Sherie P. Ghim

What if Harry had a twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family until she is shipped to her "Aunt" and discovers she is a witch. Unaware of her brother, she goes through life at Hogwarts. What happens when she meets Draco Malfoy or her very own twin Harry Potter? While never knowing her own past...


10. Chapter Ten: Summer and Shopping in the Alley (Year 2)

  The summer was passing quite slowly in my opinion. I mostly sit inside, avoiding the heat and relaxing in my room where Will and Anna can't bother me. Anna has been chatting away about her excitement about going to Hogwarts on the first of September. I honestly don't know what house she will be in. I can easily see her in Slytherin but yet she is so bold, she could be in Gryffindor also. I honestly don't know.
        She will ask over and over again about what the teachers are like. When she asked about Professor Snape, Will would go pale and say he was mean, strict and cruel. Honestly I didn't find him that bad. He usually left me alone, but for the ones who were afraid, you could practically smell the fear. He always picked on them. In my opinion, Snape to me is strict, cold, and probably misunderstood. We don't know about what has happened to him in past so we don't exactly have a right to judge him. Wow, I'm probably the only one in the entire history of Snape's employment to think that, but it's true though. I tell Anna that and she nods her head, agreeing with me. Will just looks at me like I'm some alien creature or there is something seriously wrong with my brain. 
        I sit at the kitchen table reading the daily prophet and the muggle paper while eating a muffin. Anna is spraying Will's hair blue with temporary hair color spray. I've got to admit, she's got guts. 
        When I'm just about to get up and walk upstairs, a slight tapping comes from one of the windows in the kitchen and I look and see a orange-brown owl with a letter in it's a beak. I open the letter and take the letter and watch the beautiful owl take flight into the sky.
        I open the letter and begin to read it in silence.

        Dear Sherie,

        I talked to my Mum and they said they would love for you to come over here for the next week until the new term begins! I'm sure Daniel will be very pleased about it. He's been blabbing about seeing you again all summer. It's getting        
quite annoying. I'm so sorry I never interacted with you when you and Daniel were young. I was older and had friends        down the street also. I am sorry about not telling you about our family's magical abilities. I hope you get that we weren't allowed to. Send me an owl for your reply and I'll come by floor system to get you. 

                                                                                                        - Ethan O.

I smile and jump up and down. I can finally see them, I've been so bored with nothing to do. I ask an unsure Auntie. I tell her who I will be seeing and she also seems excited and tells me to tell them she said Hi. I run into my room as fast I can and take out a small piece of parchment and a pen and write my reply. 


I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO. I am really excited and I will be ready at five, just pop in and call for me. 

                                                                        - Sherie G.

I let Maggie out of her cage and hand her the letter. "Take this to Ethan Ours please," I tell her while letting her out the window into the blazing sun. I look at the clock and see that it's three thirty, the owl should get there by 4:30 I guess and I have an hour and a half to pack. I run to Will's room and see him taking practice shots with his nerf gun at a target hanging in the wall. I scream BOO! into his ear and he jumps out of skin since his back was to me.
        "Scaredy cat..." I mutter under my breath as I flop onto his bed.
        "What's up Buttercup?" He asks. He did not just call me buttercup....
        "First of all don't call me that, second I'm going to Daniel's place for the remaining two weeks."
        He looks sad but nods his head. I can see he is happy that I will have something to do.
        "I'll end up meeting you at Diagon Alley by then, ok?" I ask unsure. He nods his head and gives me a hug.
        "When is he coming to pick you up?"
        "Five," I say.
        He says Ok and Anna barges her way into the room.
        "What are you guys talking about?" She says, crossing her legs and taking a seat next to me.
        "I'm going to a friend's for the rest of the summer and saying I will see you the day before we leave in Diagon Alley, Ok?"
        He also has a sad look but says Ok also. She is still excited about going to Hogwarts I can tell.
        "Who is going to be the new DADA teacher?" She asks, "I know the last guy is gone, so who is replacing him?"
        This one I actually don't know how to answer. I actually have no idea about that. I scratch my head and say I have no idea. She seems to be thinking because her nose is scrunched up a bit. I laugh a bit and go back to my room and pack my trunk with everything I will need for he school year. I pack clothing, a couple of posters and my usual record player and such. Oh, and pens since all they seem to have at Hogwarts are a bunch of quills, which I may add is very annoying at times.

