Dreaming Of July

A short story about falling in love and a twist of fate


1. Dreaming Of July, A Short Story

Brookstone apartment complex, or what Jack now called ‘home’ as of yesterday. Since he had moved all the way from Ireland he was, of course, exhausted when he finally reached his home the night before. The moment Jack got to his new flat he went to bed, not bothering to unpack his boxes or suitcases. However, he didn’t get to sleep for long, or almost at all for that matter. Since Jack was very popular on YouTube, people in the building recognized him instantly. All night, person after person came to his door.

The Irish lad was startled awake by another knock at his door. He cussed under his breath, his eyes wandering to the clock on his bedside table, twelve forty-eight in the afternoon, “Looks like I’m never going to get any damn sleep ‘round ‘ere,” grumbled Jack, as he slid from the warmth and comfort of his bed. The small boy rubbed at his sleepy eyes, shuffling down the short hall out into the living area. Jack approached the door, really wishing that everyone would just leave him alone. His hand gripped the doorknob for a few seconds before yanking it, the door swinging back at him. The sight that greeted him was more than pleasant. There stood a short boy – who was of course, still taller than the Irish one – he looked like he was Asian or Hawaiian. The man had somewhat long brown hair, with perfect, yet small, squinty eyes to match, which were hidden behind his glasses. Jack stared for a moment at the handsome boy, his hair looked ridiculously soft.

“Hi, I’m Mark! I live across the hall from you and-“

“Listen, ‘Mark’, I’m sorry if I sound rude, but I really don’t appreciate fans showin’ up at me door and interruptin’ me damn sleep,” Jack snapped. Look, the guy may be cute and all, but no way in hell was Jack putting up with all of these people’s nonsense.

“Er…? I-I was just trying to welcome you to the building…” Mark bit his lip nervously, hanging his head as he held out a container full of some type of cookie.

“Ah shite, I’m sorry man… I’m just pissed about people showin’ up at me door every second of the day… Me name’s Jack, by the way.” Jack sighed, feeling bad now that he’d yelled at Mark.

“It’s okay, Jack… I did notice you had quite a few visitors before.” Mark smiled, his tiny eyes scrunched up so much it seemed as though it’d be impossible for the boy to see anything.


“So, erm… Want ta' come in?” Jack stepped aside, giving Mark room to join him in the petite apartment. Mark stepped in accepting the offer and entering the room and putting the box of cookies down on a table close by.

“Listen, I’m going to be honest here, Jack… I didn’t make those cookies, I bought them at Walmart… They’re so damn good though.” Mark admitted, making Jack laugh loudly.

“Any cookie is a good cookie my friend.” Jack spoke, his accent standing out more, compared to Mark’s American tone.

“I can tell we’re going to be great friends…”




“Jack!” Mark called from outside of Jack’s flat, “Jackaboy!” He pressed, “Wake your lazy ass up!”

“I’m up! I’m up! Stop yeer shoutin’!” Jack hollered back, tugging the door open, finding the boy he’d become accustomed to.

“You should make me a key to your place so then I can just come and go as I please,” Mark pushed past Jack, going into his friend’s mini kitchenette.

“That’s why ye’re not gettin’ one,” Jack laughed at the boy.

“You need to buy food,” Mark complained, returning to the room where Jack was seated on the couch.

“I’m broke, ye buy it fur me,” Jack sighed, rolling his eyes at the small, half Asian boy.

“Ugh!” Mark tossed himself dramatically onto the couch, landing in Jack’s lap, “Why are you so tiny, Jacky?” Mark teased.

“‘Cause I’m too much of a boss,” Jack crossed his arms.

“Nah, you’re just a cute little leprechaun,” Mark poked at Jack’s face, “Why is your face so soft, what the hell man?”

“My face is made of rubber, it is soft and moldable!” Mark continued to squeeze Jack’s squishy face in his hands, “Stop touchin’ me ye little shite,” Jack attempted to push Mark off of the couch, but Mark grabbed the Irishman, and brought him down as well, “Me God, I hate ya’,” Jack couldn’t help but laugh as he laid, pinning the older boy to the floor beneath them.

“You love me and you know it,” Mark smirked playfully, unable to stop giggling.

“Eww,” Jack rolled his eyes, knowing that was one hundred percent a lie.


Jack felt his skin tingle where his and Mark’s hands were intertwined, his body numb from the touch as the two laid in the damp grass, watching the sky together.

“Why do you love the stars so much, Jack?” Mark asked out of curiosity.

“Well, I know it sounds really cheesy but… It’s the one thing that always stays the same, not like exactly but what I mean is…” Jack paused, thinking hard about how to phrase it, “Like, back when I was still in Ireland, the sky was the same there, so no matter where you go there’s always a piece of home there… I think that makes since?”  Jack explained softly, into the gloom of the night.

