Just Pretending

"Okay, Mark. Just hear me out, okay?"
"Okay...? Where's this going, Jack?"
"I know we're both straight but... Let's pretend to date."


1. One - Just For A Little While

Jack watched his friend with a tired gaze, sipping at his coffee in attempt to get more energy in his body. Mark was sat in confusion across from his tired friend, Jack had called him saying he had a genius idea and they needed to meet up right then, it was 11:20 at night and he was torn from bed to sit in silence in an empty coffee shop at almost midnight, Mark was not happy with Jack at all.

"Why in the name of fuck, did you get me up at a time like this, Jack?" Snapped Mark, wanting so desperately to go back to bed.

"Give me time, I need to think of how ta say this without soundin' like I've lost me frickin' mind." Jack hushed his friend and caused the boy to let out a frustrated groan.

"Well I'm gonna go take a piss." Mark told him and was away from the table before Jack could protest. Mark entered the bathroom, rubbing at his sleepy eyes and splashing some lukewarm water on his face in attempt to wake himself up a bit, "Why did it have to be now?" He grumbled, yawning and stretching his whole body crying out to get back in bed. Mark sighed, stepping out of the bathroom and approaching his friend yet again, "Jack, I'm too tired for this, I'm going home and going to bed." Mark informed the small Irish lad.

"No, I think I kinda know how ta say this now!" Jack told him excitedly, another sigh escaping Mark's parted lips as he dropped back to the seat he'd been in moments before.

"Make it quick." Mark yawned for the second time in ten minutes.

"Alright, Mark. Just hear me out... okay?"

"Okay...? Where's this going, Jack?"

"I know we're both straight but... Let's pretend to date." Jack spoke, quickly trying to explain his reasoning, "Like! Like you know how-how you said that lots of people ship, Septiplier and stuff, like it will help us get more viewers and stuff, cause we've lost a lot of fans recently and I mean, fangirls love gay ships! We can just pretend for a little while, like we could say we're bi, or pan or something!" Jack rambled on and on.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down." Mark told him, "You're saying you want to lie to our fans just so we can get more views!" Mark scolded.

"Just for a little while... Please, Mark." Jack pleaded, and Mark didn't know what came over him in that moment.

"Fine, just for a little while." 



Mark and Jack had been planning their 'coming out' video for a bit more than a week now, Mark hated the idea. Lying to his fans? They trusted him! And I mean, for views nonetheless. The male felt so much shame in himself and in Jack. This felt too wrong, he wasn't sure if he could go through with it. 

"Come on, Mark! Give me some ideas, damn it!" Jack was so frustrated by all of this, he hated it too but he had to do it or he'd lose his job. 

"No, I don't think I can do this, its wrong." Mark scolded. 

"You think I like lying to my fans like this!? Well I don't, but if I don't do this I'll be out a job, views have been dropping and sub's have been dropping at an alarming rate, people saying I'm not funny anymore, that we're homophobic and the list goes on, Mark. I can't lose my job, it's the only thing I really care about." 

"But you can go into hotel management, Jack. It's not that bad." 

"Well you'll have to be an engineer, Mark!" Jack snapped and that's when it sunk in, no way in hell would Mark ever do that again. He was miserable and ready for death when his YouTube career started up, then he was suddenly happy again, seeing his subscribers grow and likes grow and views grow, he wasn't ready to let that go. 

"Okay, okay..." Mark sighed, "Lets just wing it, we'll say whatever we feel and see what happens." Mark told him. 

"Fine." Jack crumpled the paper in his hands, tossing it across the room and it landed in a pile with the rest of his failed attempts at making a script. 


"So, the real reason we decided to make this video is because we have to tell you something. It's really important." Jack spoke after a laughing fit between the boys had died down, "I know that this video is really confusing and us just joking around but we really do have to tell you something..." 

Mark took in a deep breath, "Jack and I are... Dating..." He was now very unsure of if he really could go through with this or not. Jack had a massive smile plastered to his face, how was he enjoying this? Mark couldn't even force himself to fake smile at the moment.

"Yep-a-roonie! Markimoo and I are a thing now." Jack grabbed Mark and held him closer in attempt to make it more realistic. Mark sat awkwardly tangled in his best friends embrace, "We've been together for about, two months now and we are really happy together. I love him and he loves me. Love wins right?" Jack chuckled, rubbing at the back of his neck anxiously, praying that Mark would jump in soon and save him from making a wrong move.

"Yeah... Um... So we're sorry for such a boring video, We just wanted to put something out there to let you know that we are happy together, I am bisexual and Jack is pansexual, we've known this for quite a while now but we have just been trying to keep it a secret for a bit but we thought that'd it would be good for you guys all to know about this." Mark rambled slightly. Both boys looked at each other, "Um... so..." Chuckled Mark.

"Thank you guys, so  much for watching! If you liked it, punch that like button in the face! Like a boss! And..." He leaned into the michrophone, "High fives all around... Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes... In the next video!" Jack called and Mark laughed.

"Wait, I gotta do my outro too though?" Mark said slightly confused.

"Yeah, you can you that right now and then I can edit it in instead of mine, ya doof." 

"Oh yeah! I forgot about that." He laughed, "And as always, I will see you, In the next video... Buh-bye!" Jack stopped recording, chuckling at how awkward the whole thing was.

"I'll have this edited by tomorrow the latest." Jack told him.

"Alright, I can edit it if you want?" Offered Mark.

"I think I'll be okay editing it... Thanks for offering though." Jack gave Mark a smile, Mark had always loved when he smiled like that, it made his face all round and adorable and his eyes really popped when he did that. Mark loved that.

"Okay. Wanna do something?" Mark asked.


"I dunno? Eat? Watch movies? Play video games?" He shrugged.

"Sure? Wanna go eat, head to the movies to watch The Boy, then we can come back here and play video games til two in the morning?" Jack raised an eyebrow, Mark laughing softly.

"Why not? I mean what could go wrong?"


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