Out Go The Lights

All dazed. All confused. All in grave danger.


12. The great Harry Houdini

Harry smashed the somewhat easily breakable window with his elbow and it barely bled. He climbed out of it and was spotted by several people below.

"Stop!" One shouted. Somebody must have alerted the police because a van had pulled up and six men appeared from it with walkie-talkies in their hands.

Harry felt a strong sickness coming along; he had a phobia of heights and the police. He slowly climbed down and almost fell at one stage. He reached the police and he told them about the murders that had occurred over the past few days and he had the blood on his shirt to prove it. The police asked him to take them inside so they could investigate. They reached the front door of the large red building and they smashed it open. They walked inside and found the mutilated bodies of Quentin, Daniel, Philip, Lori, Becky and everyone else. The police took Harry to an interviewing center nearby while the CSI dealt with the murders. Harry explained about the large blood and sweat patches on his clothes and skin. However the real mystery remains on the bodies. When the bodies were examined during the autopsy, there was not a trace of DNA on them besides their own. The murderer had somehow managed to wipe his DNA off them as well as remove any trace of his whereabouts in the building. He had also somehow managed to stick himself to the wall with a knife through his head. The police could only confirm that all of the deaths were suicides and Harry was never sure how it had all happened. It was only when he was sleeping when he visited the building again; the hostage room, the secret passage, the air vents, the room of fire, all of it. And he was telling everyone what will happen to them over a microphone and he pushed a black button and a black door appeared, where Levi walked through and killed himself. That was when Harry realised that it was him. He, somehow, was about to get killed AS WELL AS killing others. He sat up with a jolt. His alarm clock read 6:03. He remembered that he had work in the morning.

He got up and was about to get dressed when he remembered his work suit was being washed. He just pulled a button-up shirt on and some black skinny jeans and left for work. The tube trains were busier than usual, which didn't help his fear of cramped spaces very well. He got to work late and his boss yelled at him. You look familiar, Harry thought. Scarily familiar.

He was busy typing at a computer whilst talking on the phone, writing notes and eating a box of sushi when somebody thumped him in the back of the neck. He slowly dropped out of consciousness.

Harry woke up. He had been sweating for a long time partly due to the fact that the room he woke up in was air tight with no conditioned air...

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