The Test

Right when Valentina's world seems to crash down due to another failed relationship, her world flips again when she begins to realize that there is more to reality than meets the eye.
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1. chapter 1

Chapter one.

"Babe please. That kiss with Sarah meant nothing, I love you. Come back Val." Brent said looking at me with a forced frown on his face. Brent was my boyfriend until I saw him kissing Sarah in the school parking lot after school today. What a great way to spend the last day of school.

Brent is the captain of the schools football team. He is bulky and has dark brown hair and eyes. He is a foot taller than me. Everyone is taller than me now and days.

"Do you seriously think I'm that oblivious? I'm not as stupid as you are. You betrayed me. You are a lying and cheating pig. And learn my name it's Valentina not 'Val'. Get away from me Brent or else." I replied with a tear in my eye. He was the third boy to cheat on me. So, all my boyfriends cheated on me. I tried to be the nicest girlfriend and most generous girlfriend ever. I thought that love should feel nice and end well not be harsh and get flushed down the toilet.

I turned around walking toward the school because I realized that my two friends Lauren and max were waiting inside for me. Brent started to call out at me but I ignored him and kept walking toward the schools entrance.

I entered the school doors and saw a new and big trophy in the trophy case in the centre of the atrium. I went up and read the little engraving on the bottom. "Chantersville High-schools Football Team Championship Finals" it read. After reading that I felt sick to my stomach.

I walked to the cafeteria where I usually meet up with my friends after school hours.

In the centre of the cafeteria Lauren and max are waiting for me. They are laughing and having a good time. Lauren notices me and even from across the room she knows something is up. She raises an eyebrow at me. Her chestnut brown eyes reflect the light of the room. She starts to put her hair in a pony tail and when she does max knows that something serious is happening so max turns around. Playing with hair is Lauren's signal to everyone that she is ready to beat someone up. When he turns around his shaggy hair flips to the right. His turns are always so dramatic. I stare at Max's green eyes and our eyes lock. When our eyes lock Max knows I'm upset. Max and Lauren come sprinting full speed toward me. They hug me and I start to cry into their shoulders.

My friends drag me to the washroom to wash the running mascara out of my eyes. I look at the sign on the door which reads "GIRLS ONLY" then I make eye contact with Max. "Hey. It's after school hours and my friend is hurt. I have the right to enter!" He says while pulling my long brown curly locks away from my face. He cracks a smile at me.

When we enter the bathroom I run towards the sink and spray the cool water on my face. When I am done I dry it on the paper towels. I look at my friends through the mirror. They are trying to read my mind.

"Hmm. Let me guess. The idiot, Brent, did something to hurt you and so you broke up with him. I always hated him. He is a self observed, piece of..." Lauren says before getting cut off by me.

"Yeah, yeah. I know. You are always right oh great and powerful Lauren Matthews. I'm sorry I should of listened to you." I say poking her shoulder.

"How can I not forgive you after that amazing apology? I am great and powerful, aren't I?" Lauren says and flips her dirty blonde hair. She grabs me and hugs me tight.

Max looks at me then he hugs me. "Sis. I love you and you know that. Please do me a favour and stop dating those stupid jocks. But just keep trying for real love." He says backing away from our hug. He cares about me and I care for him. I respect his wishes but I will not follow them.

"I'm done with love no relationships for me" I say to them.

"You can't be done forever" they say in unison.

"Y-yes I can and I will never like another human being again. Love opens up my heart and let's people in. It gives others the chance to hurt and break me. It makes me vulnerable. I hate love and all it represents." I say sternly with a tear rolling down my cheek.

They try understand and make sense of my response.

I stay there staring at my self in the mirror. I am small. I have long brown curly hair. Big green eyes. Straight teeth. A somewhat happy smile. But I don't seem pretty like Lauren. Just then reality slapped me in the face. It helps me realize that I am ugly. Well, I think I am ugly. What guy would waste their time on a short, ugly, worthless, and awkward human being like me?

In the car ride home from school it is silent. If a pin were to fall I would hear it. When I get to my house and we come to a complete stop I thank my friends for everything they have done for me today.

When I reach the porch I hear the honk of Max's car horn. "Have a good night. Rest will ya?"Max yells to me.

I wave to them as they drive off. I open and slam the door behind me. I lean against the door. "I have amazing friends" I whisper to myself.

"Hello?" I hear my mother scream from the kitchen. I walk towards the kitchens doorway to greet her with a kiss. The kitchen smells like she has been baking. My mom is amazing at cooking and baking that's why she works at a restaurant as a chef.

"How was school?" She asks me. My mother has dark wavy hair with hazel eyes. She is a bit taller me and has a more gentle personality.

