Sophia Quincy: Strange Magic

Sophia, Phoebe, and Ella are an average set of triplets. On their eleventh birthday, the receive strange letters, and learn secrets about their family they had never expected.


1. Chapter One

Sunlight warmed Sophia's face, making her stir awake slowly. She yawned and stretched, running a hand over her corkscrew curls that were in a tight knot on her head. Her feet hit the plush carpet and she shuffled downstairs where her father had set out a small feast for her and her two sisters.

"Happy birthday!" her father cried when she came into the kitchen. "I made your favorite! Blueberry waffles!"

Sophia smiled and took the plate, heading to the table to sit down. She yawned again and started eating, waiting for her two sisters to wake up. Ella and Phoebe were both night owls, while Sophia had always been an early bird. She knew it was typical for her sisters to sleep in at least an hour later than she.

But this morning, Phoebe came bounding down the stairs, her sleek mousy brown hair in a ponytail and her eyes wide and happy. "Hey Soph!" she chirped happily. "Are you ready for our day out in London?"

Sophia raised an eyebrow. "We're going to London?" she asked.

"Of course silly!" Phoebe said, getting herself a roll and a pile of eggs. "It's our birthday, of course we're going to London! Right Dad?"

Their father smiled. "As soon as your mother and sister get up and get ready, we'll be heading to London for the entire day."

Sophia hurried to finish her breakfast and rushed upstairs to get ready. There was no time to straighten her hair, so she plaited it down her back. She often liked to call her hair 'The Mane', 'The Curly Disaster', and sometimes even 'The Red Menace'.

Neither of her sisters had to deal with anything like The Red Menace. Phoebe had hair that was incredibly thin, but always looked good on her. Ella had blonde waves that made her look like some kind of princess. Neither had the obnoxious volume of curls that was always tangled and always annoying.

With a sigh, she found a pair of jeans and shirt that were actually clean and pulled them on. She brushed her teeth and headed downstairs, where Ella was practically asleep in her cereal. "Ella!" Phoebe whined. "Hurry up! I want to get to London before ten!"

"What's so exciting anyway?" Ella muttered. "We've ridden the Eye and done all the other tourist spots there."

"Ella," Phoebe said seriously. "The shopping in London is the best."

Ella rolled her eyes and continued to eat her cereal. At a glance, most people assumed the Ella was the diva sister, but it was Phoebe all the way. At seven, she was the only sister to buy a two piece bathing suit, and the only one who spent more than five minutes getting dressed. At nine, she had taught herself how to curl her hair, and asked specifically for lip gloss and nail polish as Christmas stocking stuffers. This very summer she had begged their mother to teach her how to put on makeup before school started again.

Mrs. Quincy had - of course - refused, but that didn't mean Phoebe didn't throw a fit about it.

Meanwhile, Ella was the smart one of the three. She always had the best grades, and didn't need motivation for high marks. Sophia had to be pushed and encouraged, and Phoebe had to be bribed.

Sophia felt that she was just average compared with her two sisters, as most feel around high achieving siblings (or as her mother called Phoebe, "rich in personality"). In reality however, she had a lot of skill when it came to sports and the arts.

Her father had always longed for a son to play sports with, but after ending up with three girls on the first try, he decided he should settle. So he tried playing sports with his girls. Phoebe would much rather do her nails and play dress-up than get all dirty, and Ella started to whine after more than a minute of running. This left Mr. Quincy with Sophia, the little ball of energy who loved nothing more than to beat her father in every sport she could.

The three girls still had a very close relationship, and could easily put their differences aside to work together.

Usually when they did work together, it was for revenge on someone, but the details don't matter.

After Ella and Mrs. Quincy had finally gotten ready, the family of five started to head out the door.

When they opened it however, a man in long, dark blue robes was standing at their door, his hand raised to knock.

"Ah, good morning," he said. "Is this the home of Sophia, Phoebe, and Eleanor Quincy?"

At Mr. Quincy's nod, he smiled gently. "I believe there are a few things we need to discuss, but I'd rather not talk about it in such close hearing distance. May I come in?"

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