"do you wanna have a bad time?" | MASSIVE SPOILERS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED |


1. Of Missions and Blue Eyes

 “You must not fail this time.”

Sans nodded, his bony fingers nervously drumming against the hem of his blue hoodie.

“If you fail this time, well...” The taller figure rose from his high-backed chair, leaning over the smaller skeleton. “...it could quite possibly bring about the world's destruction.”

Sans said nothing, but shuffled his feet slightly.

“Or...” W.D. Gaster looked down on his employee, a soft smile etched across his scarred face. “...it could very well release us from this infernal prison we are all stuck in.”

Sans swallowed dryly. “i understand,” he rasped, before giving way to a slight cough.

Gaster glared at him in distaste, his singular working eye flaring a brighter white than usual before relapsing back into its normal hue. “And do stop the concert, will you?”

Sans shoved his hands behind his back, frowning ever so slightly. “i'm sorry, gaster. nervous habit.”

“Go.” Gaster made a shooing motion with his hand before turning his back.

“um, gaster,” Sans ventured, forcing his voice to be as confident as possible. “do you know- can you tell which timeline the human child will take?”

Sans could not see Gaster's expression, but took note of the slight sag in his shoulders as he responded.

“This human... n-no. I cannot see anything at all.” Gaster exhaled a long breath, and then straightened himself. “Do not attempt to contact me. I shall know of your progress by the fate of the earth."

Sans stumbled backwards, nearly smashing the back of his skull against the doorframe. “but-”

“Go.” Gaster's voice was quiet, nearly inaudible. “Leave this place.” A blue shadow cast itself in front of Gaster. When Sans made no movement, Gaster turned. “GO!” He roared, his left eye alit in bright blue.

Sans turned and ran out the door, shaking. He didn't bother to talk to the people that he pushed past, and he ran out of his door, stumbling into the snow.

He tripped on a twig, sinking his knees into the snow. His hands trembled, and a thousand images flashed in his mind, of the humans that had come before, those who had ignored him and were now dead. Gaster's face, filled with rage, mere inches from his own.

Sans took a shaky breath. He couldn't let Gaster get to him, not again. He just had to do his job. Protect the human. Keep them on the rightful path.

He had to.

He had to...


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