Diary of spongebobninja

For Dear Diary Competition


20. March 19th

Hellooooo Reader


Today is a nice day. Saturday. yay! Long weekend! Even more yay! But algebra test on wednesday!

*sad face*

But the next topic in math we are doing is Trigonometry and I LOVE TRIG! So yippee!
Yeah so I got a diary today so I can finally plan out all my internals and externals and homework! :D

I also was creating a database for Digital Tech and I'm really proud of myself because I figured out how to do a weeks worth of work that we did in class when I wasn't there by myself! Yay me! So productive! Much happyness!

Talking about happyness, it reminds me of the film In Pursuit of Happyness. It's a really good film, I'm watching it again for my personal response for English.

That's all for now!





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