When the time comes to leave I wait in the living room and I see the fireplace spout green flames and Ethan walks out in a T-shirt and jeans with a bag of powder in his hands.
        "Wicked," I mutter.
        "You ready to go?" He asks, grabbing my trunk. I yell to the house that I'm leaving and I hear a couple of farewells from different rooms. 
        "Ok, so how does this work?" I ask, nervous. I'm going to be like Santa, traveling in and out of Chimneys. 
        "Well, you say where you want to go and and throw a handful of this powder down." He says, making it sound very simple and easy. I step into my fireplace and yell where I am going. I let out a little scream when I see flames rise around me.
        I arrive in a cottage like home in the middle of nowhere and groan after I hit my head on their mantle. Ouch.... I look up and see a girl a little younger than me scream bloody murder.
        "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!" she yells loudly, "WHO ARE YOU RANDOM PERSON!" 
        I am utterly speechless. I hear the trample of feet and see Daniel emerge from a hallway.
        "SHERIE!" He yells, pullling me into a very tight hug. The girl has blonde hair and blue eyes and is still staring in shock and fear. Another girl of her same age runs down the stairs. She has shoulder length brown hair and piercing blue eyes. She tries to calm the other girl down.
        "Oh, that's Carmen and Meghan. Carmen is the annoying one you just met."
        "You know I can hear you right?" She asks in sarcasm. 
        He chuckles as Ethan steps out of the fireplace and nearly hits his head also.
        "I should have warned you about Carmen, she scares easily."
        I nod my head and smile as they lead me into the kitchen to a woman preparing a meal while using her wand to make the cookbook float to eye level. When she looks over she smiles.
        "Oh Hello dear," she says. "Want anything to drink?" She asks sweetly.
        "No thank you,"
        She nods her head and pours herself a glass of something called fire whiskey, I better not ask. They show me where to put my stuff and Daniel goes to his room looking tired. The one thing I had noticed about Ethan is that he doesn't really have a British accent. He has more of an American one. Maybe he spends or has spent a lot of time there or something. 
        When I climb back down the stairs I see Carmen sitting on the couch. I sit with her and we talk for a while. It turns out that she is like afraid of everything. Fish, oceans, heights, and so much more. It's unrealistic and kind of comical.
        I tell her about the black lake and she had no idea it was there. She starts to yell.
        "WHAT!" She yells, " OH JESUS MOTHER OF MARY GOD GOODNESSGRACIOUS MARY MOTHER OF GOD!" She screams when I show her a picture from a history book. "NOOO!!!" 
        Ok, she is like freaking out now. Oh geez....
        When I show her an image of a merperson she screams again "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!" 
        Daniel trudges down the stairs.
        "Do you have to be so loud, You woke me up from a nap."
        Daniel's face pales and he retreats like he is about to be shot.
        " Daniel, I thought you were supposed to be brave rather than scared of your sister! Looks like you aren't a Gryffindor after all!"
        Carmen laughs and gives me a high five.
        "Nice one, he deserved it." She says.
        We both laugh like crazy, he seemed terrified of Carmen. It was hilarious since he goes on about being in a house of bravery. Gryffindors can be SO cocky.
        We talk for a while and I let Carmen onto one of my evil schemes. For those who have forgotten I'm a prankster and am ruthless so we'll just see how that ends.
        "Who should we do it to?" I ask her, biting my thumbnail. 
        "Ethan. Please do something drastic!" She asks. "PLEASE."
        "OK... meet me outside his room at three in the morning." I tell her.
        "Sure, sure."

