Tomorrow-The Day That never comes

When the next day never comes but a war is taking place in the future how are you supposed to end it?
Recruited to the organisation F.A.I.T, Harriet (Harri) becomes part of the team who uses the advanced technology to plug in to the future to uncover the truth behind the war and to find a way stop it before it has even begun.
The confusion she finds clogging her mind when she wakes instantly causes a stir amongst the leaders but is soon pushed aside.
Harri's inquisitively soon gets her into trouble she is not aware of. Constantly pushing boundaries and breaking the rules she ends up getting further than they ever have before.
But it's not all good news. Harri discovers much more than she set out to uncover and things go from bad to worse as secrets are uncovered.
'It's no longer a secret if everyone knows'


9. Chapter Eight

In the afternoon Alex took me to my first training session. Everyone had to take part in training just in case time moved on before the war was solved. We were to be taught how to defend ourselves. We headed to the training room where we were joined by Miagh and Loren, Charlie and Joe. All three new recruits and their partners. 

            "So today is going to be focusing on combat without the use of weapons, no guns, no electrical launchers, no shockers. Building on your stretch and stamina" K outlined the achievements for today's session. 

            "Firstly I would like to see what you can do then I will know what I have to work with and can begin training" He continued. 

            Everyone took to what they felt they would be best at while I looked around deciding on what I wanted to try. There were punch bags, targets, heavy metal balls to throw at objects, running machines, rowing machines and all other sorts of equipments. An idea to take to something I hadn't tried before was tempting but we had been told to show off. So I thought the punch bags would be a good choice. My dad used to take me to the old boxing gym. It had been his grandfathers but was not open to the public. 

            "I know they don't punch back but it doesn't make them easy" Charlie was punching the bag next to the one I had just walked up to. 

            "You certainly don't make it look so" I shot back. 

            "I would step away if I were you, Harri, you've had enough failure since you joined F.A.I.T" He changed the subject and threw another insult at me. 

            "Believe me, I know what I'm doing" I assured him. 

            "I doubt that" 

            "I'm better than you think I can assure you" 

            "Don't make me laugh" He scoffed. 

            "I am not telling any jokes" I said. 

            "Then prove it" Charlie caught the punch bag as it swung back towards him then stepped away from it and towards me. 

            "I wouldn't want to embarrass you yet again" I turned towards my punch bag. 

            "Walking away from the fight, are we?" Charlie urged me into a fight. 

            "Simply saving you the inevitable embarrassment of being defeated by a girl again" I didn't throw any punches neither did I turn to look at him. 

            "Don't worry about me, sweetheart" Cunningly he used the nickname I had attacked him for using earlier. He knew it would get me riled up. It worked. 

            "Ok then" I agreed to it. 

            "Me and Harri are going to spar" Charlie announced to everyone in the room. Now we had an audience. It was then, when everyone's attention was on us that I noticed K was not in the room any longer. 

            "Is that such a good idea?" Alex asked. 

            "She said she's ok with getting her arse kicked" Charlie laughed. 

            "And when he says she he means himself" 

            "Are we going to do this or not?" Charlie wanted to get on with it. 

            "You know the rules, this is not a fight but a practice spar" Alex said. 

            "Oh come on Alex, you know we have to build up are strength by taking a few hits" Charlie moaned but only to threaten me.

            "But not on a recruits first time training" Alex replied. 

            "Speaking of training isn't our teacher supposed to be here?" I questioned K disappearance. 

            "On the first training he watches from the room next door that way he can leave us to it and judge us simply by watching" Alex explained. 

            "Are we going to get on with this fight or just stand around and chat all day?" Charlie spoke. 

            "It's not a fight it's a training session" Alex reminded him. 

            "Ok, ok" He caved but only in words for the sake of our audience. 

            He threw the first punch without any warning, giving me no chance to react in time. I managed only to deflect it away from hitting my square in the face and it instead clipped my ear. The force of it still hurt and I felt the blood rush to my ear as it began to throb. 

            "Even you can do better than that surely" I desperately want to wipe away the smug grin that was plastered on his face. 

            He launched another punch at me but I saw this one coming and was about to block his right hook. As I did I jabbed him in the side now exposed to me. However I had to step in as I was much smaller than he was and he was able to sweep my front leg from under me and I landed flat on my back. A cough escaped me as I splattered with the air being knocked out of me. 

            "Come on get up!" Charlie taunted straight away. 

            Rolling over I pushed self back up and was ready to continue. But he didn't give me a chance. I was already half bent whilst trying to get up and his upper cut came hard and fast into contact with my nose. The pain forced my head up and it spread across my face like an infection. Instantly he fired another punch with landed in my stomach and it knocked more air out of me. It had been years since I had sparred as I didn't have a partner anymore, my practices had only been with a punch bag which, as Charlie had said, didn't fight back. Focus. I had to focus. My own attack wasn't going to do much damage to Charlie but if I could get him into a weaker position. 

            Clenching my jaw through the pain I stood myself back up and posed myself ready for what was to come next. It was now obvious he wasn't going to be playing fair so neither was I. As he launched his body forward with his next punch his weight was behind it. Stepping aside to avoid the hit, I grabbed his arm and pulled him forward using his own weight. I turned, kicked him in the back of the knee so that he collapsed on the floor. He was now lying on the ground on his front. Kneeing down myself, with my knees either side of him, I held down his head so I was squashing his face against the floor. 

