For the "Let's Draw A Story: A Draw and Write Competition


1. The Picture and Story

                        This makeup look was created to symbolize my support and dedication to people who are suffering with depression, all of you hold a special place in my heart, and are stronger than the rest of the world will ever possibly know. 



                     For this makeup look I split my face makeup in half right down to the blush. For the side that shows depression, and how you feel on the inside when you have it, I used very dark colors. On my eye I colored the entire lid with black eyeshadow. I then covered that with black liquid eyeliner, and created a wing. On my cheeks instead of using blush I took the same black eyeshadow and lightly dusted my contour points with it. After I did that I took my black eyeliner pencil and made tear shapes, symbolizing their pain. For the lips I first took some black liner and filled in half of my lips lightly. I then went over that with some red lipstick. To finish the look. On the other side of my face, I showed the bright happy face that most of the people with depression put on to cover up the hurt. For my eye I used an array of pink shades to show happiness, and did a thin cat eye that most people prefer, in contrast to the big dark one. On my cheek I used bright pink blush, and on top of that a smiling sun drawn with black eyeliner. To finish off the look I used pink lipstick for a bright happy look.

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