The Adventures of The Traveling Circus

Ever wanted to know what happens when a group of Idiots team up together? Follow our group of young, foolish adventures as they explore the Forgotten Realms looking for adventure, glory, gold and girls.
Begin by learning their backgrounds and how they all grew to be the idiots they are today and then follow them in their almost certain to fail quests. So grab your sword and shield, strap into your armor and come along for the ride of misfits and mayhem.


2. Origins of the Circus

Lewis Wood strode through the temple to his room, clutching his lyre in his arms, dodging around the full sized humans that lived in the temple alongside him. As a Halfling it was hard to be noticed so he was mostly ignored by most people there at the temple. He'd taken the fact that he was often left out as a chance to do something more than his training as a Cleric. Frequently while the others in the temple were busy enjoying each other’s company he would go into town, set up a small stall and just do some simple busking. He arrived at his room and started packing his few possessions. Lewis had finally decided that the temple was no longer for him. He had only basic cleric training but he wanted more from is life. He felt isolated and uncomfortable at the temple. He'd made a decision, he would become an entertainer! Slinging his pack over his shoulder he headed off to life outside the temple.  

A few days later he had arrived at a large town. With few coins to be able to use for accommodation he decided to start his busking straight away. Bee-lining for the busy, bustling market place he set up stall and started playing on his lyre. After a few hours of playing he had gathered a few silver pieces and several copper pieces too, realising he may need to up the key of his performance he started singing to accompany the soft melodic sounds emanating from his instrument. 

A nearby cat was so startled that it alarmingly meowed before bolting off, running through the legs of merchants and the people buying wares. That was until a gigantic dragon born misplaced it's foot and made a pancake out of the scrawny ally cat, spreading its matted orange fur across the ground. The sound coming from Lewis's mouth was appalling and a passer-by looked at him with horror from hearing such a din. Needless to say he made no more coin for the rest of the day. 


From within the forest the sound of thundering footsteps could be heard. Closely behind these footsteps the echoes of a beast's growl could be heard. Through the underbrush into a clearing crashed a Dragonborn, it was large on stature, at 6 foot and 3 inches, however lacking in strength, a strange combination for sure. The claws identified the Dragonborn as male as they were shorter however thicker than that of a female's. As for his skin, it  was a dark blue colour with lighter streaks across the body, giving him a electrifying look. The colours made him easily identifiable as blue dragon kin, magnificent beasts able to draw lighting from the depth of their bellies at blast it at their foes. The Dragonborn looked around the clearing trying to formulate a plan on what to do. It was evident that this Dragonborn was the feature of the beast's rage as the growls were coming closer. He tried scrambling up a tree however due to his lacking strength he instead ended up sliding down, leaving wide grooves in the bark, a result of his claws. He knew there was only one thing left to do. Turning to face where the noise was coming from he quickly prayed to the spirits of nature, he didn't want his actions to disrupt the forest's balance and as a druid, or at least a apprentice druid he must respect the balance and help maintain it. The forest went quiet. Through the bushes where he had just burst from a large black bear emerged. It growled threateningly at the druid before beginning to circle him, mapping out the weaknesses of the Dragonborn. It decided where to attack. It lunged. Drawing a deep breath the Dragonborn's chest swelled, static cracked around him. He shut his mouth and turned to face the bear which flew through the air towards him. Opening his mouth a torrent of electricity flew to intercept the bear. This pure energy light up the area meeting the bear full on. By the time that the torrent from the druid's mouth had stopped the bear was lying dead on the forest floor in a ring of scorched earth. Grabbing the bear's paws he slung them over his shoulder and with what little strength he had, he dragged the corpse to his home. 

Arriving at the centre of the forest he rested the bear on the ground and approached a tree which towered over the rest, the tallest tree in the forest. It marked the exact centre of the forest and it was within here where he lived with his master or at least had lived with him, they had called it the hollow tree. Two days ago this beast, which he had now slain, killed his master while he was collecting herbs before beginning on the path of the young druid's destruction. It was now dead and the Dragonborn has avenged his master all that was left to do now was to return the bear to the forest. Entering the hollow tree he gathered tools that he needed and begun work on the carcass. 

After hours of gruelling work it was done. He had eaten skinned the bear so to wear it in remembrance of his actions towards the balance of nature. While it dried out he prepared the meat. Most of it he dried and prepare so that it could last and be stored for many weeks as food, the rest he left raw so it could be used as a raw ingredient. The entrails he burned and the blood that he had gathered from it, for not all had boiled away, was poured over the roots of the hollow tree. All organs he buried in clay jars in order to return the bear's spirit to the earth which I came from but the heart was left. He would eat this in respect as well as with the hope that it would provide him with the bear’s strength. 

Following his preparation of bear’s body he entered the hollow tree to say his last farewells to the place. The final thing he needed to do was to appease the forest, something he could only do by leaving the forest. Gathering his belonging into a pack and his master scrolls for it was knowledge the felt should be protected and kept with him, he left the hollow tree for the last time. Donning the bear pelt which was now dried he walked away from the tree and out of the forest.  


