The long road home

Aimee hates her life, her mother is in a psych ward, her dad spends all his time with his secretary and at school she is far from popular.

That is until she meets Samual.


1. The Bridge

The bridge



The afternoon sun disappeared behind a bank of grey clouds that seemed to almost swallow it whole. 

As it's rays left my face I said a silent sad farewell, with my last friend gone and no-one watching, it was time to make my move. My legs slid over the safety rail, everything going to plan. First left then right my pink trainers touching down on hard steel just as I had mentally rehearsed during all those sleepless tear filled nights.

My heart beat increased, I could feel it even through my fat girl's chest, and my breathing came shallow, my body was betraying me again, not only fat but weak. A shiver rolled down my spine as I stood up, there was nothing in front of me but an empty expanse of air.

I tried to concentrate. All I needed to do was take one step and I would be embraced by a rush of air, a freefall that would end in the arms of the water. Gazing down I wondered "would death kiss softly". Would I land like a graceful dove or would my plus sized pounds drag me down like a sinking stone.

I scolded myself, my train of thought was causing me to hesitate, causing me to seize up and not get it over with. I was best for everyone, best for a father who wanted a son. Best for a mother who didn't even know her daughter's name. Best for the school mates who would be Bff's then behind her back disown the fat girl who loved to write as a loner.

And most of all best for me. There would be no more crying or pills. No more diet jokes or failed books, no more hassle , no more hate. I was angry now and kinda on a roll. So I stepped closer to the edge, finally I had enough courage to do this.

The wind slowed and everything seemed to stop almost willing for me to jump. I held my breath and stared straight ahead, all the colours that had only appeared grey before suddenly changed into a hundred shades of beauty. I raised one foot over the edge, tears now streaming down my face, not tears of sadness or fear but tears of joy and anger. I was finally going to be free and all those who had made my life hell on earth would have to live with my death on their conscience "Stuff you world" I shouted before leaning forwards into the abyss.





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