Summer of 69! Or just 96..

About a 17, almost 18 years old girl's love life, how she found "the one"
I dont know what more to write, read it if you like!


6. Zara

~~I came home one Friday afternoon, lucky me didn’t have work that day. After dinner we decided to go out, to celebrate my 18th birthday. Amanda and I went up to my room, and I barely got to take my shirt off before she was kissing me.
She shoved me down on the bed and sat on me, with one leg on each side. I looked up at her, and enjoyed what I saw. But after a while, I couldn’t help but to push her down and take control. I started kissing her neck and caress her thigh. I heard her giggle, but it stopped, as quickly as my hand got up under her dress and to her panties, the giggling became heavy breathing and after a little while, it became quiet moans. And, well.. You can guess what happened.
We both got up and started to get dressed, after I had finished her off, but suddenly, she was all over me, kissing my next, biting my lip, biting my earlobe, moaning in to my ear, and I couldn’t resist. She shoved her hand down my pants.
The door opened. It was Mike.
“We are ready, so it would be nice if you guys would get ready too.” he hissed.
“We will!” Amanda laughed as he left the room. I gave her nudge on the shoulder just as she started laughing loudly. I hurried to get dressed and looked at her.
“All this, spontaneous shit, without locking the door, is over okay? We need to be careful!” I said with a smile. She agreed, still laughing.
“But did you see his face?” She almost cried.
“Yeah, I’ve never seen anything that funny!” I laughed, as I took her hand. We walked out to the others, and got met by one boy looking angry, one looking horny and Cat looking like she was about to piss herself from laughing.
“Ready to go?” Mike hissed. We all said yes, and then left.

-Later that night-
The others had just left the club, so Oliver and I were left so he could finish his game of pool, and I would follow him home after. I was sitting at the bar, drinking my beer, when suddenly I heard yelling. “Fight! Fight! Fight!” I didn’t recognize the voice, but turned around to see Oliver fighting with some stranger. I ran over and tried to grab his arm, but in confusion he turned around and punched me right in the eye.
”What the fuck Oliver!” I yelled as a fell to the ground. He was just about to help me, when the other guy punched him in the stomach, repeatedly. The security came in and dragged the two guys outside. I got up and walked outside to Oliver, whose face was covered in blood.
“For fuck sake Oliver..” I said while trying to wipe away some of the blood with my shirt.
“I’m sorry about the hit, you surprised me..” He said, with a voice filled with shame.
“It’s okay Oli. I’ll call Zara okay?” I laughed. And walked about 10 feet away from him. I found my phone, while covering my eye. ‘Fuck this fucking hurts..’
“Hi Zara, it’s Jessie.. Can you come pick up me a Oli? He got in a fight again..” I could hear her sigh.
“Yeah, sure, of cause. I’m on my way. Usual club?” She answered.
“Usual club, but we might need a trip to the ER.” I said carefully.
“We?” She asked.
“I’ll explain later. See you in 15.”
Luckily enough, Zara didn’t live far away,

She picked us up, and drove to the ER, while driving she didn’t say a thing. She didn’t even look at us. And Oliver just sat in the backseat laughing, which annoyed both of us.
We got to the ER, and I came in first, I got 2 stitches in the eyebrow and a bag of ice for the eye. When I got back out, both Zara and Oliver were laughing at me.
“Fucking idiot..” I mumbled as I walked past Oliver. His turn to be looked at by the doc. I sat down on the right side of Zara, and looked at the floor.
“You okay?” She said. “Did it hurt bad?”
“Yeah, it hurts..” I said quietly, while holding the ice against my eye. She stroked my hair and kissed my head, which surprised me, so I accidentally pressed the Ice hard against my eye.
“Ouch!” I almost yelled it, and Zara moved away quickly.

After we both had been looked at by the doc, Zara drove us home, and I went straight to my room. I was lying in my bed, in silence, almost asleep. The only thing I could hear was Zara yelling at Oliver. I caught myself daydreaming about Zara and I, but I snapped out of it when I heard Zara tell Oliver to say sorry for hitting me, and that he was a dick for doing it.
I fell asleep with a huge smile on my lips, that night.

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