“Ah… That’s a beautiful explanation, Jacky,” Mark replied in a gentle voice. Silence engulfed the two again in moments. Mark wanted to talk to the smaller boy beside him but he had no clue of where to start. Mark sighed silently as he drifted into thought, as he’d been doing a lot lately, although his thoughts were never any different. All of his thoughts were consumed by Jack. Mark had been so confused for a while now, he didn’t know what it was about Jack but now that Mark had been with him so much he realized that Jack had a power over him. He had always thought he was straight but now he wasn’t sure. Jack did things to him, things he never knew a person could ever do to him. Jack made Mark melt easily, anything Jack asked Mark would almost always do, just with a glance of those beautiful cornflower blue eyes and his cute, triangular smile. Jack’s laugh just made Mark feel so good, he could have the worst day ever and Jack’s laugh could bring him back so easily.

Jack was so adorable and perfect, the cute from the way the lad bit his lip to his bright crimson blush that he always tried to hide but was the worst at. Mark had decided that he was in love with his little leprechaun, “H-Hey… Jack?” Stuttered Mark.

“What’s up buttercup?” Jack chuckled at his own words, rolling over to look at his clearly nervous friend. Mark stayed still, scared shitless about telling the boy how much he cared about him. Jack was patient with Mark, seeing how visibly upset he was.

“Screw it,” Mark muttered, grasping Jack’s small, squishy face in his large hands, quickly closing the gap between them. Mark felt his heart pounding in his chest anxiously, he didn’t even know that Jack had begun kissing him back.

Mark pulled away as quickly as he’d begun, “I-I’m sorry, Jack…” Mark jumped up and was gone before Jack had a chance to stop him. Jack let out a long sigh, “I’m in love with you.”


It had been a couple of days since Jack had seen Mark, he missed him terribly and the same was for Mark. Jack had waited to call Mark, letting him have some time to think about what he wants but Jack was done waiting, he hated waiting. So he tried calling Mark, texting Mark and even calling Mark out on Twitter and Tumblr; nothing. Jack gave up on calling and messaging so he crossed the hall and decided this was his last option.

One knock on the door, no answer. Two knocks on the door, still nothing. Finally three knocks on the door and absolutely no Mark. Jack sighed, looking up to the mini lip of the door frame, it was too high up for the leprechaun-sized male, so he had to go back to his apartment to get a stool so he could get the spare key rested on the high surface.  Jack could just barely reach to where the key resided but luck was on his side that day and he was just tall enough. He unlocked the door with no hesitation, entering the small, similarly designed room.

“Mark! I’ve got some words of wisdom fur ya’, if ye’re avoidin’ someone then ye shouldn’t leave the extra key out fur takin’!” Jack called, hearing a loud groan from down the tiny hall.

“Couldn’t you just leave me alone?!” Mark shouted back in response from his bedroom. Jack rolled his eyes and headed to where all the noise was coming from. Jack found a large heap of pillows and blanket in the center of the bed, Mark in the middle of that heap.

“Oh, Mark…” Sighed Jack as he shook his head, sitting down on the edge of the bed near his half Asian friend.

“What?” Mark grunted.

“Ye’re poutin’ over nothin’!”

“Over nothing!? I kissed you and shouldn’t have, damn it!”  Mark’s head appeared from the lump of softness he was buried in.

“And? Why shouldn’t ye ‘ave?” Jack crossed his arms, confused, his accent more prevalent than it normally was.

“Because!” Mark snapped, “I assumed that-“

“Exactly. Ye assumed,” Jack cut him off, “By assumin’ ye’re just makin’ an arse out of you and me.”  Jack reached over, ruffling Mark’s already messy hair. How in hell could someone look so damn hot after staying in bed for days and just waking up? Mark was so impossibly perfect that it hurt.

“Wha-What do you mean?” Mark choked, excitement filling him.

“I really like ye, ya’ silly!” Jack looked down at the sleepy boy, who reached up, gripping Jack by the shirt, tugging him down to his own lips. A smiled spread across Jack’s face as he kept his lips locked with Mark’s.

“Mark?” Jack broke their kiss suddenly.

“Shut up and kiss me,” Mark tried to reclose the gap between them, only for Jack to not let him.

“But I have an important question, Marky.”

“Fine,” Grunted Mark, “What is it?”

“How do ye wake up so flawlessly?” Jack questioned, genuinely wanting to know.

“You broke our kiss for that, you ass!?” Mark punched Jack’s arm playfully.

“Yes! I must know yeer secrets,” Jack spoke, giggling as the other lad played with Jack’s brown/gray hair affectionately.

“I hate you,” Mark shook his head with a huge grin spread from ear to ear as he chuckled at his best friend - or now boyfriend’s – stupidity.

