my cousin and my secrets.

when sam finds out that harry styles is her cousin and then she finds out that him and his band mates are staying with her, may, april, and her mom. will harry make life better or worse? what will sam do if she gets bullied or if harry asks about her dad. what harry doesnt know, is that there are lots of secrets that sam has, many, many writen in her diary. will harry find it?


1. what??!!??!!!???

sams pov

i was still up. i should have gone to bed hours ago, seeing as it was 2:30 am. but, if you were 11 years old, loved one direction, and had so many secrets that they filled 2 diaries  and counting, wouldnt you still be up if you found out at your family reunion harry edward styles was your cousin? yea. so while i was thinking and still trying to figure out why my mom had kept this from me, my mom came in. "i knew you'd be up." she laughed. "well, i have one question, why didnt you tell me?" i asked uneasy. "i didnt want it to get to your head. oh! i almost forgot, harry and his mates that are on your wall are staying here for 2 weeks. starting tomorrow." she smiled. "where are they sleeping?" i asked. "niall will sleep on the couch, harry will sleep in here along with louis, and then, liam will sleep in your sisters room. " she explained. "why are 2 boys sleeping in here?!?" i freaked out. "there is no where else!" my mom say loudly. "fine." i huffed. when she left, i fell asleep. 

the boys and i were staying at our aunts so we could get a break from hotels, fans, and the band life i guess. we were all in the car when liam stopped the car at a small, 1 story house. it was white and blue and the gardening was amazing! the flowers were all blooming and the grass was green. pretty. we all got out and then, i knocked on the door. when it opened, a little girl with brown hair, rosey cheeks, green eyes, and a one direction shirt  with black leggings on was standing in front of us. "MOOOOOOOMMMM! GET THE DOOR!!!!" she yelled. then, as my aunt came out from the kitchen, the little girl left and slammed a door. we could hear squeals and then, music came on. the song half a heart. i laughed and sat down on the couch. the boys and i took deep breaths until niall cracked a joke. liam and louis were laughing. then, we heard drag me down . the boys were still laughing. "SHUT IT! ITS LOUIS' PART!!!" a little girl yelled. we all shut up and then, went outside of her door. she blasted the music at the end and sang along. when i sang the down part, she sang along. when the song was over, we clapped. the door opened and she was shocked. she blushed and slammed the down, again. we all laughed and my aunt, well mary put on a movie. while she was cooking dinner we watched the movie. 

sams pov

after drag me down, i sat on my bed, and once again, forgot the boys were here. so when april, my 15 yr old sister told me dinner was ready,i ran out,sat down, and yelled, "IM HUNGRY! AND I WOULD LIKE MY FOOD! please." then the boys came over and copied me. my mom laughed. i laughed too. once the food came, i was so hungry, i ate like a pig. so did niall. and harry and louis. not liam though. he ate as slow as my twin sisters, april and , may. once i was done, i put my dishes away and went right to my room. i was nervous in front of those boys. so, i went staight to one out of three of my diaries.

dear diary,                                                                         jan. 28th 2016

harry styles is my cousin. and the boys and him are over here. i am super scared. what if they read my diaries? wat if they ask about dave? wat if, they dont like me?  what if i get bullied at school? i dont know wat to do. 

love, sam 

after the boys finished dinner, louis and harry came in and made 2 different beds. what about larry? hahahaha lol jk. 


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