He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


10. Chapter 10


Well my day was cut short. I spent third lesson in detention with Isaac. I suppose that's what you get when you send around a naked picture of someone, it's usually Isaac that does things like this, not me. Now we're both walking home, having been suspended for god knows how long.

"So, back three weeks and we're already suspended, I'd be surprised if we finish this year" Isaac jokes.

"I couldn't give a damn" I say, offering him a cigarette.

"No I'm good" he says, surprisingly. Then again, when he gets home he will probably get smacked on something stronger than tobacco. I light one for myself as we walk out the gates.

"Don't you think this punishment is a bit extreme?" I say, not too enthralled about spending the rest of the week at home, doing fuck all.

"I guess we deserve it, May is kind of pissed off" he says, not exaggerating enough, she's more than kind of pissed off.

"Did she say something to you?"

"Yeah, right after we had sex last night" he says, obviously lying.

"Say whatever you want Isaac, you're not winning this bet" I insist.

"Nath I think Gray has the best chance at winning, considering she knows we're the ones responsible for the photo" he laughs.

"You're wrong" I say, smugly.

"Please, go ahead and prove me wrong" he says, no faith in me whatsoever.

"Well... I kissed her earlier, it got pretty heated" I smirk, remembering it makes me want her even more.

"Bullshit" He snorts.

"Afraid not, why would I lie about a kiss? If I was making it up then I'd rather it have been a bit more than a quick snog" I say and he seems to believe me now.

"Nath what the fuck, she gave me an earful of abuse when she found out about it all, but you get a kiss, how does that make sense?" he says, trying to get his head around it. Technically he doesn't have a clue, we're not used to being rejected by girls.

"The girl has a soft spot for me, what can I say?" I joke, proudly.

"That girl hates your guts... She must just be horny" he retorts. May is definitely not that type of girl. It's as though Isaac thinks that it's the only reason she would want me.

"Maybe it has something to do with the fact I told her it was mostly your fault that the photo got out" I say, although that's a lie, May knew perfectly well that I had quite a lot to do with it. I think she gets turned on by me being a jerk, that's the only explanation for letting me kiss her.

"Nath you dick" he laughs.

"It's sort of the truth, you took the photo" I explain.

"Yeah and you sent it"

"So did you" I say.

"True" he replies.

"Are you really that desperate to win this bet anyway? You've got Alyssa to have a meaningless hook up with"

"You know I don't take bets lightly and besides, I need to replace Alyssa, she's getting too... Clingy"

He says, shivering at the word. Clingy leads to commitment, something none of us like the sound of. What 17 or 18 year old guy would want to be tied down.

"Glad you've finally realised" I say, remembering the other week when Alyssa was practically having a panic attack, because she was so worried about him missing Tutorial.

"Well this is me, catch you later man" he says, strolling past the gates to his house.

I carry on home and wish I'd have gone anywhere else when I get in and my Mum is straight on my case.

"Nathan William Harper, is that you?!" I hear her snap from the kitchen. This should be fun. Whenever she refers to me by my full name, it's never good.

"Alright Mum?" I say, as I walk in and see her stood there with her arms firmly crossed and her eyes popping out. Basically she looks furious.

"Good day?" I ask, hoping this nice son act might lighten her thunderstorm of a mood.

"Do not give me that! Do you care to explain yourself?" She asks. I'm nearly an adult, I don't see why Whitmore felt the need to contact my Mum.

"And I can smell the cigarettes on you" she says, on the verge of tears, as she clutches me by my blazer. In my opinion, I can smell my aftershave more than tobacco.

"Mum, calm down" I insist, as she is completely overreacting.

"How could you do that to May Nathan?" She asks, disappointed. I'd rather someone be pissed at me than disappointed.

"Okay, what did Whitmore say?" I ask, just incase he didn't mention the whole story.

"He told me that you took explicit photos of poor May and sent them around the school, I didn't think my son was a bully" she says, her choice of words make me chuckle.

"I guess he didn't tell you that Isaac's the one that took the photo" I say.

"Don't blame this all on Isaac, I know you're both responsible!" She tuts.

"It was just a joke Mum, everyone will have forgotten about it by next week" I insist, but if anything that annoys her even more. She's so hard to reason with.

"I don't think May will have" she says, looking guilty.

"She's a strong girl, she wouldn't let something this petty knock her down" I say, it is true, she's taken the high road in all of this.

"Oh really?" She says, crossing her arms like she knows something I don't.

"Yes really!" I say, bored of this conversation now.

"Well I was on the phone to her Mother earlier on and she let me know how upset May was after school yesterday" she says, knowing I didn't see that coming.

I knew she was a little hurt, but I didn't think she was that upset. I guess I should feel guilty, but I don't. May must be a good actress or something, because she seemed fine today.