            "Come on get up!" I repeated what he had said to rub it in. 

He did as I had said to my disadvantage. Charlie's arms were free and he swung his right arm round as he turned his body. His arms whacked into my chest and pushed me. The forced pushed me to the side and I fell on my back. Now the roles were reversed. I was lying on my back while my arms were pinned to the floor and his knees dug into my sides. 

            "Nice try" He laughed. 

            "It's not over yet" I replied knowing I had another move. 

Bringing on up my knee to come into contact with his groin caused him to weaken his grip on my arms. Then I brought my legs up through the gap between his almost instantly and pushed my feet, with the strength of my legs, into his stomach. He flopped backwards coming into contact with the floor with a thud. I rolled over and pushed myself up. Charlie still on the floor wincing in pain. 

            The moment I stood an electrical current surged through me. It hit me in the back and came out of nowhere. The current causing my body to pulsate. I was held in a firm grip of pain and electricity. There was no way I could make my body move. It only twitched as I collapsed to the ground. My entire body frozen. My face was stuck in an expression of terror and my eyes bulged like a scared rabbit caught in the head lights. When my body hit the floor I saw the world the wrong way round, everything was sideways. I saw the feet and legs of those around me and my body was still wrapped in the cocoon of voltage. 

            "Harri! Harri came you hear me?" Alex had grabbed hold of me and forced me onto my back. He had taken my head in his hands and his face was all I could see. I could hear him but I couldn't respond. My vocal chords were also out of my control so I tried nodding instead but still nothing. 

            "Harri you'll be fine, the sensation you are feeling will be temporary, in a few minutes it will be gone" A different voice spoke this time, a voice not so familiar too me but I had hear it before. The voice belonged to K. 

            I was glad that it was not a permanent feeling but a few more minutes of this pain and restriction was too long. Lying in my back unable to do anything. It was a waiting game. All I could do was wait it out. I didn't like the feeling of not being in control. So when it finally stopped the tension released and I could relax every limb. My body ached but I was fine. 

            "Looks like I won, Ford" Charlie chuckled. 

            "Because you zapped me" I almost yelled and I completely forgot about the pain I had just experienced as I shot up and stormed over to Charlie. 

            "Hey what's wrong? You seem a little buzzed" He continued cracking jokes at my expense. 

            "Whatever you did was out of order!" I continued yelling. 

            "Harri" K warned me that I was getting too worked up for my own good. 

            "It wasn't me I was lying on the floor because you kicked me in the nuts" He fired back almost as loud. I was still angry at him but he had a point, it hadn't been him otherwise I would have seen it coming. Then I noticed the gun in Joe's hand, Charlie's partner. 

            "You shot me in the back with that" My attention was now on him and I pointed at the gun. 

            "I was helping out my partner" He was as smug and as annoying as Charlie. 

            "Because he needed rescuing from a girl" I now joked at Charlie's expense. 

            "I didn't need any help" Charlie defended. 

            "Robin here clearly thought you did" I said. 

            "Hey, I'm not anybody's sidekick" Joe complained about the comparison. 

            "Seems to me like you are" I replied. 

            "Do you want me to shoot you with this again?" He threatened. 

            "If you can shoot me before I shoot you" I said. 

            "What?" A confused expression on his face. 

            I did the same thing I had done with Charlie and raised my leg to kick Joe in the nuts and because his grip on the gun was loose it wasn't hard to take it from him. I held it aiming at him. 

            "Nobody is going to be shooting anyone" K stepped besides me.

            "It's too late for that" I pointed out still standing posed ready to shoot either Joe or Charlie. 

            "Then there will be no more shooting" K corrected. 

            "Fine" I finally said after moments of consideration and I lowered the gun. 

            "She doesn't have the guts to do it anyway" Charlie sniggered. 

            That was it. I raised the gun immediately and shot him right in the chest. A small black ball shot out of the end. It was wrapped in blue, buzzing threads that twitched with the electricity running through them. The ball landed on Charlie's chest and the blue threads spread across him and powered the current through his body. He fidgeted with the power before collapsing like I had. 

            "I said no more shooting" K said sternly. 

            "He was asking for it. Plus I've wanted to do that since my first day" I justified and the act was firmly just in my mind. 

            "Training's over for today" K announced. "Tomorrow will be about weapons, about how and when to use them" He exaggerated the word 'when' to make his point clear. 

"I can't believe you shot him" Loren said as we walked out. 

            "He deserved it" I said matter of factly. 

            "I won't argue with that" Miagh said. 

            "What do you mean he deserved it?" Alex questioned. 

            "He was annoying me" I said. 

            "Remind me never to annoy you" Alex laughed. 

            "Wise choice" 

            "You gave him a good run for his money until Joe fired the EL at you" Alex praised. 

            "EL?" I questioned. 

            "Yeah, Electrical Launcher. That's the thing he fired at you and what you fired at Charlie" Alex explained. 

            "Ultimately not harmful or damaging it simply paralysis's the victim for several minutes with the electrical current" Miagh explained. 

            "I would like to challenge the 'not harmful' part" I said. 

            "Sure it hurts while it's happening but once it's stopped you're fine" Miagh continued. 

            "And thank god for that" I sighed. 

            There was nothing to do for the rest of the day except eat as we weren't allowed to plug in again. I just longed for weapons training tomorrow. 

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