Name of the Star

Many centuries ago, the star of life and hope has long since lost it's powers. Many have fled, but many have chosen to stay. Those who stayed, suffered the weakening powers of the star. Mikan is just an ordinary young girl who lives with her mother down into the rural areas of the star. When Mikan's mother suddenly gets sick and dies, Mikan has no other choice but to go to the city to find a possible escape to the New Star. But along her travels, she meet and befriends a young girl her age, she to has lost someone very important and wants escape yo the New Star. And so, beings their journey.


1. Prologue


In a far away galaxy, far from our own, there is a star. This star is special for it shines through the void of space, penetrating through darkness, bring life and hope to every far star it can reach. Eons and eons ago, there once lived a civilization of humans. These weren't really humans for they had magical components mixed through their genies. Their race dominated that star, they gave life and hope to it by growing and loving. But at las, it came to a an end very quickly.  


The queen of the planet who had lived and served her people for millions and millions of years became trapped in a terrible sickness. The people had hope that their queen would live, but, hope wasn't on their side. Two centuries after the queen had caught the illness, the queen died in her bed. Her last wish for her people were these words: "Do not fear my people...there is still hope. This star has long lived it's's time to go and find somewhere else to live...there is another star in this world that is like this one. Go to it, and your dreams will be, for I have lived far long enough. It is time for me to pass on." With that, the queen passed on. 


The people disagreed with what the queen had told them to do. Some agreed. They thought that the star was long lived it's dates. The people who wanted to leave packed up their belongings and left their spaceships and off to the new star. The ones who didn't agree stayed on the star. But the star wasn't very nice to those who stayed. Droughts were commonly picked up. Winter seasons were always high and strong, and the spring weathers were like a show that never turned off. But even so, the people who stayed were determined to make a living on their own, they made useful tasks for each person and by the end of the two years they had been on the star, they had a successful plan. 


But all was lived well and ended short. Many people started to despair, many went hungry because of the droughts. Many people became depressed that they even took their own lives. Many complained that they should have gone with the rest when the queen had declared it. By the end of three centuries, only a hundred people were still left on the star, but that number kept on decreasing. The little light of life and hope in the endless void had become nothing but a death ground. A jail as the people would have called it.

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