moonlight kiss

Kuai is in love with Kenshi from the first time that they've met during the special forces, but Hanzo wouldn't let them be together that's because he's also have a feeling for his best friend Kenshi what would happened

Kuai Liang x Kenshi

Takeda x Kung Jin

Cassie x Jacqui


1. Talk



    the reason that I choose gaming fan fiction is because I'm a big fans of mortal Kombat X and by the way this is my first fan fiction that I write in English. By the way I'm from Bangkok Thailand, English is my second languages so if there are any correction grammar need to be fix please let me know. This fan fiction that I write it's a lot different from the game in story mode, because I might be adding some of the character that I've made it up not from the game. 






    Disclaimer : I do not own Mortal Kombat and most likely never will, beside this is just write for fun and I making no profit 




 Ps: this is Yaoi fan fiction so if your not a fans of Yaoi boys love or you don't like then don't read 







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