"She'll get over it" I say, grabbing a drink out of the fridge.

"Sometimes son, I feel like I don't even know you anymore" Mum moans. Whenever I do something wrong she's always on the verge of tears, she's weak. I guess I'm a shock for her, my sister Izzy fled through school like and Angel, so Mum never had to have conversations like this with her.

"Mum come on, I won't do it again" I say, feeling a little uncomfortable with the fact that I've hurt her.

"You said that about the cigarettes! What kind of thrill do you get from killing yourself?!" She yells.

"Okay here, take them" I say, sliding the packet I had in my blazer across the kitchen counter.

"You've known May since you were babies, why would you do this to her?" She asks, not yelling this time. How many more things has she got to moan about?

"It's all part of my plan" I mutter.

"Oh I don't even want to know" she says, holding her hand up. I guess the awkwardness has broken now. Her mood seems to have brightened slightly.

"Well now that I'm suspended, I may as well go for a run" I say, about to go upstairs and get changed.

"Make it quick, when everybody else's school day finishes you're going to apologise"

"What?" I say, fairly harshly. I don't do apologies.

"We are going to Timothy and Cassandra's and you're going to apologise to them and May"

"No way" I say, trying to conjure up an argument.

"You'll do as I say or else I'll start giving you a curfew" she threatens. She's good, she knows how to make me do things I don't want to. A curfew would be unimaginable, as if I would abide by it anyway.

"Fine!" I say, walking out.

A few hours later, after changing from my run, I find myself in the car with my Mum on the way to May's. It's only around the corner, but Mum prefers to be driven.

"Do I seriously have to do this?" I say, as we walk up to their gates. She ignores me as she buzzes the intercom.

"You need to grow up and start owning up to your mistakes" she says.

"Who said it was a mistake?" I mutter. That photo is happily still there on my phone, there's no way I'm deleting it. It was worth the suspension.

"Ah hello Francis" May's Mum says, she seems a little sketchy towards me. She surprisingly welcomes us in. Thankfully it seems like Timothy isn't home, saying sorry to him would be the worst.

"Well I appreciate you coming over Nathan, I know Isaac had a lot to do with this" she says.

I stand there awkwardly, how are you supposed to say, sorry I sent around a topless photo of your daughter. Maybe I could lay all the blame on Isaac, he wouldn't give a damn if I did.

"Nathan, isn't there something you'd like to say" my Mum prompts, like I'm a kid. It's not just that I don't do apologies, I'm just not very good at them. It wouldn't be truthful anyway, I obviously purposely sent the picture around.

"What's that rat doing here?" I hear Scarlett mutter, on her way through the hallway to upstairs. This situation would be a lot worse if they knew what happened at Gray's.

"Scarlett" May's Mum says to her, shocked at her comment. I have a feeling that she still thinks I'm slightly innocent, like she doesn't want to believe that her close friend's son, that she's known his whole life is capable of doing what I've done.

"Nice to see you too Scarlett" I say, discretely looking her up and down. I can't help it sometimes, it's just who I am. My Mum glares at me, as though she wants me to quit with the sarcasm. Scarlett soon walks away and I start to wonder whether May is actually home.

"I'm really sorry about the whole picture thing it was a misunderstanding" I say, it's the best bullshit I can come up with. My Mum rolls her eyes at me.

"It's alright Nathan, I know Isaac is the one that took the photo" she says, smiling a little. Isaac did take the photo, but it was my idea to send it around. Mum looks at me, expecting me to say something else, annoyingly I know exactly what she's getting at.

"Is May around? I'd like to apologise to her too" I say, being overly polite. I'm not usually like that.

"May love! Someone's here to see you" she shouts delicately up the stairs. I think she like me assumes May won't come down if she knows it's me. The way she says 'someone is here to see you' makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, it's as though she thinks I want to be here.

Whilst we are just standing in their huge hall that's the size of small house, I notice her come down the stairs. I bet she thinks it's Finn, or anyone else that she likes.

"Love, Nathan would like a word with you" her Mother says, at which point she notices me and immediately stops walking down the stairs. She likes glaring at me. I can imagine me kissing her earlier on, is all that's on her mind, the hatred she had for me over the photo is in the past now.

"Piss off" she says quietly through a breezy laugh, as though she doesn't believe that I'm actually here to have a word with her.

"Excuse me! Language" her Mother scolds.

"I'm really busy, doing our drama project, so what do you want?" She asks. Damn I forgot about that project, it was a perfect excuse to spend time with her. I only want to spend time with her to win this bet of course. I'm basically being tortured, she looks hot in anything and right now, an off the shoulder top and skinny jeans are really doing it for me. Instead of apologising, I'd rather make it up to her in bed. I'm certain she would be pleased by that.