        After we are done talking we are called in for dinner. Most of us eat in silence which is pretty awkward I may add. When we were done we scurried out of there as fast as we could. I don't understand why were so quite. When I was about to say something Will nodded his head no with huge eyes. I don't get it.
        We sit in the small living room chatting with smiles on our faces. Ethan is telling us about some awful fight last year until he crosses a line.
        "That awful Gryffindor, I hate them, the whole lot of them. They should just be kicked out of the school for all I care. They are nothing but cocky bastards."
        I look at him with tears in his eyes and I feel anger boiling inside me. He steals a glance my way and looks like a deer in the headlights. He must of forgotten I have friends in Gryffindor, and Daniel is in there and Carmen might get that, (very unlikely). How could he.
        I take in sharp breaths trying to calm myself and I hear some gasps. I look in the mirror behind me and my eyes have turned a dark maroon, almost black. Why does this happen. I turn back to him, furious.
        "Sherie, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to- you- you're just awesome and your friends. I didn't mean..." I storm out before I finish and go to my room. Crying into my sheets. How could he say something like that? Carmen comes in moments later and hugs me and mumbles about him being jerk (with choice words) and how he should go die in hole twice. 
        "I've got our plan!" I say. "Do you have bright red paint, rope, paintbrushes?"
        Carmen's face immediately pulls into an evil grin.

My alarm wakes me up at two fifty five and I pull on a t-shirt and jeans and tiptoe down the hall in front of Ethan's room. Carmen comes a second later with the supplies in hand. When she whisper it's more like a hushed conversation. We pick the lock to his door and creep inside. He is laying on his side and snoring softly. His room is covered in Slytherin decorations and Quidditch posters. One by One I paint them red and gold while Carmen stripes his hair with the same colors. I try not to chuckle as I paint a snake on each poster and banner. I take a poster board and paint. 'I love Gryffindor' on it and hang it on the wall opposite his bed. When I hang all the stuff up his room is completely red and gold and covered in lions. I carefully and quietly, with carmen watching, attach his sheets to him so he can't get out and tie his foot to the leg of his bed. When carmen and I slip out we high five each other and go back to bed, exhausted. I had my muggle video camera set up in the door way ready to film. It turns on with motion in the lenses. Here we go. I drift off into sleep, ready for tomorrow. 

        "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!!!!" I hear an intense shouting coming from down the hall. "WHO THE HELL DID THIS! I BET I KNOW WHO AND I SWEAR TO GOD!!!!"
        I run down the hall and Carmen comes out moments later with Daniel on her heels. I look in and see Ethan's snarling face. He tries to move but is restrained by the bed sheets, being wrapped in like a cocoon. 
        "I'LL GET YOU, YOU EVIL LITTLE..." He is cut off when he tries to stand up. When he tries to hop forward the rope stops him causing him to lean one way, than the other and than smash face first into the carpeted floors. I laugh like a drunkard as he rolls over groaning with a red spot on his forehead. He glares at all the snakes spread throughout the room.
        I walk over to him and lean over him.
        "I already did." He says through gritted teeth.
        "AGAIN!!!" I bellow. I look a him and his eyes widen.
        "I'm sorry.." He says defeated...
        "Thank you." I say and walk out, Leaving the room.
        When I walk into the bathroom my eyes are a reddish purple and they are starting to fade back to green and after a few minutes they're fine. What the heck? Honestly feel bad. I walk back in and help untie him. I don't apologize because he deserves it but I was very cruel. Like usual I guess. I decide to buy him new Slytherin stuff when we go to diagon alley next week. As kind of like an apology, He forgives me when i tell him this. That is, until, he looks in the mirror at his striped hair. 
        "YOU TWO!!!" He yells pointing at us. He sighs in defeat and goes to take a shower to get as much out as he can. You know, I hope I can find out why my eyes turn colors or my awful temper, Maybe I will find out soon.
        When I get my supply list a week later I'm very surprised. It lists very costly books on there, I was very surprised. I read the list as we get out the floo powder to go to Diagon alley. Carmen looks terrified.


