Magic Always Comes with a Price. Always. (OUAT) (S2) (Discontinued)

With the curse broken, life as Hazelle knows it, is about to change. After going to a new land, meeting interesting people, coming home, and trying to keep normal people from coming into Storybrooke, Hazelle is about to see what being a hero is all about. Can she handle it? Is she strong enough? Will she fall in love? Read and find out. I only own my OCs.


9. Not An Update

I’m soooooo sorry guys to be posting this, but I’m discontinuing this book. I became an author that I swore I would never become. I became an author that posts too many books and can’t keep up with the updates. I’ve also lost interest in this book, and that’s another reason why I’m discontinuing it. I’m not going to take this book down though, because who knows, I might pick it back up and finish it later on down the road. Again, I am really sorry

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