Summer of 69! Or just 96..

About a 17, almost 18 years old girl's love life, how she found "the one"
I dont know what more to write, read it if you like!


5. A couple of months later

I’ve lived here for two months now, and Amanda and I are almost, sort of, a thing. Not officially a thing, but we’re acting like a couple. I liked living there, besides, 2 month ago I had started on an art school, and I had a job as a waiter. So I spent most of my time either at school, work or Amanda’s room, even though I wasn’t allowed to be in there.
I was actually doing good at school, I got A in most of my classes, the ones being about art, including music. But the mandatory classes, like math, English and history, not so well. And I even had extra courses, okay one extra.. But it was my favorite one: History of Music and Art.

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