Minecraft Life

Phoenix Drop with more people


1. New Life

It was 6p.m and I was walking to the back to O'kasis When ​I smelt a fire... but where was it... I ran back to O'kasis too find that the whole place was burned to the ground. No it can't be O'kasis my oh no my lord I ran around O'kasis looking for the lord when I saw him he had passed away I have to find the boys

 ~time skip to phoenix drop~​ I was out side the gates and Garof was moaning he was cold I gave him a coat "HELLO LADY APHMAU ARE YOU THERE" I shouted as loud as I could and a woman like figure appeared "hmm who are you" she said with a grin on her face I guess we had never met before so I could lie but she let a shadow night in shell let me in too right "I am Olivia head Gard of O'kasis I am hear with my 3 children Garof Zane and Vlad "hmm interesting Olivia is it how do I know your not hear to be a spy" she says like she doesn't know about O'kasis "miss Aphmau O'kasis has burned and me and my children just made it out so I beg off you let us stay pleas" I said with tears bursting down my face "well you could have lied to me so I trust you for now we have some spare homes" Aphmau said with an even wider grin she is so nice      
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