"Why don't we leave you to it" her Mother suggests, gesturing for my Mum to follow her to the kitchen. Once they're out of hearing distance, she gives me a mouthful.

"What do you want?!"

"I have to apologise to you" I say, not particularly wanting to.

"What for? The topless photo or kissing me against my will?"

"Okay two things... One, you enjoyed that kiss, it just made you want more and second, I really don't see why it's such a big deal, now every guy in the school wants to fuck you" I say, her face contorts at the way I worded that last sentence.

"You have some nerve!" She shouts.

"There we go, frisky, I do love it"

"I know about your stupid bet Nathan, let me make it clear that it's not going to happen, I don't just sleep with anyone and that includes you!"

"What have you got against me?" I ask innocently, I know the answer, but I just enjoy pissing her off.

"Oh I don't know" she says sarcastically "maybe the fact you sent a photo of me around the whole school and ruined my life!"

She gotten very good at yelling at me in the past few weeks.

"Calm down, if it helps, I'll send you a naked photo of me, or you can just see the real thing... I have time now" I smirk, jokingly glancing at my watch.

"Yeah go ahead, then maybe I'll just send it to everyone"

"Fine by me, every girl in the school has already seen what I've got to offer anyway beaut" I say, completely unbothered.

"You're disgusting"

"I like sex, what's the big deal?" I joke.

"Eugh, you're gross, If this is your idea of an apology then you're mistaken, so get out" she insists, gesturing to the door.

"Fine, I might just go and find someone who will appreciate my good looks"

"That you don't have" she says, kidding herself. I'm not being modest, but it's clear she doesn't think that. Just as I'm about to say something, our Mum's rejoin us.

"... So all in all, I'm just really sorry May, total, total misunderstanding" I exaggerate, pretending like I've been explaining myself for the past five minutes.

"How kind of you Nathan" her Mum says.

"Apology not accepted" May mutters, although they don't hear.

"We best get off anyway, but we shall see you all next week, right?" My Mum says, I haven't got a clue what she's talking about.

"Next week? What?!" May pipes up. Seeing her flinch at the prospect of spending time with me and my family makes me laugh inside.

"The wedding" my Mum laughs.

"Oh crap, is that next week?" May asks, obviously not looking forward to it. Something tells me she doesn't approve of her Mother's marriage to Timothy, perhaps she just hasn't warmed to him yet, then again no one has.

"Yes, lovely to know how enthusiastic you are about it" her Mother jokes.

"So the rehearsal dinner is Friday?" Mum asks. I didn't know anything about this, I'll just go along with anything. I wouldn't be that arsed about going if I didn't know that May was going to be there. Sounds like an opportunity to me. The only competition I'll have will be Gray, I'm sure he mentioned he's invited. I think his Father works with Timothy.

"I should get on with my work" May says, completely changing the subject. "By Francis" she says, ignoring me. That's not entirely true actually, she does roll her eyes at me a little bit.

"Was that so hard?" Mum asks when we're home.

"No not at all" I say, laughing inside. I didn't even apologise to her, unless you count that fake apology.

"Nathan if you don't start accepting your mistakes, then I don't know what else to do" she moans, wondering into the other room.

I'm glad my Mum dropped that whole smoking thing, she really does overreact sometimes. The whole photo thing with May isn't even a big deal either, I feel no guilt whatsoever. I probably should, but I don't. She looked fucking hot in that photo, so she has nothing to be embarrassed about. Thinking about her, makes me really want to win this bet. I find her number that Gray made Alyssa get hold of and decide to text her.

'Hey beaut, sure you're not interested in getting that naked snap?" I send with a winking face. It surprisingly doesn't take long for her to reply.

'Do I need to ask who this is?' She sends back, I can imagine she's fairly infuriated that I've texted her.

'Nathan Harper, the guy you can't stop thinking about having sex with' I reply.

'How the hell have you got my number anyway you creep?'

'Never mind that, do you want to come over for a late night study session? Or perhaps a late night fuck session' I send back, knowing I'm taking the piss a little, but she's probably loving it.

'You are diabolical' she sends back. If she is insinuating that I remind her of the devil, then she's being a little extreme.

'Okay, I have a challenge for you...'

'What challenge?!' She sends back, clearly acting like she isn't intrigued, but of course she is; otherwise she wouldn't be texting me back. I'm surprised she hasn't blocked my number already.

'I challenge you to try and resist me at this wedding rehearsal soirée next week'

'Challenge easily accepted, go and find some other girl to fuck Nath, because you're never getting me!' She sends back, making me pretty horny. She's so wrong, I will get her, one way or another, I always get my own way.

'We shall see about that, night gorgeous' I send, shutting my phone of, knowing she won't bother to reply to that. Deep down, she knows she will lose this challenge. I have a way of easily getting girls into bed. They can't resist it.

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