a fairy tale gone wrong

a girl fell in love with a pop star what could go wrong ?
amber a sweet 17 year old girl . fell for the punk rock luke hemmings . will he break her heart or keep it together


11. now reallly !!!!!!


ahhhh I jumped out of bed the bed was wet   . luke luke wake up my water broke    he jumped out of the bed got dressed real fast grabbed my baby bag  and walked me to the door  and ran to get the boys up .  ashton  drove us to the hospatil   the doctors took me to the room  and said was  ready to push  I started pushing  god it hurts like crazy    luke hemmings you are never touching me again  the doctor laughed and said I bet I"ll see you in here about 2 more times .ahhhhh  one more push ms.styles  AHHH  ms. styles and mr.hemmings meet your daughter  jacy hemmings style  we looked up and heard a little cry  will the dad like to cut the cord yes please  luke said . the doctors ran some test on jacy  everything is fine the nurse said as she handed me jacy   do you want me to bring the boys in   yes bring them in I said luke got the boys  in the room . micheal , calum , ashton meet jacy hemmings styles   they all got to hold her  the doctor said I can leave anytime so we packed up and left to go home .



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