Just as I watched the documentary "cowspiracy", I instantaneously felt inspired to write something, so I did and this was the outcome. I'm trying to point out that you become happier by making changes in your life, and that you do the "biggest" difference if you become vegan. When I say difference I mean in the climate, as well as the economy and wellbeing of animals. Hope you enjoy reading it, but mind that this is MY opinion.

Please, let me know what you think in the comments


1. Make a CHANGE


I have MANY friends

SAD friends

And HAPPY ones too

SMART and CLEVER fellows,

And STUPID and DUMB ones


And UNHEALTHY friends,

But they are ALL my friends


They all have ONE thing in common;



Then there are THEIR differences:


The healthy ones do MOTION and eat HEALTHY,

The unhealthy ones Do NOT.


The smart and clever ones HELP their SURROUNDINGS,

The dumb and stupid ones help THEMSELFS


The SADDEST friends do NOTHING to change,

The happiest ones do EVERYTHING in their POWER


Some are NOT AFRAID of making choices, they achieve DIVERSITY

Some AVOID it, they STAY the same


Some face adversity and GIVE UP, they MISUSE their life

Some FIGHT the adversity, they achieve a HAPPIER life


The smart ones become VEGETARIANS, they make a DIFFERENCE

Some DO NOT seek change, their happiness FADES.


The ones who makes the biggest difference for OUR world,

Are indeed also the ones who become the HAPPIEST.

The happiest ones are OF COURSE the VEGANS.


The vegans who CHANGED their hole WAY OF LIFE,

Just to make a DIFFERENCE in the world.

They indeed do SUCCEED,

And it is them who DIES as the HAPPIEST INDIVIDUALS on planet EARTH


STOP being dumb, selfish and unhealthy,

GO OUT there and MAKE a difference.

For your FAMILY and FRIENDS,

The ones you LOVE and HATE.

Not just for the WORLD, but for YOURSELF

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