“I love you too, Markimoo.”


Jack gripped Mark’s hand tightly as they made their way into this adorable and small, diner-like restaurant. Just the thought of having their first date outside of their apartments and dark, almost empty movie theaters, was giving Jack a horrendous panic attack.

“Jacky,” Mark spoke, seeing the anxiousness on Jack’s face, “Don’t worry okay? I’m here with you and that’s all that matters tonight alright?” Jack slowly nodded.

“Ye-Yeah… Ye’re r-right…” Jack was having such a hard time forming his words, it felt as though his tongue was an intruder in his own mouth. Mark could still see that Jack was struggling so he dropped his hand from Jack’s, placing his arm around the anxious boy, pulling Jack into him. Jack relaxed slightly, leaning into the touch of his boyfriend. Jack was so glad to have Mark and call the boy his.

The couple entered the cozy, little place and were seated almost instantly due to the lack of people there. There was only a man and his wife or girlfriend, two teenage girls and a group of guys who look like they were around the same age as the pair. Jack and Mark were asked what they wanted by a sweet waitress who looked no older than seventeen. The meals were made quickly and brought to them just as fast. Jack had gotten some type of special burger from the menu along with some fries and Mark got a type of fried chicken.

“’Ey, Mark?” Jack asked with his mouth full.

“Yeah, babe?” The other raised his head to look at his lover.

“Ye should give me a bite of yeer chicken,” Jack gave him the best pleading eyes he possibly could.

“You should give me some fries,” Mark replied cockily.

“But, Mark!” Jack pouted, not willing to give up his food.

“No fries, no chicken,” Mark watched him closely as he took another bite of his food. Jack quickly grabbed a piece and shoved it into his mouth all at once, and while Jack was in the process of doing that, Mark got a chance to steal some fries.

“Ha,” Mark smirked contently, Jack just smiled at his boyfriend, seeing how cute he was.

“Ye’ve got somethin’…” Jack pointed at Mark, “Hold still I’ll get it,” He said as Mark rubbed at his cheek in confusion. Jack leaned over the table, just tall enough to connect their lips.

“You cheesy little bastard,” Mark smirked.

“I know,” Jack smiled cutely back.

“Erm… Excuse me, we’re going to have to ask you two to please leave…” The waitress stepped up to their table, speaking quietly.

“What!?” Mark stood angered by what the woman had just told him, Jack sighed tears in his eye. He knew something like that would happen, “We didn’t do anything wrong, what the hell!? Why are we being kicked out for no reason!?”

“Well, sir…” She mumbled nervously, seeing that the group of men and the two girls had turned their attention towards where Jack and Mark were, “It’s not because you aren’t welcome… That gentlemen over there with his wife complained about you being disruptive and distracting. He said that he wanted you two out so he and his wife didn’t have to be around ‘people like you’.” She looked at the two boys helplessly, apologizing with her eyes.

“Oh really!?” Mark snapped, not caring about the group watching.

“M-Mark… L-Let’s just g-g-go…” Stammered Jack another panic attack setting in.

“No, we came here for dinner and I’m not going to let some self-centered asshole ruin our night,” Mark was beyond pissed, Jack had never see him so infuriated. Mark suddenly got up from their booth stomping over to the homophobic couple three tables over, “Excuse me but who the hell do you think you are. Just because you don’t like me being out with my boyfriend gives you no God damned right to get us kicked out you prick!” Mark snapped, his voice full of rage. The obviously older – and buffer – male stood, towering over Mark, but Mark didn’t even seemed fazed by it.

“Who in the hell do you think your talking to. You don’t belong, you faggot,” The man growled, getting in Mark’s face, gripping the front of his shirt, “Now get your ass out before I kick it out. I’m trying to have a pleasant dinner with my wife.”

“Yo, dude! Leave the guy alone, he’s just trying to do the same damn thing as you are. Just let him be,” One of the guys from the other table shouted at the man. Little did Mark or Jack know at this time that, this boy would become one of their closest friends, along with the other three boys.

“Stay out of this,” The male growled, still holding Mark’s shirt. The waitress was stood off to the side frozen with fear. Mark had tried to get the man’s strong hand off of him to no avail.

“Listen I just want to eat my damn food, so if you could just-“ The man swung his free arm, nailing Mark in the face as hard as possible, only letting go of him then.

“Mark!” Jack shouted, jumping from his seat in their booth. The waitress rushing to find someone to come help them. One of the lads that was at the table of boys stood, grabbing the man.

“Leave him the hell alone! What is wrong with you!?” The boy hissed.

“He’s a disgrace, he isn’t right and the two of them are going to burn in hell for their sin! You must believe me! You do right, boy?”

