Tomorrow-The Day That never comes

When the next day never comes but a war is taking place in the future how are you supposed to end it?
Recruited to the organisation F.A.I.T, Harriet (Harri) becomes part of the team who uses the advanced technology to plug in to the future to uncover the truth behind the war and to find a way stop it before it has even begun.
The confusion she finds clogging her mind when she wakes instantly causes a stir amongst the leaders but is soon pushed aside.
Harri's inquisitively soon gets her into trouble she is not aware of. Constantly pushing boundaries and breaking the rules she ends up getting further than they ever have before.
But it's not all good news. Harri discovers much more than she set out to uncover and things go from bad to worse as secrets are uncovered.
'It's no longer a secret if everyone knows'


10. Chapter Nine

"Well you have all seen the use of the Electrical Launchers in yesterday's session but let me explain them to you anyway" K began the training session with. He held the gun that I had snatched from Joe yesterday. "The gun fires small metal balls which contains an electrical current which, when comes into contact with something, begins to emit the voltage and sends it through the victim" 

            "Which is quite painful" I added. 

            "Quite, and while you should not have experienced that nor used it when you did, at least you got it out of the way" K replied. 

            "Well thank goodness for that" I said sarcastically. 

            "The pain lasts for about five minutes but paralysis's the victim for that time. The blue light on either side represents the charge of the gun. Once the light goes out there is no more charge and it needs reloading and recharging. As it doesn't last forever use it wisely. Second gun" K put the first one down on the table besides him, with weapons almost covering it, and picked up another one which was slightly bigger. 

            "This one" He fired it at one of the hanging punch bags. "Fires a small dart with will cause your body to go completely numb for half an hour. The third one will knock the victim out cold. All of these three are very simple to use, all you do it aim and pull the trigger. These smaller handheld ones are normal bullets, you will not be trained how to use them today and when you are it shall be extremely controlled and very basic"

            "So you aren't going to be training us to be assassins then?" I joked.

            "Not that you would be any good at it" Charlie insulted me yet again. 

            "Would you like me to shoot you again, only this time with a real gun?" I responded. 

            "Enough" K interrupted before we continued what we started yesterday. "So weapons training will begin with laser tag" He added. 

            "Laser tag?" I questioned. 

            "Yes. Each player is given an EL and the teams are in your pairs. The aim of the game is to power down the other teams base, once your base has been powered down you are out of the game, the winning team is the team who's base remains on after the other two are off. Work as a partnership. The EL's have been set to mild so you should not been much pain but will be unable to move for the duration of the attack" K explained the rules and the additional twist to normal laser tag. 

            "Sounds fun" I said. 

            "Can't wait" Added Joe. 

            K gave each person an EL and then each team was directed to a different door to the game room which would open up to their own base. When I walked in I was plunged into darkness. Only faint lights giving enough light to see where we were going. I hadn't played laser tag since I was about 10 and now here I was playing it with a weapon that could actually cause pain. From our base I could not see the other two bases but I could see multiple objects that could be used to hide behind. Old barrels, small walls, ramps, bars. It made it more of a challenge and a more interesting game. 

            "So do you have a plan?" I asked Alex as he would have done it before. 

            "Well there is one base to our left, one straight ahead and one to our right but we don't know which other two are in play, which makes it more difficult" He said. 

            "So which way do we go?" I left the decision up to him. 

            "Right" He didn't hesitate. 

            "So how do we power down a base?" I asked. 

            "You have to fire some of the EL bullets at it to overpower the system and shut it down" Alex explained. 

            "We have to save some power to win" I said. 

            "Exactly, you can't just keep firing at other players and the amount required is different every time the game is played so it's unpredictable" Alex continued. 

            "Great, so I can't just fire all my bullets at Charlie" I joked. 

            "Unfortunately..." Alex begun but a loud blaring alarm sounded which was accompanied by a flashing red light and the game had begun. We both took off to the right as planned, guns posed as we ran and we darted behind the nearest object. I took a quick glance over the edge of the barrels and saw that the coast was clear. 

            "We're good to go" I told Alex and we continued walking. With all teams starting far apart and possible going in the same direction, so completely avoiding each other, we were able to move quite quickly and to the next base without walking in to anyone. 

            "Well that was far easier than I expected" I said as we approached the next base. 

