Kiss Me

When a girl is liked a lot because of her looks, will somebody ever like her because of her personality?


1. One

I was at my locker, watching my crush walk down the halls. His name was Luke Hemmings. He had blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. He was tall, and I was pretty tall.

"Hey Olivia." Wendy said.

"Hey." I said turning to them.

Tayli then walked up to us.

Soon we all had to go to class. We went to our honors class for ELA. ELA was my best subject. Tayli rode on Wendy's back to the class. Tayli got off and we went in the class. Luke was staring at me and so were some other boys. I walked to sit at my desk.

Sometimes it upsets me that a lot of guys liked me because of my looks. If Luke liked me, I hoped it would be because of who I am, not just how I look.

Tayli sat down behind Luke and Wendy sat beside Tayli. They knew I liked Luke and gave me room to sit beside him, but before I could a girl sat in the seat and she and Luke started to make out.

I started to tear up and I didn't want to cry in class, so I walked out.

I got into the bathroom. I looked at myself and started to cry.

"You look ugly when you cry." The girl that was making out with Luke said.

I knew she wasn't the most popular girl in school, but people admired her.

"I am jealous of your looks, when you do not cry." She said. She was walking closer to me. Then she suddenly turned around and walked out.

I cried harder. I then saw two people walk in, Tayli and Wendy.

They both ran up to me and gave me a bear hug.

I stopped crying and smiled. I loved my friends.

"The teacher walked in and Luke and that girl got suspended." Wendy said. "You know he is a player right? I mean I am not gonna tell you to not like him it is just he might hurt you s lot."

"Yeah." I said. "Thank you both for caring."

"Your welcome." They said.

We hugged again and waited for my face to stop showing that I cried. We then walked back to class.

"Sorry for interrupting." We all said and got in our seats.

"It is fine, today is a wild day." The teacher said.

I listened to the teacher then got up to go to second period. It was honors for history.

We learned then went to another class, then to lunch. We sat at the table we usually sat at.

"How long will he be suspended?" I asked.

"Only for today." Wendy said. "Somebody told me that anyway."

Soon school was over and I went home. I did my homework then texted Tayli and Wendy in a group chat. Then I went to bed listening to music.

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