Glass Alice

Some people are plastic, some are rubber, and some are solid wood. But I, Alice, am glass.


1. Purple Dresses and Bestfriend Messes


  "But purple is definitely your color! It'll totally work." Leslie said. Leslie is my bestfriend. She's known me from since I can remember. Too bad I can't say the same. Yes, we're best friends and all but Leslie is...different. She changes a lot and I just can't seem to keep up with her personality. So while she's experiencing all these different things in high school...I'm the quiet but almost popular freshman girl at Brownsman High School. I know, right? Brownsman? Really?  I don't know why my mom thought something was special about this school growing up. It's just a normal high school.

The only thing abnormal are the this one that Leslie is trying to convince me to go to with her. The theme is -- "Wonderland. And Alice, you'd be perfect there.This is your chance to shine! I want you to become Alice in Wonderland. I'll be the Hatter because he's my favorite." Leslie cuts off my thoughts. "But what exactly does a purple dress do for Alice in Wonderland?"

I ask sarcastically. I honestly don't want to go to this dance but I'm only going because for the first time in forever, popular, cheerleader Leslie doesn't have a date. She broke up with her dog boyfriend, Bryant, because he cheated on her. Personally, I warned her but she never listened to me in eighth grade but she swore she was in love with him.

  About a week ago she called me crying about how she caught Bryant in the line to the bathroom of HER FAVORITE RESTAURANT (that btw he never took her to because it was "too expensive") with another girl. And the girl was "beautiful"... so says Leslie.

She glares at me, "It shows you're royalty. And you will be if you go to this dance with purple and me. Now pick the dress."

We were in my favorite dress shop, Mimi Mia, and there were about a million choices but I just couldn't decide. That's why I called Leslie. Every girl needs their popular cheerleader bestfriend when they're having fashion trouble, right? NOPE. That is such a stereotype. Leslie is a little fashion scientist because she experiments with her clothes all the time. She is talented but when she dresses how she feels things turn out horrible.

After she broke up with Bryant that night at the restaurant, she slept in a trash bag dress. She even brought it to our sleepover with a few of our other friends, June and Julie. June and Julie are twins but they dress differently and talk differently so you always know who's who.

We tried having a fashion show during the sleepover but June and Julie encouraged the way Leslie dressed. She put a pair of pants on as a shirt, she put her skirt on her head like a wig, and she put her shirt on as a skirt. They told Leslie she could be a fashion Picasso and now they call Leslie Picassa, girl Picasso.

But now it's only been a week and I'm scared that Leslie hasn't gotten her spark back. So I can't help but ask...

" How have you been?"

The question is enough for her to understand what I'm talking about. She knows me too well so she looks at me through her soft brown hair and blinks at me. Oh, no. I think I asked too soon. 

But then she smirks and says, "I met someone." and leaves it at that. She grabs a pile of purple dresses from the color coded rack and tosses them to me.

 "Now go try these on and find your favorite. I'll find the jewelry and makeup." Leslie says nonchalantly.

"Makeup?" I stammer but she shoves me into a changing room so fast I can't hear what she says next. All I hear is the swishing of dresses and her happy giggles about this new beau.






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