The Adventures of The Traveling Circus

Ever wanted to know what happens when a group of Idiots team up together? Follow our group of young, foolish adventures as they explore the Forgotten Realms looking for adventure, glory, gold and girls.
Begin by learning their backgrounds and how they all grew to be the idiots they are today and then follow them in their almost certain to fail quests. So grab your sword and shield, strap into your armor and come along for the ride of misfits and mayhem.


3. The Outlander Village

Several years later, after his banishment, Varis had settled into a small Outlander village. He was easily accepted as it was the kind of place where people stuck together to survive and as he had skills as a hunter he was the sort of person that the village could make use of. As the top hunter in the village he went out on most hunts so had plenty chance to hone and perfect his skills. As the days past he started to not forget about his past and his banishment but simply grew to not care. He had found somewhere, a place in which he fitted in and was himself. It wasn't easy for him to feel at ease at first though. Before this he had been to a few other outlying villages and within those he had been cast out, beaten, robbed and other things as he was an outsider and an elf. Now finally here they accepted him however he didn't accept them as easily. It was only when one of the younger children in the village came to him with a bead necklace she’d threaded for him did he start to feel more at ease with the village. Varis had brought the family from the brink of starvation after the girl lost her father, who hunted to provide the family’s food, to a bear. Varis had willingly shared his excess with the family which consisted of a widow and two girls, the younger one being around seven summers of age while the older one was around his age. They’d offered him a place in their hut however he declined and instead opted to build himself a hut of his own.

The village was a small settlement consisting of huts which were scattered around a central communal area. The huts themselves were simple, crude structures. Logs roughly lashed together with leather coverings on the inter side to provide insulation while dried mud was set between the logs to strengthen the huts as well as to stop any air getting in. The roofs of the huts were similar in nature, made of logs lashed together however these were covered in thatch to provide extra cover for the huts. This area had a large fire pit and much space around it. It was there where a lot of the tasks for the village were done such are the preparation of the animals were brought back from hunts. The ground itself was rough and coarse, worn down by the passing of the people traveling through the village as it took a lot of maintenance being a self-sustained settlement yet grass did still grow underfoot in small patches, their presence increasing the further out from the village that you travelled. There were not a lot people whom lived there however there was enough for there to be several children among the group. The village bordered with a forest in which the hunters and gatherers obtained the food which sustained them and surrounding the village on all other sides was a plains, allow for any attackers to be seen from a distance.

Making his hut was something which Varis had prided himself upon, working hard on it in order to have the best living space that he could possibly provide for himself, and at the back of his mind, a family if he ever got to that point in his life. As a result of this his hut was a little more exquisite than its other counterparts throughout the village with smooth, polished wood in the interior walls and intricate carvings on the outside and within which detailed stories and legends. Perhaps the most detailed of them all was the carving of a mighty dragon upon the roof the hut which showed a dragon in flight above a mountain range. It was such a good carving that the villagers said that it could be believable that Varis had seen a dragon although they all agreed that he can’t of, after all dragons were so rare in the lands that they were almost a myth if it wasn’t for the occasional reports of dwarven strongholds being taken by dragons in want for the dwarf hordes of gold. Varis had even created an operational door for the hut with a pair of hinges he had bought off a passing merchant. It was lucky that Varis was adored by the village as the grandeur of his home could be seen to rival the chieftain’s hut, something which would present him as a threat to the chieftain.

For several years, Varis lived here in peace with the other villagers, going about a plain mundane life which he fell in love with despite how simple and uneventful it was. Unfortunately this did not last, for in the year 34 D.C. a blight struck the village. A group of bandits moved into the area and started demanding tribute from the village in order to avoid being raided by them. At first the village were resist and with the help of Varis were able to drive off the first few initial raids that the bandits attempted, this did little to help though and just angered them. Over the months the attacks got more and more fierce and soon people started dying and Varis decided that enough. He gathered together the small group of hunters was in charge of as the head of the hunt and gave them a choice to join him on the assault or stay at home and protect their families, about half of  them stayed behind while the rest joined him for the attack on the bandit camp. They spent the day preparing their weapons, sharpening swords, making arrows and by late afternoon Varis and his small group of seven was ready for attack.