“I do not! If anything you’re the one going to hell, he did nothing to you! This is why I’m glad I'm an atheist, I’m not forced to hate someone for who they are.” The man spoke out of anger, not trying to sound offensive, he was just extremely shocked and pissed by how the man was acting towards the other boy. He and his friends stood from their booth, approaching the counter.

“Hey! We want our check,” A man with fluffy brown hair spoke loudly.  The waitress rushed from the back room and gave them the check they’d asked for, “We want theirs as well,” The boy pointed over to Jack and Mark.

“Okay,” She rushed off again and came back moments later with a second check.

“Y-Ye don’t h-have to do th-that,” Choked Jack.

“We want to. Your night was ruined by an asshole so we want to make your night just a little bit better if we possibly could,” Explained the Blonde haired, blue eyed boy who’d stood up for Mark originally.

“Thank you s-so much,” Jack was so grateful for their generosity.

“No problem, I’m, Felix by the way, that’s Ryan, Bob and Wade,” The boy pointed to each of them, “The two of you guys can come with us to this bar down the street if you want?”

“I’m, Jack and this is, Mark…” Jack looked at Mark waiting for an answer to the question about the bar.

“We’d love to go hang out with you guys,” I guess that was a yes.




“Jack… Are you sure your parents are gonna like me?” Mark wrung his hands nervously, looking over at Jack.

“Of course they will! Ye make me happy so that’s all that matters,” Jack kissed Mark’s cheek to calm him down and relieve his worry.

“I love you, Jacky,” Mark let out a soft breath.

“I love ye too, babe,” Jack leaned against Mark.

The two walked through the airport terminal after getting their bags, hands tightly clasped together as they looked around for Jack’s mother who was responsible for picking them up.

“Jackaboy!” Jack spun around from where the voice had come, calling him by his nickname. Jack was almost tackled instantly when his brother, Ailbe, came running into him.

“Ailbe! I thought ye weren’t allowed to come ‘ome this week man! How’d ya get ‘em to let’cha come back!?” Jack hugged his brother tightly.

“I couldn’t jus’ not come meet me little brother’s new girl!” Ailbe smiled at his younger sibling excitedly.

“I think that someone might’ve misheard somethin’, Ally,” Jack stepped closer to Mark - who felt extremely awkward - wrapping his arms around the frightened boy.

“Well shite mate, I thought ye liked girls? Ye’ve got a great taste in men though, Jacky,” His brother teased.

“I know, he is so hot ain’t he,” Jack smiled happily, glad his brother liked Mark.

“’Ey, I’m Ailbe, it’s awesome ta meet’cha. Me mum talks ‘bout ye all the time,” Ailbe tugged Mark into a bone crushing hug. Mark had noticed that Ailbe had a much more prominent accent than Jack.

“Hi… I-I’m Mark. It-It’s cool meeting you too, Ailbe,” The boy stuttered nervously.

“I adore yeer accent laddie!” The other gushed.

“Thanks… I like yours better, mine’s dull,” Mark shrugged.

“That’s what everyone says… Anyway, we should head out,” Spoke Ailbe. Jack and Mark nodded following close behind. On the way home they blasted some punk music, which Jack and Ailbe knew every word to while Mark went along with whatever he knew from when Jack would play the songs. Mark’s anxiety was really driving him nuts today, scared out of his mind about if Jack’s family would like him or not. Mark had been relatively calm until they were about half way to Jack’s former home, which happened to be in the middle of nowhere, like where a horror movie would take place. That thought was not helping with his panicking at all. Mark suddenly got the worst panic attack he’d ever had, it came so quickly and brutally.

Mark could feel his heart pounding overly fast in his chest, which felt indescribably tight due to how hard it had become to breath. Mark was so damn scared, he didn’t know what to do, his tongue felt like a stranger in his own mouth… Jack noticed that his boyfriend had just started violently shaking, knowing it was an anxiety attack. Wordlessly, Jack moved from his seat by the window to the one in the middle, wrapping his arms around Mark and rubbing his back soothingly. Mark instantly felt safer and calmer in Jack’s grasp, he leaned into the Irish boy’s touch, closing his eyes contently. Mark soon felt Jack’s fingers running through his soft hair, Mark was so thankful for his perfect boyfriend.


Mark and Jack laid, intertwined around each other while watching movies on the couch of Jack’s living area. The house was empty aside from Mark, Jack and Ailbe. Jack’s two sisters, Bridget and Gael and his other brother, Daniel, - who were all older than Jack - were all not home at the moment. They were all either working or doing some other random thing with their friends, dates or husbands/wives. Jack’s parents were all working as well.

“Ailbe! Jack!” The boy’s sister, Bridget called. As soon as Jack heard her he detangled his body from Mark’s rushing to his sister who’d just arrived home.

