Summer of 69! Or just 96..

About a 17, almost 18 years old girl's love life, how she found "the one"
I dont know what more to write, read it if you like!


8. The feelings

We were sitting, looking at the ocean, in silence.
“So, what happened?” She asked.
“Amanda.. She screwed me over. She’s still in love with Mike.. And I don’t know.. She’s been using me. And it hurts. And I don’t even know why it hurts so much, ‘cos I think I’m in love with..” I stopped, and looked down at the ground.
“In love with who? Cat? A girl from school?” she asked quietly.
“We weren’t even dating! We just had.. Something.. But I thought I was in love with her. And I just felt like getting away for a bit. And I fell asleep.” I said. “But I… I don’t know..”
She looked at me, stroking some hair away from my face.
“What about this other girl, the one you think you’re in love with?”
“Um.. She’s just. Amazing. Her voice is amazing. She’s so pretty. Like an angel. She’s nice to me. She listens to me. But I don’t think she likes me, so it doesn’t matter..” I said quietly.
We got up, and just as we we’re about to go back, she hugged me. And not just a short hug, but a long comfy hug.
“I’m sure this mystery girl likes you too, ‘cos honestly.. Who wouldn’t.” she whispered, stopped hugging and started walking back to the house. She stopped and looked at me, waiting for me to follow. After a few seconds, I sighed and started walking towards the house.

When we came back to the house, I went straight to my room. ‘God, I’m glad I chose to have a single room..’ I thought to myself. I sat down and turned on the TV. Oliver came in, with his xBox under his arm.
“Wanna play?” he said with a smile. We used to play when one of us were down, so why not? I nodded and he connected the xBox to the Tv and sat down on the floor in front of the bed. He handed me a controller and kept smiling. I stayed on the bed, but placed one leg on each side of him, and used his head as support for my hands.
“I know this is weird Olly.. But you’re a bit like a little brother to me.” I said with a small smile on my lips. He looked up at me and smiled. Probably one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen on his face.
“And you’re like a big sis to me. But let’s start playing! I miss kicking your ass!” he laughed.
“Kick MY ass? I usually win you idiot!” I yelled laughing. We started playing, and yelling, but after a while Olly paused the game and looked at me.
“You like her, don’t you?” He said.
“Like who?” I asked confused.
“Zara..” he said, hesitating. It suddenly knocked on the door.
“Yeah?” I said while I kept playing.
The door opened. It was Zara. I paused the game and looked at her.
“What’s up?” I smiled.
“Can I talk to you alone for a minute?” She asked.
I nodded and kicked gently to Olly. He got up and left the room, but just as he closed the door, he winked at me, with a smile.
“What’s up Zara?” I asked.
“Nothing, I just wanted to see if you were okay?” she smiled at me.
“I’m fine I guess..” I couldn’t help but laugh. She sat down on the bed, right next to me.
“So.. What about this girl you like?” She asked.
“It’s nothing, I’m just crushing on her..” I mumbled.
“It didn’t exactly sound like a crush, when you talked about her.” She laughed this time. I blushed and looked down at the ground, while I shrugged.
She took my hand and looked at me.
“What about we go do something tomorrow? Just the two of us! We can go for a drive, and talk about that girl!” she said with a smile.
“Sounds okay I guess..” I answered.
She hugged me, got up and left the room.
“Goodnight, sleep tight!” she said as she closed the door.


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