"I dumped Brent." I say. How did that come out so easily? How can I be so blunt? "... I mean i had a reason for it. I caught him cheating on me with another girl. I got hurt so I had to break up with him. It was the right and smart thing to do. Lauren and Max helped me through it. I have decided not to get in anymore relationships or pay attention to any more guys. If I see another male come close to me I will kill them." I say looking down.

My mother looks at me in awe. "My strong baby. Don't worry one day you will find your prince. Let's hope your summer break will be alright." She says holding my shoulder.

"Don't worry about me mom. Let's talk about you. Anything new?" I say to her lightening up the conversation.

"Yes actually," she says returning to cooking. "the O'Conners who live next door are moving away. A single mother like me and her children are moving in. The mothers name is Lisa McCalester," She says hesitantly. "She has a 6 year old daughter named Sabrina, and..." She pauses.

"And what?" I say impatiently.

"A 17 year old boy named Leo."

"Are you serious?" I yell at my mother. What the heck? Does fate want me to keep getting hurt? A boy exactly my age moves in right beside me right when I say I don't want to confront another male in my life.

"You don't have to have date the boy. Just be polite when you meet him." My mother says trying to calm me down.

"I'm not meeting him." I say back.

"You... Um... Kind of have to." she mumbles.

"What do you mean, 'have to'? I don't have to do anything I don't want to do." I reply. Is my mother insane? I just said I hate males. What doesn't she get?

"Leo is in your math, science, and English classes when school starts up again in September.", She says nervously.

"WHAT! Why? This can't be. This can NOT be. He is even going to my school!" I yell. "Why me? This is so not fair!"

"When are they moving in?" I say trying to calm myself down.

"Tomorrow." My mother says turning her back on me and walking towards the sink.

"Tomorrow! Why so soon? How come I didn't know earlier?" I say in a rude tone. I admit the way I spoke to my mother was rude.

"I wasn't informed until this morning." She says washing a spatula.

"You know what I am going to go draw. No interruptions please!" I say frustratedly. I draw whenever I am upset. I draw weird looking symbols. Some symbolize powers or forces like water, earth, fire/lightening, and thunder. Others symbolize feelings of hope, fear, or despair. The symbols I usually focus on are the fear and fire/lightening.

The fear symbol looks like a cross but the bottom left part of the cross is joined by a curved line on a ravens wing.

The fire/lightening symbol is a flame striking downward. It has blue highlights to show that the bolt is strong but gentle. I want it to be strong because being strong lets bravery come naturally which is a virtue I adore. Being gentle shows that everyone has feelings. Gentleness lets people be open and selfless. It's always a good trait to have.

To match the symbols I draw, I draw myself having these symbols as tattoos on my arms. It proves that I belong and that I am powerful. I draw weapons around me as well. Sometimes it is nice to see myself differently because of how I really see myself; a weakling trying to prove her power. The versions I draw of myself is the way I want to be.

Sometimes I draw male representations of them as well. But after today I am not drawing another male again.

Today I draw myself with the hope symbol tattooed onto my arm. My back is turned to me and my head is tilted to the left. My hair blows in the wind. My eyes are filled with determination. When I finish drawing this my head fills with ideas of characters; so many ideas my head hurts. I needed to sleep. I walked slowly over to my bed and laid down on top of my sheets. Slowly I drifted away. I usually can control my dreams. I do whatever I please. If I am in a place of terror I can easily change it up and transport myself to a place filled with light and happiness. But this dream is different. I have no control of what I am doing. I just go along with everything. I am a puppet. I see people training for attacks and learn to be selfless and make sacrifices for the benefit of others. I see people like me trying to fit in but just can't. Struggle faces them.

There is one person who sticks out to me. He is one of the boys training to become better at what this world does. He is very buff and through the way people talk to him he is nice. When he trains I can tell that the trainer is putting too much stress on him like he isn't good enough. I can tell that he is trying but isn't good enough. We are alike. Not matter how hard we try we are still not good enough for others.

I can't hear his name or age but I can see he is around my age. He has shiny black hair which is swept just over his right eye. His eyes are a beautiful shade of blue almost turquoise coloured eyes. One major thing sticks out for me. He has a scar of a lighting bolt on his neck. It is the most incredible thing I have ever saw.

I need to go in closer and meet this boy. I start to take a few steps closer. My heart is racing I am not sure what the heck this place is or what they are training for but I can tell that this place is dangerous. I just need a few more steps to get close to him but when I do take those steps I wake up in my bedroom.

I instantly go to my sketch book and draw the male. That dream was not just any of my ordinary dreams that was a sign

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