“Bridge! My favorite sister!” Jack shouted in his normal, excessively loud voice. Jack almost made him and his sister end up on the floor as he threw himself at her.

“Holy hell, Sean!” She gasped.

“Sean?” Mark asked, confused by the name.

“Er… Yeah, that’s me real name, I guess I forgot to mention that?” Jack smiled sheepishly.

“Ye haven’t even told yeer own boyfriend ya real name, Sean? Really?” Bridget scolded, turning to face Mark, sitting next to him on the couch, “I’ve got to run out in a moment, I’ve got a date but I’m Bridget, Jack’s ‘favorite’ sister,” She extended her hand for Mark to take, which he did.

“Uh… H-Hi, I’m Jack’s boyfriend, Mark… It’s n-nice to meet you…” Mark stammered, he felt so awkward and unwelcome.

“Nice ta meet’cha too, but I’ve got to run, see the two of ye later!” She stood, dashing out the door, it felt weird how she wasn’t here for more than five minutes and she was already gone but who was he to judge.

“Let’s finish our movie,” Jack jumped up on top of Mark.

“Urgh,” Mark groaned, the air being knocked out of him. Jack smiled, happily, entangling their bodies again, kissing at Mark’s jawline. As they laid there Mark decided he wanted to tell Jack about how weird he felt being here, “Jack… I-I don’t really know how to say this but I feel really awkward here, I feel as though I’m not really welcome.”

“What?” Jack looked up at him from where his head had been rested on Mark’s chest, “Are ya crazy?  Me family loves ya. Ye make me so happy and that is all that they care about. Befure ye came into me life, I was extremely depressed and all that, now that I’m with ye I’m finally happy again,” Jack kissed Mark sweetly, Mark then tugged Jack closer, the movie being forgotten by them as they had begun kissing. Jack’s tongue swiped across Mark’s bottom lip greedily, craving the taste of his lover’s mouth in his own. Mark eagerly agreed, letting the boy’s tongue explore his entire mouth, Mark did the same, pushing past Jack’s tongue, exploring all of Jack’s sweet tasting mouth. A soft moan came from Jack, making Mark smile into their kiss.

“Eww, get a room!” Ailbe groaned as he caught the couple, Jack and Mark jumping from each other.

“I-I… We were just-“

“Givin’ each other simultaneous tonsillectomies,” Teased Ailbe, chuckling as his smaller sibling’s face turned a bright crimson along with Mark’s.

“S-Shut it Ailbe!” Jack squealed like an anime school girl.

“Awe! Is wittle, Jacky upset?” He made fun.

“Ugh! I’m tellin’ ma!” Jack shouted.

“What? That ye and, Mark over ‘ere were g-“

“Just go make out with ye pillow or somethin’ and leave us alone!” Jack seemed really embarrassed by his brother, which is understandable, but his brother was nothing compared to Mark’s. Ailbe got up, chuckling softly.

“I’ve got to go pick up Daniel, the dumbass crashed his car,” Ailbe sighed, Jack laughing.

“Isn’t that like the sixth time in the past two years?” Jack asked.

“Yeah,” His brother laughed as he left the house, leaving it all to Jack and Mark for a little while.


“So Mark…” Jack’s mother, Teagan started, “How’d ye meet me little, Jacky?”

“Erm…” Mark hummed awkwardly, “Well, Jack had just moved in, it was July Fourteenth, Two-Thousand-Ten… He was in the place across the hall from me…” A huge smile spread cross his face, remembering the day as if it were only yesterday, “I went to go and welcome him to the building and all that good stuff, I also made him cookies-“

“Ye liar! Ya got them from Walmart!” Jack called him out.

“Yeah, but I can’t really cook and as you said ‘any cookie is a good cookie’, Jack,” He crossed his arms, smirking, “Anyway, when I brought them over, Jack shouted at me, thinking I was one of his fans from YouTube but once he realized I wasn’t, he felt bad and invited me in,” Chuckled Mark, along with Jack as his mother watched them with amusement.

“Oh, um… Ma, when’s Pop gettin’ ‘ome?”  Jack bit at his lip nervously.

“Er… Probably soon…” She answered anxiously. Jack’s father hadn’t been informed of him having a boyfriend, but everybody knew telling him was going to end horribly.

“Do ye want, Mark and I ta stay in a hotel fur the week?” Jack offered.

“Ye don’t have ta’ Jack, plus I like seein’ ye with yeer cute little boyfriend and how happy ya are with each other,” She half-smiled.


“What? Why would we stay in a hotel? I’m confused,” Mark spoke up.

“Me Pop hates poofs…” Jack admitted, “That’s why I tried to hide ho I felt about ye fur so long… Me Pop really hates poofs, or gays, as ye say it.”

