Astrid's P.O.V

Mummy can we go to the purk? Lily asked

Yes Hun go get ready I said to my lil baby

She came back with a pink dress just like what I was wearing.

Look mum were twins she yelled


I was pushing lily in the swing when I heard a lot of screams from teen age girls.I saw five shadows coming to the park ,that's when I turned around and I couldn't believe what I saw Lily's father , the one that left me pregnant for some stupid show ........ Niall James Horan holding a girls hand . He looked at me then at lily Aasssttrriddd?? ....niinii??

Niall's P.O.V

The lads and their girlfriends invited my girlfriend and I to the park. Seeing my girlfriend reminded me about my past with astrid. Yes..Yess I still love astrid I don't know what I did to her I left her.. And broke her heart.babeee.... Nelly said snapping me out of my thoughts.yes I respond lets go


When we got there all are loving fans were there.

I saw a girl my age pushing what seemed like her daughter

She turned around that's when I saw it was astrid

Aasssttrriddd ??........nniinnii??she said

I guess you got married I told her triying not to get upset

No! She said oh your babysitting I said no she's my daughter she said

Who's the dad I told she got upset and nelly was hearing everything so she said **cough**slut **cough** she said

I got mad and told her to be quiet

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