The Diary of a Tau Player

Ever wanted to know what life is like for a Tau Player? I thought, not oh well i'm writing this anyway.


1. Why I play Tau

It all started a just over a year ago really, my friends were starting to take up Warhammer 40,000 but i didn't want to join them, eventually i was persuaded though and along i went to our local gaming shop with them. I intended to play a race called Tyranids originally, who are basically alien bugs as my best friend was going them and they couldn't actually team up with anyone else so I decided, as I knew nothing of the game, I would 'Nids' too. That was a bad choice. I spent £20 on a model kit and he had spent £50 on them when he decided he wanted to go the army he used to play, Space Marines who are basically humans in massive suits. This caused a problem for me as I couldn't team up with any of my friends and has even less of a clue than the rest of them. Fortunately this was resolved as one of my friends who already played recommended  the Tau race to me. And now, henceforth I became the Tau player of our little, four person, ragtag group.

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