            "It's not over yet" Alex replied. Then the sound of metal hitting metal rang through the air. The sound echoing through the hollow metal cube we had ducked behind in case someone was in the base. It was Alex's idea and I'm glad he had it now that we were under attack. 

            "Word of advice, Harri, whisper to your partner when you are sneaking up on a base" Miagh called. 

            "I see you are playing the defence game" Alex called back. 

            "For now" She replied. 

            "Keep talking to her" I took Miagh's advice and whispered this time to Alex. 

            "Only because you know you can't attack" Alex obeyed without questioned. I began to shuffle around the metal boxes, keeping low and staying hidden. I couldn't see the centre of the base we had to power down nor Miagh or Loren as it was separated from the rest of the room by a small half wall. 

            "Defence is the best way to start the game" Miagh shouted back. 

            "You keep telling yourself that" Alex continued to distract her while I continued to move around and closer. I needed a better view and clearer shot. Approaching the small window that was just a whole in the wall I then ducked underneath it so they couldn't see me. Now I was there I didn't quite know what to do. 

            "Are you going to show yourself or not Johnson?" Miagh encouraged him to show himself and that could be exactly what I needed. Only thing was I couldn't see Alex so it was up to him. 

            "So now you want to play?" Alex continued and then he stood up and begun shooting in the direction of Miagh, Loren and their base. 

            The buzz of the electricity flew through the air as both sides began firing at each other. Neither of them had a clear shot. I watched as Alex begun creeping forward and out from behind crates. Then I saw Miagh emerge from behind the wall which exposed me. I had to creep around it slowly and carefully. However now I was on the other side and in the base and Loren was standing in it. It was a game and I wanted to win but I didn't want to inflict the pain I had been through yesterday on someone who didn't deserve it. She hadn't seen me yet so I had seconds to react. She stood on the opposite side to me which gave me space. 

            I looked at the ball of light on the back wall. My target. With only seconds to react without being seen I took aim and fired. My bullet hit the target but it didn't power down. Sparks flew and the light flickered a little but the biggest thing it did was draw attention to me. Loren looked directly at me. She didn't look like she knew what to do but I stood up and was ready for whatever was going to happen. 

            Surprisingly she fired at me but thankfully missed. I took one more shot at the power ball, which again hit, before darting back behind the wall. My back was pressed against it and although I couldn't see the attack that could be coming from behind I could see the battle between Miagh and Alex. Alex had ducked behind yet another object but kept popping up to fire his attack. My presence had alerted Miagh and now her attack was turned to me. 

            I fired and missed before turning back to the smaller part of the wall. Now I was between Miagh and Loren. There was plenty to hide behind where I had come from but not where I now was. I had to make it back to Alex. A quick turn to my right, I fired at Loren before turning back. As I ran towards the metal crates I had come from I took another shot at Miagh. Dashing across the floor she began firing at me in return so I slid across the floor to dart behind the crates as a shield. It wasn't as graceful as I had seen it done on T.V or films. I went crashing into the crate and the sound echo through the whole room. My body ached after I hit the crate with the force I had thrown myself at it with. 

            "Well that was done with the effortless grace of a ballerina" Alex laughed. 

            "Are you going to help me or make jokes about me?" I asked. 

            "Can't I do both?" 

            "You most certainly cannot" I said and I got myself into a crouching position. 

            Alex went to pop his head over the side but I stopped him. Miagh already knew where we were, it was quite obvious. I hushed Alex although he wasn't saying anything. Miagh and Loren both knew where we were so they were planning to sneak up on us. We had to hear them doing so.

            "You look that side I'll check this side" Alex said. 

            I focused my hearing to try and hear each footstep. As subtly as I could I peered around the corner quickly, only for a few seconds then I snapped my head back around. Waiting for the footstep that would bring the attacker within reaching distance. They were stepping carefully so it was hard to hear their approach but I tried anyway. Looking down on the ground would help. I waited for the foot to appear in my line of sight and when it did I grabbed the ankle and pulled. Whoever it was, whether it was Miagh or Loren went crashing to the ground. Instantly I stood and ran. On my sprint to the base I noted it was Loren I had floored. Before I got to the base something whistled passed my ear. I turned to see Loren was clutching her EL and was now getting up off the floor. 

            "So you want to play it like that" I said. I fired my own EL and the metal ball landed on her leg. It consumed her in blue wires and part of me felt bad but it was just a game and K had assured us that the pain was low. Heading back to the base I was please when I arrived to see Alex already there. 