“Oh… I-I’m sorry, Jacky…” Mark hung his head, believing that it was his fault that Jack was going to get most likely abandoned by his father.

“It ain’t yeer fault, Mark,” Jack reached over, placing his hand on Mark’s knee, “Even if ye hadn’t come along I would still be gay, I would have found someone else and brought ‘im ‘ome and me Pop would still be upset about it, it is in no way yeer fault Marky, I would still be gay.”

“I definitely wouldn’t be, I thought I was straight ‘till I met you,” Mark blushed.

“Awe!” Jack’s mother gushed. Suddenly the door slammed shut, causing everyone to jump.

“I’m ‘ome!” Jack’s father, Ruari, called.

“We’re in ‘ere!” Teagan replied. Jack began to panic as his father entered the room.

“Sean! Me boy! I didn’t know ye were comin’!” His father shouted excitedly, sounding ever so slightly intoxicated.

“Yeah… I-I t-told ye over a-a month… Month ago…” Jack murmured shakily.

“Who’s that?” The man asked wearily, pointing at Mark.

“Erm…” Jack turned to his mother, as he tried to find what to say, “That’s M-Mark… H-He’s my… Um… My um…”

“Spit it out laddie!” Shouted Ruari at the young boy.

“...My boyfriend…” Jack croaked, his voice weaker than he’d expected.

“Yeer what!?” Growled the older Irishman in anger.

“P-Pop, I… I’m...Gay…” Breathed Jack. This is what started the full on, marriage-ending argument.


Mark held Jack’s shaking figure tightly in his arms. Jack had freaked out and had a slight meltdown while arguing with his father that night, Mark noticed that Jack had seemed excessively tense all day and was acting quite strange as well. After going slightly insane, Jack was hit with a sudden and extremely severe panic attack and ended up passing out. Mark carried the small boy up the stairs to his bedroom and laid him down on the bed, instantly cuddling into the Irish boy. Even in his sleep Jack was panicking. He was violently shaking and having a hard time breathing. Mark was overly worried about his lover, never seeing him this bad before.

While Mark silently sat, playing with Jack’s hair the boy awoke with a start and shot bold upright, clinging to the other boy tightly. Jack looked at his lover as he tried desperately to catch his breath, scared out of his mind as he sobbed hysterically.

“M-Mark!” The boy cried out in fear, “I-I can-n’t b-bre-eath!” He choked in pain.

“You’re alright, just calm down babe, it’s okay, Jacky,” Mark cooed, stroking the boy, who now resembled a small child’s hair.

“N-No I’m not M-Mar-rk, it hu-urts!” Sobbed Jack, one hand gripping his chest tightly, the other, clutching onto Mark.

“You’ll be fine if you just calm down okay, please…?” Mark begged.

“I-I can’t Mark! I-I’m gonna die, it h-hurts so b-badl-ly!” This is when Mark started getting nervous, thinking it could be more than a panic attack. Mark knew that panic attacks had extremely similar symptoms to a mental breakdown, especially with the hard time breathing and shaking.

“You’re not going to die, come on... “ Mark tried to get the boy off of his bed but he wouldn’t budge.

“W-Wh-at are you d-doing?” The boy stammered stubbornly.

“Don’t freak out, but, I’m bringing you to the hospital Jack,” Mark winced as he knew that Jack would protest and refuse to go, having a severe case of Nosocomephobia.

“What! N-No! Y-You c-can’t-t-” Jack promptly burst into a violent coughing fit, blood dripping from his lip, covering his hands. That’s when Mark was positive that he needed to get Jack to the hospital.


“I swear to God, Jack, if you ever scare me like that again I will kill you,” Mark lectured.

“I’m s-sorry, Mark… I didn’t mean to scare ye…” Jack pouted.

“It’s okay, Jacky, I still love you… so much,” Mark smiled, kissing his boyfriend softly, Jack pulling Mark closer. The two jumped apart hearing the door creak open, both boys whipped their heads in the direction of the sound, finding Jack’s panicked mother in the doorway.

“Ma!” Jack smiled.

“Me God, Jack!” The woman gasped, “Are ye alright!?”

“He’s fine, He just had a panic attack…” Mark answered, knowing how much Jack was struggling to catch his breath.

“Are ye sure?”

“I’m sure, the doctor said he wants to keep him for a few hours, seeing as Jack has had four panic attacks since the first one when I brought him in, once he calms down and stops having such bad attacks he can go home,” Mark explained to the woman, who grabbed his arms gently.

“Mark, can I talk to ye for a moment please?” Teagan asked.

“Yeah?” Mark glanced a Jack in confusion as he pulled him from the room.

“Listen Mark, I didn’t want to upset, Jack and give ‘im another anxiety attack, but…” She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Mark placed a humane hand on the older woman’s shoulder, “Ruari and I are gettin’ a divorce…”

“Do you think, Jack would get upset even after what happened today?” Mark asked seriously.

