Summer of 69! Or just 96..

About a 17, almost 18 years old girl's love life, how she found "the one"
I dont know what more to write, read it if you like!


1. Intro!

~It was the spring of 2012, and my dad had just thrown me out, so I had to live at some place to youngsters, and today was the moving day.
I was 17, almost 18, she was 21. She worked at the place I had to live, and she were the one being there most of the time.
We were 5 youngsters living there, including me. Two boys, Mike (20) and Oliver (17). And three girls, Amanda (19) and Cat (15) and of course me. A fucked up girl, who’s way too good at manipulating with other people, and yet, is too easy to manipulate. Weird mix.
Btw, the name is Catherine, but everybody calls me Cat. And the reason why the old folks at home threw me out is.. A long story.
And the girl I was talking about in the beginning, her name is Zara, and she changed my life.~

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