My Imaginary Friends screenplay (a Netflix series)

Written for the Netflix Series Competition. When 13-year-old Abigail Armstrong's parents want her to get rid of her imaginary friends and grow up, those imaginary friends aren't going to leave without a fight!


1. Pilot (Part 1) The Tea Party


We see a girl sitting on her bed with a tea set spread out on a quilt on the bed. Pretend food is everywhere. Five places have been set out and classical music is playing from a nearby boombox.

ABIGAIL: (reaches for teapot) Would you care for some tea, Ardelle?

ARDELLE: Yes, please.

Abigail pours the tea as Calvin, Davis, Russell, and Erica comment on her room decor. The walls were covered in a colorful wallpaper that consisted of rainbows, balloons, and beautiful white clouds until it was taken down a week earlier.

CALVIN: (looks at walls) What happened to your room, Abby?

ABIGAIL: (looks at Calvin) What are you talking about?

Everyone looks around and sees that the wallpaper, which had balloons, rainbows, and clouds, had been removed from the walls, leaving the walls an unsightly white color. The walls have yet to be painted, though.

ERICA: (continues to stare at the walls) Why did your parents take that wallpaper off your walls? I liked that wallpaper.

ARDELLE: Me too. I thought the wallpaper was kinda cute. Now your walls are just...blah.

ABIGAIL: What do you mean my walls are...blah?

DAVIS: Well, everybody else's walls are blah. I mean, what's up with that? Is blah kind of the new thing that you kids are doing these days?

ABIGAIL: Oh hahahahaha, that is so funny! Why would I want to have my walls like everyone else? That's silly. Plus, my mom wants to paint my walls a different color, so that's why she took down my wallpaper.

RUSSELL: Okay, so what's the big deal about Abby's wall being different? I thought we were here to have a tea party, not talk about wall decor. Besides, walls are kind of lame when you think about it.

CALVIN: Dude, what are you talking about? Walls are NOT lame!

ARDELLE: Walls are important. If there are no walls, then how is the house standing up?

RUSSELL: Yeah right. Like walls will be important when pigs fly!

DAVIS: OK, that's enough of that debate, guys.

ERICA: Russell, don't be such a party pooper.

RUSSELL: Am not.

CALVIN, ARDELLE, ERICA, & DAVIS: Yes you are, Russell!

ABIGAIL: Yeah, Russell. Do you mind saying something positive every once in a while?

At this point, Abigail's mother, Terri Armstrong, walks into the room. She sees Abigail sitting on her bed and shakes her head, wondering what was going on with her. But that is not the issue right now, because there were other things for her to worry about.

TERRI: Abby, what are you doing?

ABIGAIL: I'm having a tea party, mom. Why are you asking?

TERRI: No reason, but I'm worried about you being upstairs in your room by yourself.

ABIGAIL: But I'm not alone, mom, not when I have Calvin, Davis, Russell, Erica, and Ardelle with me.

TERRI: Oh, you mean your imaginary friends? (Calvin overhears her and snorts.)

CALVIN: Who is she calling imaginary? We are as real as Santa Claus!

ARDELLE: Santa who?

DAVIS: Oh yeah, I forgot about him. You know that Abby stopped believing in him last year when her cousin Lauren told her that Santa wasn't real.

ERICA: Lauren is an idiot.

RUSSELL: I know, right? How dare she make our girl stop believing in Santa Claus because you don't see him.

DAVIS: Just because you don't see somebody doesn't mean they're not real. I mean, what's next? Abby has to stop believing in the Tooth Fairy because she's not real?

ARDELLE: In case you haven't noticed, Abby stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy three years ago.

ERICA: The WHAT fairy?

ARDELLE: Oh forget it, guys. Abby always forgets about everything.

CALVIN: What are you talking about?

RUSSELL: So far, Abby has forgotten about the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and now, Santa Claus. How long until she forgets about us? (everyone gasps in horror)

ERICA: Oh heck no! No way is she forgetting about us!

ARDELLE: Yeah, Russ. What are you smoking? There's no way Abby's going to just forget about us!

DAVIS: Not as long as she has parents, who can tell her what to remember and what to forget. What if they tell her to forget about us?

CALVIN: No way is she going to do that! You better take that back right now!

Davis was about to respond when they notices Abigail's father, Darrell Armstrong entering the room. He notices Terri and Abigail talking and decides to join them.

DAVIS: Oh no, her dad's here.

ERICA: Dude, quit saying that like it's a bad thing.

ARDELLE: Well, what if it is a bad thing?

RUSSELL: Be quiet, everyone. I think they're about to start talking.

CALVIN: If it's about the birds and the bees again, I don't want to hear it. Once was already bad enough; I don't need to hear it again.

ERICA: You're such a drama queen.

CALVIN: Am not.

ARDELLE: Yes you are, Cal.

RUSSELL: I bet her parents want her to hang around with a bunch of lame people.

DAVIS: Yeah, why does she need to be around a bunch of lame people when she has us?

Darrell sits beside Abigail on the bed as Terri stands beside him. Abigail looks up at her parents, wondering what they are going to tell her.

DAVIS: Oh boy, here it goes.

RUSSELL: To all the gods in the world, help us all.

DARRELL: Abby, we need to have a talk.

CALVIN: And now we have to hear about the birds and the bees again.

ERICA: Calvin, please would you just shut up?

DARRELL: It's not that we think you're a bad kid...

RUSSELL: Of course she isn't a "bad" kid. What is dad talking about?

ERICA: Would you just shut up so the rest of us can listen?

