a fairy tale gone wrong

a girl fell in love with a pop star what could go wrong ?
amber a sweet 17 year old girl . fell for the punk rock luke hemmings . will he break her heart or keep it together


10. green pokadots luke ?


I woke up to a girl shaking me I looked up and it was liz  hemmings  hey get ready where going to have a girl day  okay I said  I got up and took a shower and  got ready wearing  yoga pants and luke t shrit lol .  we  got to the mall and started  shopping for baby clothes  and got  about 70 pares of clothing  and  80 bibs and bottles and  other baby stuff 

 we went to the food court and got subway  . we went home  and I walked to the bedroom and luke and the boys said they had something to show me and I walked with the boys  and  we walked to the nursey  for some un reason . they opend the door and it was amzing my jaw dropped the walls was green with pokdots on the wall and they name jacy with black letter on the wall above the the bed she will sleep in soon  and in case you ddint know that's the name we have decied to do for the girl I hugged the boys and kissed luke on the lips and said thank you .

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