Waiting till nightfall the group headed out west into the forest where the bandits had set up their camp. Sneaking around the outside the scouted it out and then climbed up the trees so to get a birds eye view of the camp. Each member of the group each drew an arrow from their quiver and held it to the bow. Nothing could be heard but the rustling of the leaves in the light breeze, they'd have to make adjustments for that to ensure they didn't miss their shots. Varis arched his back, pulling the bowstring taunt using the strength he had built up in his shoulders from almost a hundred years of using bows. He picked his target and narrowed his eyes shutting everything else out but his prey. Among the trees the other hunters did the same. He released, and as the others heard the twang of his bowstring they released arrows on their targets. The noise of the seven arrows flying through the air was disguised by the crackling of the fire and the noise coming from the bandits in the camp yet arrows thumping into things could clearly be heard. Three bandits had been shot dead and a further two were wounded, not to shabby, another one was quickly felled as Varis let lose a second arrow just moments after the first and by the time everyone else had got off their second shot Varis had taken out a total of five bandits. In total, with their 17 arrows they had killed eight, wounded five and so only four of the arrows in total had missed. Varis suspected the same people had missed each time, the two youngest of the group who had only been hunting for a couple of months. Varis has no qualms though, they were young and still had much to learn. Dropping from the trees Varis and the others regrouped about league from the camp, they there about 28 bandits in total so they had provided a suitable hindrance to the bandits and so Varis sent them back to the village while he went back and monitored the camp, something he had been doing often to keep the village as safe as he could. Turning his back on the group he headed back to the bandit camp leaving his comrades behind.


Back at the camp the bandits saw arrows fly out of the tree, almost as quick as they could blink they had lost eight men and were now in sheltered positions to protect them from any more arrows. Before long they worked out that the attack had come from the trees and were murmuring among themselves what to do about it. One spoke up "Maybe it was that village, we should just go and ransack it right now, kill everyone there" he finished it with a grin. Another one raised his voice, "And how do you propose that we do that when we're pinned down by archers in the trees?" "We rush them of course, get to them and kill them before they can cause anymore trouble," "Ah yes but then we'd lose even more getting to the trees, we've already lost eight and the boss is wounded!". This squabble went on between the two bandits before a third person spoke up "Be quiet you fools, your squabbling won't get us anywhere will it?" Looking up the first two bandits saw that it was Urath, the second in command talking to them. They nodded their heads and apologised. "Here's what we do" Urath said and he started to explain his plan to the men.


Varis arrived back at the location of the bandit camp roughly 90 minutes after leaving, he had traversed a league and then retraced that distance which would normally take someone about two hours but he was fast, he knew the forest and was able to make it back quicker. As he approached the area he saw an orange blaze from the edge of the camp, the side from which the village was. He and his men had gone the opposite way when fleeing as they didn't want to lead the bandits back to the village even if it was a leagues away from the base. This meant that they had led the bandits, or at least tried to lead them, about two leagues from the village to protect it. Climbing a tree which hadn't caught ablaze yet he looked over the forest and saw that the fire had spread far through the forest and were rapidly approaching where the village was, he dropped down from the tree and went to check the camp as it seemed empty. Searching through it Varis saw it had been quickly demolished and abandoned. Looking through the camp's remains and thinking about the fire he realised what the plan of the bandits must have been. What a fool he'd been, shooting on the camp from the east, the direction of the village, giving hints to where the attack was from. Varis sprinting off to the village, hoping he could get there in time, running through the forest with complete disregard for the fires which surrounded him.


Running through the forest Varis broke through the treeline and was greeted by the sight of the village fully ablaze, fires raging in all of the huts. He could smell rotten burning flesh, carried over by the wind which was blowing the smoke in his direction. In despair he dropped to his knees and held his head in his hands. This was he fault it was all down to him, he was the one who decided to attack the bandits, the one who planned it all. As it knelt there on the ground a fury filled him and he charged at the village hoping to find some bandits there to make them pay. Most had left yet there was still some who remained to loot what else they could. Ignoring the bodies of his friends and neighbours which scattered the ground, lying there burnt and bloodied he charged the first bandit he saw. As he ran forward he leaped through the air and drew his sword. The steel blaze glinted in the early morning sun and the light of the fire. As he landed in front of the bandit, a burly man clad in hide armour wielding a crude battle-axe. Varis thrust his sword square through the man's heart, killing him in one fell swoop. Pulling his sword out of the chest he moved on going through the village as it blazed and burnt around him. Every bandit he found met their death at the end of his blade and after killing the tenth and final bandit in the village he found that he was at his hut, which sat on the edge of the village and blaze. He entered it, covered in blood and the smell of death. His blade slipped out of his hand, slick with the blood of the bandits fell onto the floor. Then Varis fell to the floor himself, exhausted by rage and lack of rest, sorrow overwhelmed him and he could do nothing but curl up and sob, waiting for the fire to engulf the hut and take his life like it already had done with everyone else he knew. He closed his eyes and waited for death.

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