why me

"why me?" i ask looking up to him he just smiles and presses his lips to mine



hi, my name cali monroe and im shy and depressed.

im sitting in my bath tub with a razor blade in my hand i press it down to my wrist and press down hard,i see blood and then i cut a line in my skin then another and another and another and keep going till i get to ten the blood drips into the bath water turning it pink. i lay my head down on the tub watching the blood drip in the water,a moment later i relize im crying. i put my arm in the water to wash it off and wince at the pain of the heat cleaning it i get out the tub and wrap my self in a big towel and go check my phone i have a text from mom telling me i have counsouling today i sigh texting her back that i know then my phone rings. its josh i smile my best friend sense forever ago i answer it "hey" i say "cali you sound like youve been crying, are you ok?" great i forgot he knows exactly when ive been crying and when ive been happy "you didnt cut again did you cali" he asks "NO" i say "oh ok well ben posted some sevire shit on instagram earlier did you see" i sigh "nope" i say going on to instagram.i see his comment on my profile "the stupid bitch hasnt been to school i a week is she dead did she cut deep enough yet or take a bottle of pills just leave already cali nobody wants you any more" i read aloud "cali im so sorry ill be right over" he says and hangs up. two minutes there he is nocking on my door " hold on im changing i say slipping a sweatshirt on and some ripped skinny jeans "ok come on" he burst in hugging me. he is way taller than me so im at his toroso "im so sorry ill get him tomorrow for this" he says while i just sob into his chest. he picks me up and lays me on the bed gently "thank you" i say "no problem" he whispers 

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