            "May I?" He asked.

            "Be my guest" I allowed him to finish what I had already started, after all it was about working together. He shot once, twice, three times and finally the light went out. 

            "Five shots" I said. 


            "We need to save five shots for the second base, assuming all bases take the same amount of shots to power down" I said. 

            "Let's get started on the next one then" Alex said. 

            Then a showering of bullets came towards us the second we stepped out from behind the wall and out of the base. I ducked down behind the crates again. Throwing myself down too hard my shoulder slammed into the metal and sent the pain shooting through my arm. I still had plenty charge left in my EL so was able to retaliate. Leading with the gun and then following I peered over the edge to see Charlie and Joe shooting at us. 

            It took me a couple of shots before I made one count. I also had to keep ducking down to avoid being hit myself. I rested the gun on the crate, aimed then fired. The bullet went faster than my eyes could detect and it wasn't until it struck the target that I saw where it went. Suddenly Joe crumbled, his knees giving way. The blue vines encasing his body and sending him to the ground. 

            "Now this is what I call fun" I said to Alex but I didn't get a response. I turned around and saw the reason why I hadn't got a response. Alex was lying on the floor, his body twitching.         "Alex" I crawled over towards him. He was unresponsive as I had been in the same situation. 

            "You're making this easy" Charlie shouted. Quickly I shot in his direction but missed.        "Surely you can do better than that" He mocked. 

            "Alex, it's ok" I tried to assure him even though there was nothing I could do to make sure he was going to be just fine. I continued to sit beside him to defend him. 

            "You can't stay hidden forever" Charlie shouted again while he continued to fire. Turning right I tried firing again and the amount of bullets he fired picked up as he saw me. 

            "Maybe you shouldn't waste all your charge on missing me when you need it to power down the base" I shouted. I had to get him away from us. 

            "You're throwing away the game" Charlie called out. 

            "Maybe I just want you gone so I can make a move towards your base" I suggested. 

            "Then the race is on" The firing stopped and heavy, pounding footsteps indicated he was running away. 

            I didn't run for his base, instead kneeling over Alex and taking his head in both hands to stop it from rolling about so much. Gradually the pulsing stopped and his body went limp and he relaxed. Then he gasped for breath as though he hadn't taken one in days. 

            "Alex, can you hear me?" I asked now I knew he was awake. 

            "Yeah, I can hear you" His eyes flickered open as he groaned. "You can take your hands off my face now" He draw attention to the fact my hands were still cupping his cheeks. 

            "Of course" I said as I removed them. 

            "Where's Charlie and Joe?" He asked as he sat up. 

            "Joe is over there twitching and Charlie ran off to power down our base" I explained. 

            "You let him?" 

            "To stay here and protect your arse" I gave a punch on the arm for not appreciating what I had done. 

            "You stayed and waited for me?" Alex seem surprised. 

            "Well you are my partner" I said as though it was obvious.

            "Now let's go win this thing" Alex said, starting to sit up. But then the lights came on and it was a sudden shock to the system. 

            "Ahh" I groaned. 

            "Shoot, Charlie got to our base first" Alex moaned. 

            "So he won" It was rather more of a statement than a question. I sat back and rested my back against the crate. Breathing out in relief that the shooting had stopped but hitting my head against the metal in frustration that I had let Charlie slip away and allowed him to win.

            "Unfortunately" Alex confirmed. 

            We picked ourselves off the floor, collected put EL's and headed toward one of the exits which were now very clear with the lights on. 

            "Better luck next time" Charlie came up behind me and slapped me on the back in a sarcastic manner. 

            "Only because I let you" I said. 

            "I still won" 

            "You may have been the only team with their base still powered on but you left your team member behind and this was about working together" K stamped on his spirit. 

            "The winning team is the team with their base still on at the end, that was us so we won" Charlie argued. 

            "You were supposed to win as a team, with your partner not desert him and take all the credit yourself" K said. 

            "Joe understands though, sometimes to get the outcome you want you have to make choices" Charlie continued to justified his action. 

            "Sure, if it means we won then I'm cool with it" Joe added. 

            "Well done Harri for staying with Alex when he was incapable of moving" K praised. Knowing that comment would have annoyed Charlie was what made me smile. 

            "So I'll see you lot tomorrow" K dismissed us.   

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