Born from the Ashes

Ash is a boy, a completely normal boy...well as normal as you can be when you control fire. A secret kept from friends, family, and everyone close to him, he masters the fire after years of secretly practicing with his mom. How his mom knew about his power, he would never know. But after he sets his school on fire, his secret is out, and he's on the run. From the FBI, government, and other beings...beings that are more than they are portrayed to be. And most of all. Himself.


1. The Prophecy

From the Ashes he will rise,

he will find the ones that are the most wise

to lead him down a treacherous path,

That will result in the worst bloodbath,

the world has ever seen,

the powers of darkness will finally wean 

fire and ash will prevail

and to the darkness you will no longer hail.

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