People change, memories don't

Luke Hemings, Calum hood, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin


5. < 4 >

Mallory's pov:

I boarded the plane freaking out I can't see him

I'm going to have to face luke Hemmings the boy I love or a least used to

My first kiss

My first love

My one and only

My penguin saving twin

I don't know how good this is gonna go

3 hours later

I was slightly shook awake by a flight attendant telling me we had landed and I could get my things and leave

I got off the plane slightly shaking freaking out

I waited for my bags

And I got over to where everyone was waiting all of a sudden I was hugged by a woman and a little girl

It was Liz

"Mally it's been ages since I've seen you look at your 17 all grown up and I see you met Alex, this is Alex she looked about 8 she was so cute

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