“I’m not sure… He might, but he might not, I’m not completely sure, ye can never tell with ‘im,” Jack’s mother sighed.

“I won’t tell him, I promise… Not yet.”


“Mark!? We’re gonna be late for our reservation!” Jack shouted impatiently. His hand shoved into his pocket clutching the small box in his surprisingly large hands for a man his size.

“I’m sorry! I’m hurrying! I have no clue how to tie my bowtie!” Mark called out as he stumbled down the stairs.

“Come ‘ere ye bloody arse,” Jack smiled, giggling at his pathetic and extremely sexy looking soon to be fiancé. Jack took the ribbon like object between his slender fingers, whirling the thick decoration into perfection.

“You’re really good at this Jacky, how’d you get it so perfect?” Mark straightened it as he looked in the mirror at his appearance.

“Well, when ya grow up with two brothers and a pop that can’t do it themselves ye kinda have to do it fur all of ‘em,” Spoke Jack, tugging at Mark’s strong arm in attempt to get him to hurry up.

“True,” Mark chuckled, “You look really hot in a tux by the way.” Mark winked jokingly.

“Shut up ye arse,” Jack turned away, blushing vigorously. He’d always hated compliments, he never knew how to respond and it made him get flustered. Mark gave the boy a nudge and headed out the door, Jack hurrying out behind him. Mark smiled widely, four years together and two years in the house they shared. Both boys were so madly in love with each other and the story of them, it was so unique compared to most stories.


The night was absolutely perfect, they’d been to Mark’s favorite restaurant and got his favorite meal. Now the couple was walking down a boardwalk, hand-in-hand. They had been doing all the normal couple-y stuff, winning prizes for each other, riding amusement park rides and being really cliché.

“Jack…?” Mark spoke quietly.

“Mmm, yeah?” Jack hummed softly.

“I know you hate heights and all but can we please go on the Ferries wheel?” Pleaded the older boy. Jack glanced up nervously seeing how high up the metal contraption was.

“I-I…” Jack stammered and that’s when the idea struck him, “Okay.”


Jack glanced down at the ground, so far below them, getting further and further from him, making him panic, gripping Mark’s hand tightly. Jack was shaking slightly as he tried not to completely lose it. The ride jolted to a sudden halt, making Jack let out a yelp.

“Oh shite…” Jack breathed shakily, looking down below them.

“Are you alright Jacky? I’m sorry…” Mark bit at his lip anxiously.

“I-I’m okay…” Jack breathed, trying to ignore the panic attack setting in. His hand slipped into his pocket, feeling the tiny velvet box and instantly feeling less anxious.

“You sure babe?” Mark pulled Jack closer to him, a nod from the Irishman.

“M-Mark? Um c-can I ask ye somethin’?” Jack questioned.

“Sure. What’s up, Jacky?” Mark watched his boyfriend intently.

“Well… Um, erm… I have no idea how ta even say this…” Jack rubbed at the back of his neck, letting out a nervous chuckle, “I-I… Ugh, I…” Jack was becoming frustrated.

“Are you breaking up with me Jack?” Mark asked with worry in his eyes.

“No! No, I just really don’t even know how to say this,” Jack took in a deep breath, “So, ye know that I love ya right?” A nod from Mark, “And you love me?” Another nod, “Okay… Mark Edward Fischbach, ye are me everythin’, the love of me life and all that… I am so bad at this… Erm, what I am tryin’ and miserably failing to say is… dangsin-eun jeowa gyeolhon hal geos?” Jack pulled the small box from his pocket, opening it and presenting it to his lover. A gasp escaped Mark’s lips as he saw what his boyfriend was trying to do.

“I have no damn clue what that means,” Admitted Mark, a massive smile playing at his lips.

“It means, will you marry me? It was Korean…” Jack spoke with hope in his voice as he held the box in his trembling hands.

“Yes! Of course Jack, yes!” Mark cried like an anime school girl. Jack placed the ring on Mark’s finger, kissing him hard, “I owe you a ring,” Mark mumbled against Jack.

“Ye don’t owe me nothin’.”


Jack watched his laptop intently, his fiancé speaking to him through video chat. Mark had gone out of town to visit his brother Thomas for the week, leaving Jack lonely and bored. Jack just wanted his lover back home so they could cuddle and watch cheesy movies together.

“Can’t ye just come home now?” Jack pouted, missing Mark like crazy.

“No I can’t do that Jacky, I’m sorry…” Mark sighed, “Why don’t you go hang-out with Bob and Wade tonight or something?” Mark couldn’t stand seeing Jack like this and wanted him to feel better.

