a little bit.

I told him I don't know I will have to think about it but then he said well I hope you come home.

When Luke asked me about Brantt I was shocked that he even knew about Brantt. After I told Luke about Brantt he had a sad. face once I told him why we had to break up. Luke asked me if I still have feelings for Brantt I told him well before we dated he was like my brother.

But when we dated I felt like true love. Luke asked what about Calum I told him that every time I'm with Calum my heart stops with excitement.

Luke asked me who do I care about the most I told him I didn't know because Calum and Brantt are two amazing guys and I don't want to hurt anyone.

All the sudden Luke got a call from Ashton Luke asked me if he could have a private conversation I went to the backyard so it would give them some alone time.

Luke's POV

When I answered the phone Ashton sounded worried I asked what was wrong he said the Calum just said that he loves Makena. I was confused I told him I don't see the problem he said that we haven't told Makena that we are 5 seconds of summer.

And we leave for the tour in 3 more months and we have to tell Makena. I interrupted Ashton I told that Calum said that he wanted to tell Makena Ashton didn't like keeping secrets especially one that can hurt someone.

Ashton started talking about telling Makena tomorrow I interrupted him I told him that Calum wanted to tell Makena about the tour.

Ashton asked me why didn't we tell Makena about the band when we first met, I told him that Calum didn't want to tell Makena that we were in a band because he didn't want her to treat us different.

Ashton interrupted and said we don't know if Makena would treat us different I told him that Calum did not want to take that chance.

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