DARRELL: But as of late, your mother and I have noticed that you're starting to grow up, and we both know that you're different from the other kids...

ARDELLE: Of course she's different from the other kids. That's why she has us. The other kids treat her like dirt.

DARRELL: And I know that you and your cousins haven't exactly gotten along for a long time, but things are going to change around here.

ABIGAIL: And how are things going to change exactly?

TERRI: First, we're switching you to the regular classes at Saratoga High School.

ABIGAIL: Well, okay then. I was kind of getting too old to be in the special ed class anyway.

CALVIN: Yeah, I agree. She really doesn't need to be in that class.

ARDELLE: I never liked Mrs. Larson anyway. She was way too strict.

DARRELL: I know that you were going to go to Milpitas High School with the other kids in your class, but your mom and I feel that it's time for you to be with other people your age.

DAVIS: OK, what is going on here? Why are you talking like this?

ERICA: Talking like what?

DAVIS: I don't like when they talk like this; that's how they got her to stop believing in the Easter Bunny.

CALVIN: Oh, are we back to that again? Everybody knows the Easter Bunny is not real! Now pipe down and let them finish talking; you're being rude again!

ERICA: No, you're being rude by interrupting them when they're talking. They can't see us or hear us, but they know we're there.

ABIGAIL: Mom, dad, what's going on here? Why are you talking like this? Did something happen that I don't know about?

TERRI: Well it's kind of difficult to say, but for a while people, have been wondering if there's something wrong with you, like you're not acting your age, so to speak.

RUSSELL: Say what now?

CALVIN: You really got to be kidding me? People are saying that she's weird? Well I'm not buying that crap, not even for a second!

ERICA: Oh come on, Calvin, you know yourself. You know that every time we all go outside to play, people start looking at Abby funny and start talking like "oh she's crazy" and "something wrong with her". It's getting annoying!

CALVIN: Well, you're the one who's annoying, Erica!

ARDELLE: Oh, would you both just shut up!

RUSSELL: I've had enough of this for one day! Aren't we supposed to be getting along?

DAVIS: OK y'all that's enough! Dad is talking again.

DARRELL: And we have one more thing to discuss...

RUSSELL: Oh boy, here we go...

DAVIS: Is this the part where they tell her that she must get rid of her imaginary friends?

ERICA: Oh, I hope not! We've already been through enough with the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and even Bumbo the Flying Purple Unicorn. God, I hated that guy!

ARDELLE: Me too. He was so annoying talking about rainbows and butterflies and pretty things. I was so glad when he was taken out by that monster a few years ago.

Calvin, Russell, and Davis look at them strangely. Abigail seems to giggle for a second before her face becomes serious. Darrell and Terri don't notice the look on their daughter's face, but they know they must tell her what she needs to hear.

TERRI: Abby, I know how much you like your imaginary friends and believe me, I like them too because they are better than the other kids in the neighborhood or at your school...

DAVIS: Oh boy, here we go.

TERRI: And I know how much you like spending time with them with your fancy tea parties and whatnot...

RUSSELL: Just keep talking...

TERRI: And I know you're probably not going to be happy to hear this but I think it's time...

ARDELLE: Get on with it already!

DARRELL: Abigail, your imaginary friends have to go. (record scratch)

CALVIN: Oh my God, I can't believe they said that!

DAVIS: What did they say?

CALVIN: They just told Abby that she has to get rid of us!

ERICA: I don't believe this!

ABIGAIL: You mean to tell me that I have to get rid of Calvin, Davis, Russell, Erica and Ardelle? Those imaginary friends?

DARRELL: We're very sorry, Abigail, but the time has come for you to say goodbye to them for good.

ABIGAIL: Does this mean they'll have to go away forever?

TERRI: Unfortunately, yes. (Abigail looks down at the floor, feeling ashamed of herself.) You're almost 13 years old and you're too old to have imaginary friends. Besides, don't you want to have some real friends, friends that we can actually see?

DAVIS: Mom has got to be kidding! She wants Abby to get rid of us! Us! We were her friends first!

RUSSELL: But don't forget, these are Abby's parents we're dealing with and there's no way we can fight with them. Besides they can't see us, so how can we fight them?

DAVIS: Yeah, you're probably right.

ARDELLE: You have a good point though. We can't see adults and adults can't see us, so it makes no sense for us to fight them.

ABIGAIL: I can't believe you want me to get rid of my friends! Why are you telling me this?

TERRI: I know you're frightened and you're not happy about us having a spring this on you so suddenly, Abigail, but we really want you to start acting your age and being around other people. You're not 6 years old anymore, and we can't afford to have you keep indulging in your childhood fantasy.

CALVIN: Oh, so that's what we are? A childhood fantasy? Well, excuse me for being her friend when she needed it!

DARRELL: Do you understand what we're trying to tell you, Abby? Your friends have to go.

ABIGAIL: Do they really have to go away?

TERRI: Yes, they do. So do us all a favor and put away the tea set. You are not talking to them anymore.

ABIGAIL: Okay then.

She puts away the tea set and turns off the boombox. She then joins her parents as they leave the room. Calvin stands up on Abigail's bed as the others gather around him. They are angry that Abigail parents want her to stop talking to them and they decide to take action.

CALVIN: I don't believe this! they want her to stop talking to us! Just because she's almost 13 years old that means that her parents want us to go away? Well, we're not going anywhere, not without a fight! Who's with me?


CALVIN: Good, because there's no way in this life she's getting rid of us. We may be her imaginary friends, but we are here to stay! And if mom and dad don't want her talking to us, well they're going to have to get past us! This is war! (everyone cheers)


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