Barely Human



1. Prologue

The field was empty except for the two girls playing with each other. One looked about 16. The other looked little younger. Maybe she was 13. The oldest pulled out a water gun from behind her back and squirted it at the youngest. The eight your old laughed and ducked for cover. The summer heat was high. The grass was green. Flowers were blooming. All was perfect. Or so they thought. They didn’t notice the black car that has been following them. It ha been waiting.

When the girls switched to playing hide and seek it was the perfect opportunity. An opportunity like this may not come again in a while. It was the older girls turn to hide. Once the she was out of site a guy in a black suit came out of the car. He carried a bag in his hand. He headed straight to the girl counting.

She never finished counting.

A scream.

A girl screams.

It was deafening.

Then silence.

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