Nalud, a city of hope, of possibilities, where dreams come true, this may have been true many years ago but now it was far from that. A coup by a group of high class criminals some years ago was the start on the path to ruin for Nalud. The city's fair and just high lord, Astro Occult was taken by the group and executed. The group then took complete control of the city and since then chaos has run amok in the city, unchecked and uncontrolled. In the last few years with the rise of crime the number of urchins living on the city's streets. Often this was the cause of people being kicked out of their homes due to being unable to keep up with tax payments. The majority of urchins however was orphans who had lost their parents. One such case was Vixen Sorrow, aged only seven he'd watched his parents burn to death in their home. Being Tieflings, people had feared of them being demon spawn and decided to test this with flames. Fleeing from the flames Vixen ran through the streets until he was safely hidden in the sewers. Over the years he had learnt to survive and had thrived in the city, living on the streets. He knew not only the exact layout of the streets but also the best places to steal things, those places where things would not be missed. For ten years, he lived like this on the streets until one day, everything changed. He was taking a walk through the central market looking for someone to pickpocket for money or for a stall from which he could easily steal from. After wandering for a bit, he gave up for although he was a skilled thief there were a few guards roaming around that day and he didn’t fancy being caught. He sat himself down near where a busker was standing a playing a lyre. The Halfling wasn’t very good at playing however he had spirit, Vixen respected that. Vixen sat there for about an hour listening it the jumbled sound of the lyre and watching the world scurry around before him. He glanced towards the busker as he had stopped playing and saw that the Halfling was packing up. Averting his attention, he looked at a stall which was selling fresh bread, the smell was drifting to where he was and it was enough to make him drool. A tap on his shoulder from behind startled him and in response he drew his small knife from his belt and swivelled around. The sight he saw though was not one which needed to be met with aggression. The Halfling who had been busking was standing there with a few coins in his hand. “Here, buy yourself some bread, a saw you look at it,” he said kindly. Vixen sat there for a moment, he had been watching the busker for the last hour and he had not made much in the duration, he couldn’t have much money himself so why offer what little he had to a stranger. Apprehensively Vixen took the money and with it he went to stall and bought himself a loaf. Hungrily he tore at it, wolfing it down piece by piece. He noticed the strange Halfling who was watching him eat and that he had eaten most of the loaf. Feeling guilty he approached the Halfling and gave what was left of the loaf to him. “Thank you!” the Halfling said, “This must be a good loaf if you enjoyed it so much,” Vixen smiled before settling down to watch the Halfling eat the loaf. Once the Halfling had finished he spoke up again, “my name is Lewis, Lewis Wood the II of this name at your service, and what might yours be?”. Vixen was used to being wary of strangers however this one seemed harmless enough.  

“Vixen Sorrow,” he said brashly before going quiet again. 

“Well then Vixen! I have a proposition for you, I’m gonna be in town for a couple of days and I could do with someone to show me around this place, I’d pay you of course and pay for your lodgings in inns. What do you say?”  

“I guess I could if you really wanted,” 

“Ah good after all I’ve heard these streets can be aa mean rough place, first though shall we return to my inn? The day is getting on and soon it will  be dusk” 

He rose and Vixen followed him to the inn at which the Halfling was staying. 


About an hour later night had started to fall on the city and the duo had not yet reached the inn. Vixen, as someone who had grown up in the area began to worry, he knew how bad the area of the city they were in was, and he knew it was even worse under the cover of night. “I appear to have got us lost!” Lewis exclaimed, “I could of sworn we were going in the right direction,”.  

In a hushed tone Vixen responded, “I know where we are so I can lead you to the inn, what did you say it was called, the Crimson Crow?”, Lewis nodded a response, “Good, now don’t talk about being lost if someone overhears we’re more likely to get mugged, or worse”. Vixen hurried Lewis along in the right direction but before they could go much further, two thugs emerged from an alleyway to their right. They were a pair of half-orcs with ugly,  bashed face, clearly both of them had been in a lot of fistfights. In their hands they each had a crude wooden club, banded with iron on the handles and with iron studs in at the other end. They both had a ragtag collection of remaining teeth in their mouth, which could be seen when they grinned and spoke to Lewis and Vixen, “Did one of yous say the was lost?” the first one said. Like an act the second one replied perfectly on time. “We can guide you to where you need to be for a price,” the talking switched back to the first, “of cour it’s the same prise as us not knockin you out righ here and takin all you hav,” 

Lewis murmured something to Vixen quietly. “HEY WHAT YOU SAY!” the second half-orc yelled, “You’d better not be making fun of my brother’s speech impeder-imped-imperer, um, speech problem,” 

“I think it’s more of a mental problem personally, now may we pass, I do have a guide,” Lewis calmly said to the brutish half-orc in front of him. Engaged by this the second half-orc raised his club above his head a prepared to smash it down on Lewis’ head. Before the half orc had time to do this however Lewis swiftly reached behind him and from his back he pulled a shining mace which had been wrapped and hidden in an oil cloth. Lewis swung at the attack with ferocity yet as he lunged the mace slipped out of his hand and hit him on the foot. Both of the thugs stopped for a second to process what had just happened and once they had processed it they burst out laughing in realisation. Their amusement didn't last long though.  From their left flank something like a shadow leaped out at the from the side and plunged a dagger into the first one, who was bigger than the other one however balanced out as he was visibly much stupider than his brother. Being the stupid one of the two he naturally thought that it was some sort of phantom attacking from the dark. Freaking out he ran, dragging his brother with him. Out of the darkness from where the attack came from emerged Vixen. "That’s that problem dealt with, now should we get you to your inn?" He murmured. 

"Gosh that was fantastic, I might need to keep you around," Lewis exclaimed before hurrying after Vixen, after all he didn't want to encounter those thugs again.  

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