We'll Always Be Here For You.

Little Mix Fanfic cause I'm bored ����


1. Now.



     Jade looked into the large mirror that covered half of the wall in their dressing room, her eyes were red and puffy and her nose stung from blowing it too much. She stared at herself, alone. Instead of seeing the fun, confident Jade she is used to seeing, she saw a vulnerable, played girl. She smoothed down her skirt, her fingers brushing of pieces of tissue that had stuck. Perrie, Leigh-Anne, and Jesy were in another room laughing about some joke someone made.

      She saw her large, grey sweatshirt she wore on the way here on a table on the other side of the room. She wiped her nose, making her way over to it. Her mind was swirling about what just happened, she couldn't think straight, she had to get out. 

     She threw her sweat shirt on, pulling up the hood. She grabbed her phone, not daring it look at the screen, and stuffed it in her pocket. She opened the door that led into the hallway, only a few people were lurking through them, since the rest were having fun before the concert. She made her way past the room wth the crew in it, hearing them laughing again. Making her way through the twisting hallways, she looked up at a small clock on the wall. 6:45, the show was at 8:00. She'd be back by then.

     After finding her way through twisting hallways, jade finally found the back door that led out into the parking lot. She shivered as the cold December breeze blew past her. Jade could  feel cold tears dripping down her face, she wasn't even aware they were there. But she   continued to let them flow, as she was stuck in her thoughts.      

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