The story follows a young witch called Aolea and the young dragon she tries to save from his evil mother.


1. Prolog

The dragon was furious. How could I have given birth to a dragon so useless? It kept asking the gods.  I have prayed everyday the last thousand years, for a dragon that would be strong and make a difference in this world. But you are useless! It screamed. This time it wasn’t talking to the gods, but to the little baby dragon. The baby dragon was no bigger that a human head and it was scared as hell. You could see burned marks all over the little dragon, who look op at it’s mother and hoped to find a warm hearted face, but the mother had nothing left for this little creature. The mother, who was five times as big as an average man, opened its mouth again and out came a big red flame. The flame grew bigger and bigger. The little dragon tried to get out of range, but it was to late. The flame hit the baby dragon like a sharp blade cutting in its hard scale.

         There came a second scream from the mother, this time higher. The baby dragon crawled with its last strength and hid itself behind a big rock. You could here the mother looking for its baby, not like a mother who was worried about its baby, but more like a mother who was about to kill its own child. The baby dragon curled up, and made a last wish. Help me, someone, anyone, help me… The baby dragon didn’t get enough time to finish his prayers, before there came a high scream and the baby past out with one last word in its mind. Aolea…

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