Summer of 69! Or just 96..

About a 17, almost 18 years old girl's love life, how she found "the one"
I dont know what more to write, read it if you like!


3. The first night

~~We was sitting at the dinning table, about to eat. Amanda always cooked on Fridays. I’ve never experienced that much silence while eating, it was kind of weird. When we had finished eating, Michael looked at us and asked if any of us had any plans. We all shook our heads, as a no.
“I think it would be a good idea if you all did something together, to welcome Jessica. You too Mike!” He said.
“Anyone got any ideas? ‘Cos if not, I think I can find something for you to do, together.” He added after a while.
The other’s faces suddenly got taken over by panic, and then Amanda said “We could go out? I know this new club, down town?”
We all nodded in agreement.
“Just remember to be careful! I don’t think Zara want to get her evening ruined by you idiots being arrested or getting injured.” Michael said, before leaving the table, and as he said that he added a look, pointed at Oliver saying ‘Take it easy tonight’.

We all went up to our rooms to get ready. I pulled on some black jeans with holes in them, a white tanktop and a bit larger black tanktop with a Jack Daniels logo on it. After putting on makeup and shoes, I started doing my hair. I went with a Taylor Momsen look, since my hair was already blond.
I walked out on the balcony and lit up a smoke. Suddenly I heard a laugh and a whistle behind me. I turned around and got met by the look of a beautiful girl in a punk-rock, 50’s dress, who looked up and down my body. “Looking good sweetheart!” She said, and walked over to stand on my right side. Oliver was right behind her. ‘Ugh.. Not him again.’ I thought to myself.
He lit up a spliff, and Amanda lit up one as well.
“That shit isn’t allowed here, is it?” I asked.
“Nope, but Michael just left. So unless someone tells Zara, we’re cool.”

We left after an hour. Luckily enough, we lived near the club. And fyi, we life in a 2 floor penthouse, with stairs IN THE ARPARTMENT, connecting it. It’s a pretty amazing place, when you’re used to life in a shithole apartment. Upstairs we have 6 rooms and a bathroom, and downstairs is where the kitchen is, there’s another bathroom and a living/fun room with a pool table and tv etc.

We all walked together in a group, the boys in the front, and us girls in the back.  Amanda and Jessie were looking after boys, and the Boys and I were looking after girls. I saw Amanda look after some girls a few times though.
We got to the club, and snug Jessie in, while Amanda distracted the bodyguard.
The boys were playing pool, both with a smoke in the hand, Cat were flirting with some boy. Amanda and I had found a table, and just sat there drinking a beer and smoking, in silence.
“What was that look Michael gave Oliver at the table, earlier?” I asked her.
“Oliver has a habit of either drinking too much or getting in a fight.” She laughed. And I couldn’t help but join her laughing.
Again.. Silence.
“Amanda? Can I ask you something?” I said quietly, hoping she wouldn’t hear me over the music.
“Of course” she answered.
“Was it you, or Oliver whistling at me earlier?” I asked with a grin.
“Um.. Well.. Me.. I couldn’t help it. You’re on fire!” she blushed.
I laughed and smiled at her. I looked down in my glass, and saw that it was almost empty.
“Sweet sweet Amanda? Can I make you buy me a Rum and Coke?” I asked. She laughed and went up to the bar.
Just as she left, Mike came to the table, and gave me a, a bit hard, nudge on the shoulder. He leaned down, stopping right before my face.
“She’s MY Amanda, so forget about it, you little prick!” he hissed, and then left.
I sat there, looking terrified, just as Amanda came down to the table. I decided to ignore what Mike had said to me, and just started to talk about music. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I hate to admit it, but Amanda is kind of cute! And I might even have had a crush on her. What he had said, didn’t make sense to me. ‘Cos it didn’t seem like they were in a relationship. But then again, if they were dating, it makes sense of course. Now I just need to figure out if they’re dating or not.

Mike and Cat when straight to their rooms, as soon as we got home, while Amanda and I tried to get Oliver to his. Luckily enough, Oliver, Amanda and I shared the balcony, so we could go from his room to the balcony for a last smoke, before going to sleep.
As we stood there, smoking, I silence, looking over the city, I suddenly thought about what Mike had said, again.
“Hey Amanda? Can I ask you something?” I said. She nodded while texting someone.
“How are the rules, when you live here? About dating each other and shit like that.” I asked.
She laughed and moved a bit closer to me, whispering with a smirk “They’re not fond of it, but it happens.” She winked at me.
“Can I ask you something else then?” I answered.
“Ask all you want, kiddo!” she laughed.
“Are you and Mike a thing?” I asked after a while.
Suddenly she looked way more serious “What did he say?”
“Um.. He just told me to stay away from you. Or.. As he said ‘His Amanda’.”
She laughed nervously and said “He’s my ex, but I think he’s still in love with me. We were ‘a thing’ way before we both moved here.”
“He dumped me when he found out about me being bisexual.. What a douche!” she added.
I laughed and got up. “I think I’ll go to bed, if that’s okay?”
After getting a nod from her, I went to my room and took off my pants, but suddenly I heard a sound behind me and turned around pretty quickly. Amanda, again. She was standing in the door.
“Can I come in?” she asked.
I hesitated but nodded, all I wanted was to sleep, but I liked talking to her.. “Of course, just close the door, it’s getting cold.”
I was sitting on the floor, while she was sitting on my bed.
“Are you okay Amanda? You look a little pale.”
“Yeah, I’m okay, I just got a few too many beers. And I don’t feel like sleeping alone tonight. Can I asleep here?” She said with a grin.
“Besides, I’m not sure I can walk that far!” she added, laughing.
I laughed, got up and said “Lie down, I’ll just change to my pajamas!”
She smiled and looking at me “Can I borrow a shirt? Pretty please!”
“Yeah, sure.” I answered and threw a t-shirt at her. She changed quickly, but I couldn’t help but to stare, and I think she saw me looking at her. I started changing myself, I pulled on a shirt and some knee high socks, and walked over to the bed.
“Move over.” I said with a smile, and so she did. I lied with my back to her, and it didn’t take long before we were spooning. And we fell asleep like that.

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