The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2
        By: Miranda Goshawk
Break with a Banshee by Gilderoy Lockhart
Gadding with Ghouls by Gilderoy Lockhart
Holidays with Hags by Gilderoy Lockhart
Travels with Trolls by Gilderoy Lockhart
Voyages with Vampires by Gilderoy Lockhart
Wanderings with Werewolves by Gilderoy Lockhart
Year with the Yeti by Gilderoy Lockhart

Carmen looks at my list also and points out that all of us have the same books on them. Why are they making us get all these Lockhart books? Either the teacher is a fan or he is the teacher. I pray for the first option. A celebrity being our teacher isn't a good sign in my opinion.
        "You got those too?" Ethan, who no longer has striped hair, asks.
        "Yeah, I'm just praying that he isn't the teacher."
        Everyone nods their heads in agreement at my statement as their mother pours a bit of floo powder in each of our hands.
        Ethan steps inside and throws the powder down. "DIAGON ALLEY!"
        Carmen screams as green flames appear and he is zapped away.
        "WHERE DID HE GO!?!?!" She asks in intense panic. I explain everything and she calms down a little bit and relaxes. I have her step in before me and she is shaking as she steps in the stone fire place. She whimpers a bit an screams Diagon alley very loudly and vanishes.
        Daniel goes than I and I am now in the amazing street full of Wizard shops. I loved this place last year and I am so happy to be back. When we start to walk towards gringotts, I start to worry for Carmen who is currently walking slowly while cautiously looking at everything. 
        When she first sees a goblin she lets out a small yelp and is about to scream what is that out of fright but I cover her mouth with my hand.
        " I wouldn't Carmen." I say. She gulps in fear and closes her mouth. I'm going to take a guess and say that she has never been to Diagon Alley. I better keep an eye on her.
        When we get inside my vault I load my coin purse with money and go with the others to their vault. I'm going to take a guess that their dad has a great job since theirs is as large as mine. Carmen was screaming bloody murder on the mine cart. She originally refused to get on! 
        When we get back to the surface and leave the building she collapses to the ground outside Gringotts and hugs a post for dear life.
        "WHAT WAS THAT! WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME!?!?!" She yells while trying not to cry. She is probably traumatized.
        "You'll get used to it Carmen, want ice cream after our books?"
        "Sure." She says, regaining some of her courage and standing up. We walk over to that one store and the inside is completely filled with people. I see Lockhart standing up there with a stupid smile. He is going on about his great adventures and such. He sounds cocky to me. Something is... Off... about him. I go find the books I need and pay quickly. As I am leaving, I bump into Malfoy who is entering. He freezes and glares. I exchange the same look.
        "Ghim," He says while tilting his head a bit. Carmen stares between the two of us with confusion.
        "Everything ok?" She asks.
        " Not that it matters to you, you filthy blood traitor." I glare evilly at him and look at Carmen who is turing red with anger.
        He looks at her in pure hatred and stalks off with an evil look. I better warn Carmen about him.
        "What was that about?" She asks glaring at him from across the room.
        "He is like my mortal enemy. I have broken his nose and punched him and he insults me. It is NEVER pretty."
        She nods her head and we walk with Ethan, Meghan (Carmen's twin) and Daniel down the Alley to get Carmen and Meghan's Wand at Ollivander's. When we enter he starts with Meghan. She walks up bravely to his desk and he hands her one. With a flick it's perfect. WOW. First try and she already discovered it. That's lucky. Carmen steps up next. When he hands here a spiral maroon wand she gives it a flick and makes the window explode. It shatters, scaring us half to death and her eyes go huge as she stares at the wand. Ollivander looks Grim and he hands her another. This one is Ivory with phoenix tail feather and it make a row of wands fly off the shelf behind him. Finally, she is handed an eight inch birch with Phoenix tail feather and it makes her glow. Ollivander smiles and says something about strength while we pay and leave. Carmen still looks scarred from all of this. I can't really blame her.
        We all walk to the small ice-cream shop at the end of the lot and I get a vanilla since I'm not all that elaborate. When we finish, we head home. Ready for Hogwarts next week.

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