My shinning star

"No one ever said it would be this hard...oh please take me back to the start..." I said crying my eyes out as I watched the love of my life walk away with another man. I was to save her in the end. "LUCY!!!!" I screamed as I watched her kiss Gray. "Some dragon slayor I am.."


2. 2

I woke up in my bed screaming. "LUCY!!!" Happy looked at me upset. He had tears in his /eyes. "She's not dead is she...?" Happy only dropped his head and cried. I got out of my bed and ran as fast as I could all the way to Lucy's house. I burst through the window of her room expecting to get beat up again. Only instead i saw Erza, Gray, and her spirts all around her bed. "Lucy isn't dead right?" Erza shook her head no and I sighed with relif.

I looked around still standing in the window. "Then where is she?" I asked. Gray did a face palm and shook his head. "She's on her bed idiot." I looked down on her bed and saw her resting the resting. I felt the tears start to fall down again. I clentched my fist and looked down. "I'm so sorry Lucy...I couldn't protect you in the end." Gray patted my bad softly and Erza gave me a hug. "It's okay Natsu did you everything you could to save her." Erza told me as I cried softly hoping that she would wake up soon. I climbed into the room and sat down next to her bed holding her hand tightly and the ring in my hand even harder. 

"Lucy when you wake up I have to ask you something very important...." I said softly to her and then kissed her hand. I stayed like that for 7 years with Gray and Erza checking on me now and then.

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