“Yeah, I guess,” Shrugged Jack, “I just want ye,” It really broke Mark’s heart hearing this, he wished that he could pull Jack through the screen and cuddle him for hours, but sadly that was impossible.

After around an hour or two of talking Mark had to go out with his brother somewhere, so he reluctantly ended the call with Jack, who decided going out with Wade and Bob wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. Jack called them up and asked if they wanted to meet at a pub down the street from his place. All of them agreed to meet around six-ish that night and that is exactly what they did.


After having a great night with his friends, Jack thought that he should get back home at about ten that night. Jack said bye to the guys before leaving, on account of them wanting to stay he walked to his car by himself. The little Irishman felt extremely uneasy in the gloom of the night as he made his way to where he’d parked earlier. Jack hated being alone this late at night, especially when he was out places instead of being in his own bed at home.

Jack jumped into the driver seat of his car before quickly starting it, “Damn it’s cold out,” He shivered, turning the heat on. The boy peeled out of the parking lot and onto the seemingly empty road. It was pitch black outside, making it extremely hard to see where he was going. Jack, being in the uneasy state he was in began to freak out. He could feel the anxiety building up inside of him as he had trouble staying on the road. Jack’s breathing became more and more labored by the second and he had started shaking. The Irish lad was now barely able to keep himself breathing let alone drive a car. Jack knew that he could no longer keep control of the car, once it was too late to stop and he was already tumbling down an embankment on the side of the road.


Mark sat up wearily, the loudness of his ringtone for Jack piercing the silence of the room, “Hello?” Mark yawned sleepily into the phone.

“Hello, is this, Mark Fischbach?” A strange voice that Mark had never heard before asked him.

“Yes? Who is this? Why do you have my boyfriend’s phone?” Mark interrogated the man.

“This is Mercy Medical Center calling to tell you that your fiancé, Sean McLoughlin had just been airlifted to our emergency care unit after being in an extremely severe car accident, there is little chance he will make it. He is in surgery now, it is very unlikely that he will ever come out of a comatose state,” The man spoke rapidly.

“W-What!?” Mark choked, sitting bolt upright in his bed, “I-I’m on my way!” Mark was out of bed and in the car instantly, “Please don’t die on me, Jack, please.”


Mark paced back and forth impatiently. Nobody would tell him anything or even let him go see Jack, it’d been almost a week and he was in a coma and that is all that Mark knew, after a week. Mark had been a mess without Jack, he hadn’t been home since and his brother had been trying his best to get Mark to just let go but he wasn’t letting go until he saw Jack again, not until he said goodbye.

“Mark Fischbach?!” A woman called through the crowded waiting room.

“Yes! That’s me!” Mark had never run as fast in his life.

“It doesn’t look like, Mr. Mcloughlin is going to make it, I’ve gotten the doctor to let you see him and say your final words to him before he goes,” The woman hung her head in sympathy, “I am so sorry, Mr. Fischbach,” Mark nodded, afraid that if he said anything than he’d start crying again. He followed behind the woman as she escorted him to Jack’s room. When the woman opened the door, Mark was not prepared for what he saw.

“Oh dear God, Jack…” Mark breathed, “No…” He rushed to his lover’s side and refused to leave it. The nurse let the two alone, seeing how distraught Mark was.

“Jack, this is all my fault… No, you can’t leave me, Jack… I-I am so sorry,” Mark broke down into hysterical sobs as he gripped Jack’s hand tightly. He stayed like this for hours, crying and crying, unable to stop. Mark felt a very weak movement from Jack, and an instant pained groan. Mark’s head shot up to see Jack’s half-alive body laying lifelessly in the bed, awake none the less.

“Jack… I am so sorry… This is all my fault, I-I’m sorry!” Mark cried out to his lover.

“Shh, i-it’s not yeer fault,” Jack’s voice was so small and barely there. This scared Mark, Jack was always so loud.

“Yes it is, if I had never-“

“Stop, please…” Jack coughed violently, blood… Lots of it, “ I love ye Mark…”

“Jack don’t…” Mark begged, already knowing what was happening.

“I love ye so much Mark… Please,” Jack opened his eyes, his once bright blue eyes, so full of life, that were now dull and nearly lifeless.

“I love you, Jack, so, so much…” Mark was now sobbing again, he never knew goodbye could hurt this much.

“I will never forget ye, Mark Fischbach… I love ye…” A steady beep filled the silence. Mark never moved, he stayed, holding onto his lover’s hand.


Jack awoke with a start, tears trailing down his cheeks in a complete panic, breaking into a cold sweat. His arm moved around the empty space in his bed beside him, searching for his love.

“Mark!?” The Irishman called out shakily as he sat up. His eyes scanning the room until they hit the calendar on the wall across from him.

July 14th, 2010

Just as Jack read this, there was a knock at his apartment door. 

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